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The Republicans--that Portion Of

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them, at least, who still adhere to the failing iortunea ol Lincoln - have Conventions callad as folio ws : At the Court House in this city, on Tuesday next, August 16th, to auininatecaudidatos for county officers. At Dexter, oo Thuisday nsxt, August 18th, to nomínate a candidate for Senator from the 7th Senatorial district. Ai; Chelsea, on Wednesday nest, August 17th, to nomínate a candidnte lor Kepresentative from the 4th lieprosentative district At the Court House, in this city, on Saturday, August 20th to nomínate a candidate for Representativo from the 2d district. In the meantime the "fa.ithful " are agitating Ifaqir claims. trL" The Btipubljcan Congreieional Convoinion for this district is to be held at Jaokson, on Friday uext, August 19ih, to "go tln-ough with the motions" oi nominatina Hou. J. W. Loncuear for re-olectioD. BrÜJC A great scare has prevailed at Buft'alo, a plot haviug been discovered (in a horn) to burn the city. We guess quiüt hns been restored. These Ounada rebels aro a great bug-bear. EP We invite a careful reading of an article on the first page of tfiis sheet, froin tbat conservative, candid, and able jouriml, the National lntelligencer, roviewing the " progresa " Abraham Lincoln has made towards ultra unconditioual abolitionism since bis inaugural message. No comment from us will add to the exposition of Presidential inoonÍKtei)C!C6 the artidc ir; qu8tion makes. &ÍST Our senior cotenir-orsry of :he Journal addiös,ed dis readers a long letter in the ifsue for last week, Betting forth wherein he dissent from the policy pursued bv Li.nuol.v. lt is quite a sensible document, but conaidering that it appears onder tho Republican National and State tickets, it "rerninds us'' - not of oneof "üld Abe's" stories- of a similar feat once performed by Hora ce Grbelet. That venerable philosopher, we tnink in 1850, "spit on the platform," bnt went the ticket. iürjE Reporta como various and conflicting of Cabinot emeidea at Washington. One gaya tliat Stantox Las resigned, and he resignation been aceepted. Another denies this, and snys tliat Skwaki), Blaib, and Wells liave resigned, leaving Stanton " cock of tho roost." Tliis is probably ': premature," but it is too warm weatlier to fret over it, so we sliall endeavor to preserve a happy state of indiffcrence, trusting that the country can survive the reHignation of any or all of these gentlemen. There are enough others as physically able to draw their salaries, aud mental qualificatiocs do not seem to be required these latter days. GP" The latest advices from Atlanta say that ShermanV army bas eettled down to a regular siege, and that every ' tlnng ia progreesing finoly. It is reported that Luk has sent 30,000 men to reinf jrce Hood, and if this proves tiue tLere wü'he warm workthere sood. J532T All quiet in front of Peters burg, and tho rebels have tft Marylandand Pennsylvania. Baltirnore, Harrisburg, Pittsburg, and Whueüng will breathe freer for a few daye. GP The city of Granel Rapids has a population accoixliiig to the late census f 9,947, nn increase since 1860 of ],- 757. The vil lage of Kulamazao reporta a populaüon of 6,800.


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