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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie State Conventiun will le heldin Pttroi'.at ol-veii o'clncli ín the forraron of Thurday, ttus first dav of September next, for the purpose of noniinatiug Sintc ticket and Presidentwl elector, and fcrlbepurpose "I trausnctiiiK fuch otlisr 11111.). uesa lis Diay come before the Oouenliou Exu'.i comprisiiigí ao .ir muro representa ve (iistrictsVill beentitlefi to three times as mauy delegates as thore are reprec-ntativeh íd thu lower bous of theStatc I.egislatu'.e from Ruch county ; anci each couuty whieh my notbe entitled to oue representativo in the lover house of the Legislature will be entitled to ene delégate iu the State Convention By resolutions of forraer State Conventions, no dele gate will be. eutitled to s seat in the Cooventiou bu does not reside in the county he pufport to reprenont , except ivith reference to the countios of :be Upper J ninsula. It is respectfully urged upon the demócrata of the j severalcountie to perfet their locd organiaations for the grcat Presiden I íal couteat tbati now befori us. Dated Detroit, July 9, 1S64. I.EVI niSHOP, Chairman. H. N. WALKER, w. A. R1CH.M0ND, STEPHEN G. i:l.AKK, ADAM L. ROOF, X. A. BAI,CH, AIJSTIN WALES, II. A. LYBROOK, II. H. OAR.MON, 0. M. IURVKS, WM. M. SilLLER, L. I) X0RR1S, .lOSEl'H COULTER, Demo. rntic State Central Committee.


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