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The Little Chair

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There isa little ciiair ihat occupies a silent nook in a corner of a lonely room. It is nover movod out of its place, and only occasionally töuched by reverent hands, which softly wipe f rom its anns, and little cunü-seat, tbc ito'ms of diist, tfítrsdi-ípping fust meanwhile, but wliolly unhecded. The little chmr bas not always occupied ita conior ao stil] and solemnly ; only a lew hort wcüVh and it was the constant cotnp;mod', tho ■ sharor in ali the rostlosa faucitB oí a fertfeht and bnsy child. tJntirin ly up and down tho iittlo feet pattered all day long, and only at night tho blue ejas droppud wearily, and tli"d loving Iittlo hands rustod frora Ihsit euger work or olav. But, alas ! the blue eyes aro ulcsèd now, tho lashes lio tenderly tipon Úk white cheek, the iiinny haircurls liihtly over a smootli placid brow, and the líttlo hands lie peucetully at rest over the heart whose quiok pulsations ba-Ta been eaddenly and nitlilessly chvcked in the very begining of ita s-A'eet ycrung iife. Death has been there- that ba ful, unrelbtiting destróyer, wlio shows no mercy wlio unnihilates even hope with one ioy glunce, and leaves to tender pity oníy tlw P"'Ji' cónsoliition of tears. Has the reader known the anguish of vvatching day after day, and hour after hour, the fever tb roes and helpless agony of a liula child ? of wafting wifll sharpened nervcs and qnickencd sensew, fnr the leat siga whieh could revive hopo in the almost fainting heart? - of catching oagerly at some blessed inaieation of returning life, only to seo thu lastdreadful struggle before it dies outforever? O! to hear once more the sound of pattering feet, the broken utterance of the tiuy voice, mero musi oal than mueic itself, - to sec again the genlle look f rom the pleadmg eyes,anü bo able to yield a willing assem to the request of the baby lips ! Hut no, no ! heavy eyes may ruin down' tears ouuugh to enshrond the littlo lonn - the throbbing heart may break with its woigUt of sorrow-but it will not biïng back the idul of the boüsehold, o.r fiil wilU its accustomed occupant the Binall, vacant chair. - Mother ! thou shalt go to him, but he oannot return to you. There is no remedy, no consolation for such grief as yours, only tho thought that the separation is not final; that there exiats onc more, and the strongest of all links,


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