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Wouldn't Marry A Mechanic

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A yoiing rnad coinmcnced visiting a young vsunia;i, and npi'eared to be well ilcLiseO. Ono evening bu called when t was quite lato, which led tho young ir! to inijüire miera tic luid booo. ;i liad to work to-tii j;h t ,' he replied. 'Do you woik lor a living ?' B(Jiftfd iliu astoiibhed giil. 'Cerlainly,' rupíed tho yoinig mun : I aiii h mechanic.' 'My broiher dotarrt work and I dinlikt tho íiaiuu of a nicch jiiie,' and she tunied u[j lier pvotty noe. This was the ast linio llio uiecbaDÍc visited tlie young woii:an. líe is uow a weahhy man, and has one of the best mi womeii his wit'o. The youog lady, vvhü disükcd Üiu nuine oí' u inuchauic, is pow the vvifo ot a misurable tooi - a ivgular vaorant itbout grog .sVo_ps - and olie, jjof, uiisocable girl, is obüged ío tako in w.hing in order tu support herseíf and cliüdi'en. Ye who djtüktj tac name of a inecl.uuic, who.-o lnothei s o nothiog but Mí and df'es's- ícw'ji'ro B'ow yon trcat ycunc; niüii whd woik fbr a liV'tég, 'Fav (lisc;.in.l iho well ied [KUipor, w'ub ;ill liis lings, jeweh-y,íacoílncFS, and pouiposity, and tuke to your alluclions tlic c;i!lous-handüd iiitcHigfnt, and im'.ustrious mcchauic Tliousands havu bhteily repeoted tfte lüllv, wIki Lave tu:nüd thtár backs oí lu'uVt uiduLiy. A IV;w years oí bittei espo'rionce iiavt; tai'lit tliciu u sevorc lo.-on. J ti tliis country rio man ur wo man í-honld tn) ico[,ccied, in our wny o ihinkiníí, wlio will not work bodily am nu;ita!ly, aml who o.m'i tbeir lips wíl .-, aro wlicp inlioduccd to it burd work A yon ng ttfdy once hinted to a gentlemen that her thimble was worn ou and asked wbal roAvtird she ahould re oi-ive for iívr indu.sii-y. lio seut her ncw Ihimblu iíh th o fullowingliuüs ' l mmhI iini a Umnblr for ünsers so ni'mUe Which'l tírfp'6 will lii "lio" y6Ü Uy it; li will lasi vou tnnft ilil's halt as stroug As tho liint liich u Y,e me tu buy it. The putriotisni ol' tiiu rudicals is gra dod by a metro oí elf interest ; th largor óoñífaets nhoddy caü obtain, th greiiter lavors cringinL papers can re ceive, and the inoro rapid promotio shoulder-ütnips can hope to achieve tbetnore intense s.thiñr patriotiarn, anc i the moro unt -onditional Lincoln rae (hnv bc'-'uc,


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