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Wc have no excitenient lo note ia ur markets tlie last week. The weather has been too hot. Woot- Bnt little is coming in. Buyers re offerins 90(393 and holders want 81.00. Wmw-Lo. Red, 82 ; White, &.. Coll,_Qaotations noraiml at $1 .áó. öts -70c. I'otatoes- New ell frora wagons at $1.00. HiT- First qualiiy, $10. Hcttkr- 3U(iO,35e. Eoos- lGe. ry The weather continúes terribly bot and dry. The mereury ranges amone; the S0s, and the heavens are like brass. On Wednesday afternoon there were indications oí rain, uut the clouds failed to give down- lt least' in this viciuUy. We hope that other „ctions faired better. Vegetation is burning up, pastures are becoming barren, corn aud potitoes ire ruined aïmost beyoad recovery, snd tli8 future is pregnant with the suffering iiich must follow bliguted crope. The oldest inhabitant" bas never know so dry a time. __, -..►- i , i rC A meeting of the qualified electosof this city waa held at the Court House, „n.y,.iiday erenin last, to consider the subjetí of flUing the quota of the city under [balate cali for 500,000 volunteers. A res„ntiim was adoptad auHiorizing the Couocil to borrow the sum of 7.800 at seveu per cent., one third payalile Februaiy lst, 1666, one-third February lst, 1867, and one third Febrnary lst,868: and to pay to each volunteer, substitute or drafted man who shall benmstered in to the credit of the city on nuch cali the sum of $100. At a meeting of IheCouncil held onTnesday evening, a resoIntion was adopted to make llie loan authoriied by the elecior.s' meeting, and the City Treasurer, C. H. Richmoxd aud Recorder C. A. Chapis were appointed agents of the city io dispose ot' the Bonds or Warrants and wake proper application of the proceeds. - Thi widi the citizens' subscriptiou makes a local bounty of 800.


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