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Modern Courting

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Careful parents vfill not pennit their oung daugbters to go to balls wilh nale ncquaintances ; tboy put an cmbaro, whioh has not, however, tho slightst effect, upon indiseriminate wallzing; nd the nest night go to bed at ten 'clock, leavingthepretty and impressiAe Miss Carolina alone with "deur Auustus" to iudu'ge iu teuder fancies, in darkened room possibly, until twelve, no, two, or threo o'clock in the moriog. Do they wilíully shut tbeir oyes o tbt) woakness and folly, to givo thcm o naines, of the proceediugs vliich take place under such circutntances ? Do Ihey not know tbafc, uoer their own roof, and whilo quietly leopiog, that purity and innoceuce ot oul whicli tbey pri.e so rnuoh muy nive llown away fur evor ? AVu kuow uotbing of Mr. Augustus- ho may be verv nice voung man ; uut thé chati es are tbat tho parents know just as ittlu. Atnorican gilla havo suoh u vory tidepeudout way of deing business, and cousider their oocupatiou ;iud iuteiv sts o eutirely matters ior tbeir own excluivo coneeru, thut t takes moro than irdináry courage on the part oí an affecionate father or niotliur to vcuUue aja Dquiry as to tho cluiracter and pohiüon )f tticir danghltii'a malo íi-ieudis, how 'ih'Áv iicquaínfüDee waa fonned, or il' U ias atiy special object. Thü usual 6tyle is ibr every ruember f u family but the danghters to leave he room as soon a' yoang man euturs t. K it 6 kuowii tli:il tjie visit is Lu - endtid for ono ia particular, all luave jut tháí pué, and thti room 1. 1 1 o u 1 d not je oiitered as long as bo roinaius upan my account : it' it is, a tcrritic bIiuí'liug must uiinouucu an approacli.- Young men would bc moi'o or less thau iUinan not to tako advantago ot' such opportunities, and gida - wel), ih- are fool'wh, aïru'üj of giving oÜeuc, BorÈtetnjies imagino thcmselvcü in lovo, and, altogether, act in a way which, yuars aftei-wardí, whon tlioy are Kappilv inanied to quite another individual, tiiey would ralbér not reuall. Il is strahge thut tho shocking mueliuaoy of tina ïtiuthod ot courting does nol tuboo it at ouüü. VVhy younymuu and young giiU should be thut up tu gu'tliur whcu they aro wluit is culkii "keejiiiij üompapy," it wnpiü puzzle a PliiUdi l)hia lawyei' to dcteririiiiü. Il t'ney de&ii-e io bocofno ncrjimiiHed vi'.h oact) oin'er il cóulq pe doue botter iu tho milist oí the iaiuily circle, uud bui-rouudcd by oidinaij circuuiistaijce. - Ii' it is to give them au opportuuily lor uiiiutfi'rupted caressiuy mid ondtiument, then it proaupposes iolly on üüc side and wiokodness on tho otlier, whicli réquires lonking attcr. Pitrcnts ure groatly at i'ault in tbo mattar - ilint, in not baviug (;clablishüd suffiuient control over their cliildrun to guidu tbcir ac tions ín important; affairs ; and sefconn, ia frequeutly being suuitxious touiuny tbeir daughturs a tü vviUully shut their evea to what are called ''liltle fuilies.', Men naturally dislike to have vvives thrust upon them, however, and this excoediug willingniiss bas epoiled many a good girl'tí chancos. - Jennie June, Sweden has cot'imenced the enn stmetion o( three monitors.


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