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il, well known to tlie newspapef readers of this county as ati editor and printer, has issued the flrst number of a eampaign paper, flfhieh he has cbriwtened The Shrapnel. It will be devotcd entirely to the discussion of (lm issues of the caoipaign, and wül pour oBie exiilosive shell into the Republican eaw. Wi w'iUi Mac succest. I'rice 50 ets. for tlic campain: five copies, L2.25. Ad.re3S. B. JICïackbï, Draner 407 Detroit. df St Bridget's Chureh, Nortbfied, Calholic, give a l'ic-Nic and B'estival at Whitraorr Lake, SatunUv, August 20th, 18fit. öood music will be in attendance, and refreshnients provided for a large gatlieriüg. L3L We invite a.ttentin to the card of Dr. Hukter, oue of the mos.t celebrated of the physïcians of our country who make diseasesof the lungs a speciality. His repotation is sudi that we need only annQunce his coming visit to our city. jy The publishers of the Detroit f tu Prat have issued a prospectus of a campsign edition, which will do good service in Ihe coming contest. 50 eeats a single copy; fife copies, $2.25; ten copies, $4. JZJC We understand that those liaMetodraft in our city, and wbo should feel a interest in fllling the quota, don't ■' come to time" in -contributing to the bounty Tund ubscription. These men are not regarding tlieir own interests. By paying into tliis fund thêy will aid in fliling the quota if it is pojsible to do so, and if itis not filled it may b so reduced that thoir chances.of being drafled will be niaterially lessened. And, be. sides, if they are drafted the $25 they are Mked to coutribute brings them back 0100. Every aan not exempt should cali immedi'ely on the committees and put down their Dames. C3T On and after the first of Septfraber next, the stamp tax on matches - friction ones we mean - will be one cent for xieh hnodred or fraction of a hundred, that is ii cents on an ordinaryiíe cent box, a hundred and tweat y per cent on the retail price, sndoTer two hundred per cent on the wholewle prioe. A " sweet litlle tax." If it "ouldn't be cheating the government, we 'hould say "buy your matches tliis month." Cï" Kev. E. IlawETT. of Ypsilanti, "ill preach in the Bapt4Et Church next {Sabbath, morning and evening. C3C" The degree of M A. was coníerred, at the rerent commencement of the Wesleyan Universily, Middletown, Conn. Pon Rev. B. F. Cocker, of this city. Wes'ey&n University ranfcs high, and bestows its honor with cares, but never more worthily &n in this instance.


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