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Washing A Wounded Rebel

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; rebel prisoner nsküd íor a cloan shirt ior his whose froBh but bloodstiiiuüd bandagos told of a recent nmputation above tho ktiee. Ono of tho S'jfijtary Oommissifyi gava i li e shirt but éaid tho boy must first ba washed. " Who will du that ?" "Oh, any of ihtüe woiiiun yonder. "Av kiüd lnoking nina from Philudulphiu waa askoi] it' rslio was willing to wash a'rebel pi'rsor.ur. " Certuinly," was her prompt icply, "I have a soft' iu tho linten anny, and I w,uld Kko lo' havo somebody wash hiin. With ïi towe) aud water in a tío basio, slio choeil'ully walked tbrough the mud to tbc tent. Oareful uot tb' diatuvb bis ampulated leg, shö reihoved tho oíd sliirí uud bogan tu wasli: hira, bul the toiidcnicss of u mothcr's heart was at vvork, and hjnshsgata to cry over hiin, swiflg tbat shu iniained sho was wnsiiing her 'uwu son. This was riiöro t!::i!i Ik' cjuld -boar. lie, too, bcgau to wecp and to ask God to blesS' her tbr kiadiiess to Liiin. Thu sceno was too uilrtü f'or tho bystandcrs, aud' they Icl'L thüNor'.horii and the Southern ma to tboir pacid gnef, wishing that toars oould blot out thu sin of tkis i-L'bfliion, and tho biood ui this ünnatai' al war.


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