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Democratic County Conventions

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A Democratie Convintioii the couuíy üf XtanhU'naw will bc held attihe Cnnrt Honee, in thccitvof Ann Arbor, on Thiirsriay, August iütti, Jfb'l, t 11 ii'olocK, A. M., for l)u' tleetiín oí delejmtes to the State and Congressional Coiivc-iiíío'js. A scconil Cnvíntica r.ill be Loltí on n'ednfsday. September Tth, Is54, al 11 oclock, A. M.. for the numiiiiLtion of tor coualy oíBct-rs, aud the trans.ictioti of utroh othiír business as may come before t. Tbe several cities and townships wili be entitled to tile following number of delegates to ench conven tionH: AnnArborCitv 15 PittsfieM S " " Tmrn 3 Calera 3 AiiRustn 3 íahne 5 Brúlgewatt r 4 ?cio 5 I'i-tcr 3 Sharon 3 FreoiJom 4 Superior 3 Urna 3 Pvivnn 4 l'' 3 Webstea ;! 'jndon - v,,rk 4 Manc;iifter 5 Yp;iant Tnwr 3 Northüul.l 4 I ■ City 10 A. 0. BI.ODGKT, O. W. HA1X, P. C.Ml'RRAY, W51. M. BBOWN, I'KTKRTUITT. ]f. n POKP, Julv fo.h, li4. É lecíítivé Cummiltee.


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