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jornal poticcs. látate of William Bunthig. STATE OF MICHFGA'N- Oouniy of Washteiiaw- s. „ Ata sosionof the Probate Court for the Couotjf f Washteniw, holden at the Probate Otïict in the city of Ann Arbor, on Tlmrsday . rhe elevenfch day of August in the year one thousand elght hundred and sixty four. Present, Thomas Ninde, Judgo ('f Probate. In Mie matter of the estat oí William rtunting, Inte of Lodi, in aatdCounty, dfceased. On r-wUnjr awrf tiling the petition ïuly veriftect, ut pHna BdrfnBgjTTayiñjrfor the prfbato oï n certain Instrument now on tile in this Court purpnrtiug to be the titst will inl testament nf s -ïi -If-tpisfi. ThereuponHis Orde-fl, ThatMondny, the twplftli day of Septpmber next, at '.eno'clc;!! ín the fuin'inn, I beassigneüfor the Lt'aring of saitl petitior, uu! (list the devisee, l(?ctateí. And heira at law of Síiíd deeaüe4, umi all othet persons interesled in said éstate, are reqnired to;ipieir at a Mflvloa of sai-i Couri. tbea tobe holden at ihe Probate Ofiice-, in the City of Aun Arbor, ia said Couniy, and sUoff cause, ïf aoy there be, wliv the prrypi of ihe petitioner shoulcl net be granted: Ani t i fm-th rordrei. thnt aid i ai t inner privo uoticetí itití perons totPNtd ín snM Bátate, of the pondttN? of wldpttHon,ABd the lunrinj; tbertof, bf c.insinij a copy of tiiï- order to ie publi.shed in tlie Michigan Argüe, a nev?piper printed and círcnlnlirtr in said Ooutity ui 'A asIií'ohw, tliree sucessive weekw previurt ti üftid 4y uf hearing. (A trne enjy.) THOMAS XINI K. 9ö0td Jttdgè of l'robnte. FpiT-lR OF AltBfrl I'K.ut Sin : - Witb. your permistión I wish to sa} lo the readers üf yiur paper that I will send, by return muit, to all who wish it (free), a Kectipe, wlth ful! di rections Por inalíing and usfog a simple Vegetable Hahu. tliat will elleotuallv remove, in ten inys. i'hn pies, R]otches,Tan, Freckle, ai:l all Impurities of Ihe Skiti Ieaving the same soft, cleni-, smooth and beauti ful. I wil! qlso nutil frpe to th'se havin? BaM Hejuls. nr liaro Fact directi jus aud infornntion thal h ill cns'ilf tln-m !'i sl-trl u ful I grort'tli ol l.uxuriant Hair , Whiskrrs, or a .íoustarluí. íti 1pís ilnm tliirty ilavs. Xtl appMcatlotti a&Rffe:e by return mafl witlutnt eliarge. Ko-wet-trully vuis. THOMAS F. CIIU'MAS-,'11 trrist, 3,iV (ÏG 831 Brundwaj', N'l-w' Vork. CHKROKEK FEMtliE PII.I.S. TlIE Ml.7 UsKiri. MüDU'INEÏKT I'iliCOVKRUT'. - If "m IIIIWInlll HU ITTn itttillTfalé upnn irns;iilarty "I the perioil id ftmalcs, nni exrmines the far-rrarliinit evll of these ilU !' nll eDJKWeled uitli one lio maj lie siiliji'cti-il ::i Hu-ui, i'. is poble to cimimvcrt Uw (act l'.ri! the Clicrokee LM11 is tlie mnst usoful nn.l brn eflceni nicrticJiie ever olWcl tr the public, iiuei.. regúlate witii the exaitncss !' mathrnialical calcula tion. Safe ti all, and nl'ullible in the removal ut ol) sfructi'm ïti'l snniinssii'ii, these Pilis shoiild be in the pjssesin of evt-ry mauleu. niie and inother iu the country. Ikm't h pahned nfl witli any othei , buttry thü Ohciul;ee l'ills and you BI bc convincctl of their efflcacy. SoW by alldruggisU. 'i""''1 O" PROF. R. J. 1,YUNS' l'atients and all others interrcsted will please take aotloo that he wlU coutin ue bis visits at the Monitor House, Aun Albor, during 1804 and '65 and at '!"■ evplratiun of whlch he willdis continue his visits and open au Infirmary ut t'levelond, Ohio, for the trcatment of Lang aud Chust diseases. Mathews' Chocolate WoimDrcps ? N'EVKR fail to ilestrny and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are períectly r.iliable in all cases and far superior to any m! all of the fanoy Worm onfecüons, nd nauseo Yermifuges n use. They may be taken at all times with perfect Ihey containNO MERCURY,or otlnr deleterious Irus.- Mothera should always purchase them and give th.eir cbildren no other. (No Calkarlic wliatever, is necessary to be given.) Kach box contains 24 Drops or Lozenges. Price 2b et. Fgr Sale by all Drugirisls and DealeiB J Medí C. R. WALKER, General Agent. ]y922 BulTalo.N.Y andFort Kne.C. W. j8"" as Intkbkstixg l.ETTKit.- Messrs Post -V Bruff, Agents N. Y, Sanitary Society, Rocheatcr.- Gents . I deem t due to yuu tate the niagieal effect uf that one bottle of Feople's Curo whicli I obtained t'iom you in ■ November last. Seeing the advertiaeaient ol your So. j cietv offering to gïve yaur ineJicine to eU'i'jryiiien for the poor of their gnrbea, 1 ootained a bottle i'ura poor , gïrl of my eniiKrecr&tion, who had loni bi!in nearly help less fj-om 1Tïhcumat(Bin,rtndstrftngp to say, that ime bottle eured her ealirely. I wrtte this hoping it may aid the Socieiy iii it- eftuit- tu introduce Ihe medicine, and blcsK Ühwe i&c bwj need sach a rcitudy ; and I usestrong tering ut, I believe its meriU will fully justify ' 1he most snperlative forms o f. speech. Yourw, Rpwjjectfully, C H. WILK1XS. PHstor of Ui3 First Presbyteriün Churcn 923yl l'ittsford, Momoe Co N. Y. Land VVarramt Lost ! ATOTICE IS HEREÜY 6ÏVEK, That Bounty ï.iuid i Warrant No. 0193, for One liundrect and Twcnty Acres, ifunédby th! United States, January EOtb, A I. 1961, under tfafl Act of Mareta 3d, 1853, in the name nf Tsabinda A.Weaver, minor ohildof David Weaver, tleceascd, Who was a private in the war of 1812, and in April last assigncd io hip, R Chase, of the CWy -.1' Ann Arbor, in the (.'ounty of Washtenaw, and Mtate of Michigan, the acknowiedgmrut, ii:c., bmiz certified by an acknowledging ofllcer aud the Connty Clerk of the CouBty of Ben ien, in the Stato of Michigan, was in rl lastraailuti at. BerrtftQ Springs. in taid couaty uf Berrien, (the residenco of the Walrantee) dirccted to me at Ann Arbor Mich., and uver received by rae, but Ís Kuppot-ed to be lost. 1 have BlAd the requisito caveat in tlie Genera] Lanl Office, and inti:nd to pply to the Commisajot-er of I'ensioüh for the re issue of the lost Warrant. K. II. CJIASF, Atsigrnep. Datoil, Ano Albo-, July 20th, A. D. lSi. (967 w6 Know Your Future Wife oï H usbaucl ! I fropo rijrj, j j9',(;ting in Petrcit, EÍHB is the Soventh Daughtt-r tif the foveotb Fpu, boni nnder tln Planot JupiU-r. andiijd'd wlita the woFiderful gifi at SECONDSIHT. f he wflUtnd yon a correct ï'hoto ftrnph of the pcrsun you will marry. andgive the day lid year thchnppy event wil] take' tud her the color of your eyes and haír, age, complexión, heigbt, and whother defoinici or Dot. Knolohe 35 ets fiud a pot paid euvele re wiib your ddre. MAIUtfE HCMl.-.V, Drawer til F O.. í3PT--:;. Detroit, Mic. FURNITÜRE ROOMS; Ons door Xorth of Risdun anti IiemU'm'iT.s Hardware Btore. I fphe uneraigne4 haring purchuped the entire atodk X of W. D.Smith & Cn., and Hddc-rHarelyto the saine, ia preparad to furnish bis ínenda nnñ pntrons n goocl HHSortmrnt of wel i i:ia(k' fuiuiLure, coMisting of LOIAS, BUREAUS, BEDSTEADS, BOOK-CASESï TABLES and CHAIPS, ofjill kinds, utid in fact of överjthiog portainlog i.i lije botdaent. L O II . Cí ES!. MATRASSES, ! i &c-j &c, nut de tu o-dr hy gooá and expone ure ri vrnríá ■ mon, and viarrancd to aire aKtisfuctmn. He atftj keops agood a$ortment of Churr.vand Walnut Lumbar for salo at rea.sonable prices. Anfi wíli alfl pny the hilioflt marbet prlcö íor Cheriy. Walnut, and Whlfc Wotjíi Lurnber. P. S. He has &Uo puroliased iho neiv und E I . E O A N T H JL A R S K ! uí ímith k Co.t and is prupaied tofurnísli all kind.4 oí Wood Coffins, Metalic Cases, AND CASKETS, Gntlie shortesl notícw. Alo nticiiMS to Ibjíiij; out di'CPftPfd persons flíí anl nisjht, witliout charge. All furnttUTQ delirered inthejity free of charge, W. U. BENHAM. Aun 18ib, 1SC3. 940lf 3? . B A C H has a new nnt coruplete STOCK Ülf SI'RIMÍ UOÜDS bouglit before tbc recent GREAT 1USE IN G0i;i) í Which will bo Sod FOR CASH ONLY, .A.T THE LOWEST MARKET PRICES ! Cali and See ! Ann Arbor, April, 1864. X.OOK: 3E3LlëjlELJZi 1 A large lot of LIÜNTEN" O O ATS AND SÜMMER GOODS, alivnys on Lauu at TUL. Guiterman & Oo's, CLOTHING STORE. M'we uk n c.nU nn-l we oan ;unl wül se 11 ym cli mpjB and l etter guods llmn any other houn in tliis city. OHit'r Mr. M:iLhews Brst prf pared the VKN'EXIAN H VIR DYE ; siuce ihat tim It has been used by tlmusjinds, atv! in n instantie bas it iailed tt gíve en tare satisfacción. The VEXETIAN DTE ís lbo cKeapest in the worM.- lts piicH in only Fifty f'ents, tin ; each bolt Ie eontainu duuble the tuantitv oí lye in Ukm; usuallv uold for $1. - The VEXKTTAV DYE is wnnnnted not to injure the hair or the. g4ii in the s'.igUtSet degreti. The VEN'ETIAN DYï' vorks with r;pi-lH.v anJ ccrtaiuty, tlio hair requiring no preparation whatever. The VEN'KTliN íVE produces auy stunle tliat iray be (lsired - onethatwiLl not t'a3e, crock or wasb out - one that is as permanent as tlio hair itself. Formule by all 'lr::ggists.- Frice 50 entp. A. LMATHEWS, Genera] Aent, 12 Gold tri-et. New Yprk. AIko, Wuunlactnrcr of ,Uim.TV.s' Aunh a HaiK ; loss. the lerft liair dressing in use. In largo bot t los, price 50 centsIy9f0 CLOTHES WRTNGER! Th; ONLY rnlmble Adjnstirig Wringer. XO WOOD WOIÏK TO 3W?llt OR SPMT. NO TllUMü-srKFAW TO O KT wï.'T OP OIÏDKÏï. WA11IMNTKD WITH OU WJTUOLT COi.-WtlEEI.S. Ittook the K1RST PREMIUM at PiftySorco St;t iinU County Kairs in 1863, aiU is, without an exeppti(fn,the bost wringer ever made. WHAT EVl-:RY ODY KKÖW3, tíz: Thai irou well galvanizad uill not rut; That a simplo machine is betler than a ('ompüi.-a.ti'd oir ; il Wringer ahould be self ajustíng, durable and efficiei:! ; That Tbumb-Screws anü Fastenings cause delay and tnnible tu regúlate aul keep ia order; That wuod eoaJced iu hot water will rnrell, phrfiik nd split; That wooil bearings fur the sháftto run in will wear out ; ïhut thi Tutiiani Wringer, with ur without cfg wheeU, wijl not tear the clihv.-; That crp-whcel regulators are n't eSfCritlAl, That the Putnam Wringer has AU the advantage?, and cot one of the disadvautages above nauitvl: i That , Ui who have tei-ted il pronounce ■ it tbe bent j wringer ever made; i That it will wrintr a thread or a bed quilt without al teration. Wc mijjht fill the paper with testimoniáis, bui inaert only n few to cominee the skeptieal, it such there be; a ml we soy to all, tost l'uinams Wringer. Test t ÏHOltOlTGHLY with ANY aad ALL olhcrs, and if noi entireiy satisfactory return it . PTTNAM MAXCMCTUPINO Jo., (Jentlemen - I know f rom practical experieDce that Inm wellgalvanizcd with iulc will mtoxklizt or rust one partiële. The Putn&m Wringe is at; ner perfect !i.s potíslbíéj and I can cheerlully vètoétaxtin it to be the best in use. Refcpecífullv voufh. JNO. W. WHEEI.KR. Cloveianii, Ohio. JJany yearw experienco in tl, o ga Ufioizing busiuS6 enablc me to mtiorfe tlie ebove statement in all por Uculaia, JXO, C, I.FFI'KRTir', Nu. 100 Btekman .Strcet. New Yi rk, Janunry, 1&(54We ba vu tested Putnain'., Clothes Wringer by practical wurkiiif?, anti know that it will po, It ík clieop; it is simple; it requires no room wbethtr ut work or at rost; a vhiUl rauD opérate it ; it doos i tg duty tl.oruuphly; it savea time and it KaveH wer and te.iv. We earnt'stJ.v advine all V lio have atOCH watbin,,' to do, with ii 1 1 intellijít'ut pénOñM who havp AST. to buy tbis vringer H w'l' Ilijy 01 í t s e 1 1' in a voar it most . Hov. HOIÏACK GKKKLl V. Pattntcd in the Colftd Stntos, Kngland, Canada and Austnllü. Elwrgtfc men cM make from 8to 10 dol l;irs pi r diy Agenth wantcd in evt ry tuwn , and in all parts of the vorm. Sample Wringer eut, Exprttffl jraid , on r-cript of piice. No, 2, $6.50; No. 1, $7.60; No. F. 8.ó0, No. A. $i 50. Manufai'turoc) audhold. ubles-ale aod vetail by THE PUFNAM MiNTFACTPHIKG Co.' No. 13 ri;ittï;lreet Ffft ik acd Cleveland Ohio t67tt C. S N'OKTHrfy. ACent. WRIGHT'S. Rejuvenating Elixir ! Or, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Prepaied from Pure Vegetable Extract, cmtaining EOthing injurions tothe mo3t dellsftte, " As tbe Phcenix rises from tlie aohea of its flre, animated with new lifc"- so does thia Elizir reinvciiate the system aud overeóme diseaso. inrTfea PcJuvüTiating KlKlr is tliert-fliilt of raodrrt dlscoverk-s in the vcRelable Jdpgdom; boin? accn tirHy iipw riil abs'rnev inM ! ort of mr-, irrospecUre of all the oli and wurn-otit meutf. ES?" iMp mttdtrtn! has b on iBU'd b? iho most o nlotjiit EMdiOft) f!l'-'11 f)f "lp 'y ftnd )) Hjjih .otOLOunco! to bo ene of thf gtE .ti-sf nudlcúl dthC ,?rrlc.' of tte age. 53T One buttl 11. curo íiltiit ti D -hi'lty. LF A fuw tljüca ;-arrH Kytrer ;'B Ij, fmak JÏT" One botH ores Pi, Itnifoa of t]M Heit. ijgr 1 toni ODeiolhne Doitles resioros tho manli uee nnel full Vigor oí' ïuqiIi. L#"" A few ó hes retun the iinpfilK1. tgsThrrc-botfïcq enre Hip worst enef of ImpoteDcy. J A l' av dimen curi:s ttn: Ion hjiIiVm-ü. %W Qne hotttP rptor s mntnl pownr. [" A i'cw dowea bnne the roe fn ihp t:liok CSIt'l-1 n)dk1n reifro to v:-e-or nnd ro bBt bvolihte poor tiili ituted. wcrn-rt.-wnanddefp,-Jring. tW The I!stl(!é pawf iitt-d vonth, ttir over-taaked ai'.n of tuifllnrHS the vlr-f'-n (f nervou- dcprss1on, tte iii[]nriuiilnmTinirim rrnewl dcbllity, wil' 11 Êmi li.JiMdiiit uni perni- ent rtiioi by tüe uo of Ukli G i:.Jip -f Eigener of Lift . tW Friet;, $2 pp 1 -o trie or ibr-c bi-VÜcB for $3, and f.-rwnrdid ly tpnioloD recdpi of muuey, to any adarces. All frb rrlrra tnutt bennt ti C. A. COOK, ChlC."pn, erar O'-oral AgMitfoi the c.-t. : Sol (Uu Oïiiciiyü.bv Who'es-li DW8fUtïdlw ui' DrnpclstseveiywhcTe. C A. rOOK, f'jnovno, Opnernl Atrent lor the Öutct) ol I.liuols Iowft, viccn?:r, Midhijjan and In Ate&á. O. V. K. StKRWIN éc CO., tíoi-K PitopsrEions, No üü Llhfrty stree, Now Tork. CHEROKEE PILLS! 8ÜT3AR A COATED. Female ÉjÊk Rt?6'ulatOrHealtlitÉiPreserw. CEBTAIN Nlí AIÏI) SAFEFor the ÏUnioval of Obstractions, and the InBurance oí" Begularity in the Kecurrence of the Monthly rariods, ZW Thcy cnrc or obvtatc those nnmorous dlaensca that Bprn-; from irrcgularity, by rcmcving theiirei;Ulr1ty Üsflf. jE57 Tbcy cnrc Êapprtïsseii. Kxctsslve and Palnful MfiiBtruriUcn. %J&" Tliey care Groen Sickniiss (ChlorosU). y Thcy etire Kervous anti Spin al Affections.païns In tho back, nel lover p;;it.n of the boily,HeavIneeB, Fatipnc-u hllglit exerllon, Pnlpit;ition of the Heart, Lowtess, oi Spirita, Hysteria, fclck Ileaüach, Glddinesi, de, etc. In a wor1, hy removtQg the Irrcgularitj, iliey remove lïic ome, aiiiï wtih it all thü tff.its ilmt tpnue ïrom U. (F Componed of simple vreetublc extracta, they coMtuin'nrtbiDï(MeU')ious toauy constltutlon. towever delicate, thelr fmctlon bi-lng to sut-Mltnte strcnjlb lor wenkncss, w'üIlU, when pioperly bd, tliey n.. ver ía'l iodo. ti7" Tfciy mr. y 1)0 salely used n acy nL. and at Ruy P'-ïIcd, KXCHI'T DUKlX-i TUK FIbPT 'I'HKKE MOHTHB, durir.g wlilrh tlie uufüllins miture of thelr action wcnltl inralllb'yrüEVFNTiiregii.iiiCT. %j All letters Beebíní inroim.iuon or advlce wlll be prompt!;, rce:y ond discrently nnawered. JS FiiU dn ciion8;icoomp:my rae box. IV Prlrc (1 per box. or slx boxea for JS. Cf"' Sent by mail, frto of potase, on reoolpt of prloe. All suchordore rcastbesmt ta C. A. COOK, Cblcairo, ont Gi uc a! geul for tlio West. S; lrt In Cblcago, ily Who'f ?al'.-Dri!ffgi;!B,!1n:lby all Draeistseverywhere. O. V.. OOOIE, C1IICA6O, General Agent lor tlie States of Illluols, Iowa, WlCODHlfi, and Itidinn . 1K. XV. . MEBWIN & CO., SOLZ PBOI'BIBTO: B, Ko. 59 Llbiriy t., New York. 8oM bv Wlt'tlesalo Dmijist'. m Detroit, alto by STKBiWSS it WII-POX, Ann Arto'r. 952.V1 MJJLlh PAPER ! 5ft,ftC0 nM oí Wal! 1'nper onn ho ftmml at the store d"1' John K. MiLU'i' Qo-oorjier f Mtiin and WashiiigUm Stioclí, oppositií Hungsleiíer's Hall. Also a jUgaa4fK)rtraAntof Miacellanefiu Honks at oíd prices Cloth and PuperïihaileSjTassel CurUs and Frames o! all Uiscriptims. Fruini's nuuk: n ih'-Ilt. ploatccall ;inJ aK&mue bef ore purcbasingelHewhere JOHX F. MTLLER&CO. June I-t. lPfi4. 3m959 KT 353 "VST" PRESCB1PTIÜX & MM STORE ! Is th1 place U 'oiy youv MEDÍCELES, PERFUMERY, "Wrïtms; Paper, Uj 'l'c Reamóla, a uil ali oUht articlcH in frur line, C-Ü" Ksip'M-ta] Líen ini) tu CompAundann and iuttíng ui) Prpscrtptinfis, at tlio ign of GOLD MOET AR, Excha rigo BIócb . Aun Aïbbr, Hfchfgau .98r ■ftjL. Profi-ssnivil éaUs promptty nlteuded to. 1Y960 100 City Lots for Sale. RICHMOMD"1 'TAKEN ! 1MÍOSK TIJAT -KKIUKOTMD L the late flrm of GRANT uu & fuT'T b calling on the uiulrsigned and paying up eoon, or we pjmil Ijy uUrgc-tu make a DRAFT on tii'-m i'v n Gqvtnnunl rinicer. & SON. Aun Arb..r..'ui,i 6tli,lvU. 96411-6 TAKEN UP ! O.v the lStli da.r r June, a sOREEL HORSË.abmit lOycarsoM, larG tizr, aatl tbin in flesh. The flwnu is i-pqnestPii to prove property , pay charges, aud takc i-uid Hore ;i ljy. WfLLUM HU31PHKEY. Iodl, Julj Htli, l'SI6vvt'6O. To Cloar tlie House of Flies, USE DCrCHERS CELKBRATED LIGHTNING FLY-KILLER! a nat, cljap a.tic.le, cnpj to u.e. tvcry sheet will killaquart. SOLU liVEliV WIIERE. 2m963. Cantlun. ALt FJPHÏ0NS art h#riM wamed Dot to perchase a cortiin 1'romissor.y Note given by the under, Mignpd '" ('- I ■ BöttoID, 'in thr Dth day of -Tuly, inst., for live huu'lrt'd d('llar.s, payable one day after date. Akmi'kI note -.raí rbtained vvltbo con=ideration, ami is, tlicr rcasous, vuid, I .lia.ll refuse jiaymeut, aml rtisist ts C'U(.'ctioii. l 'ORN'ELICS (ILI.ESPIE. ASü v,.Iuly 14, 1864. 9C5vr4 &FIR. JSkTS O OLT. (-j A Mff ip' íhf tnclomirc of Üio Mib&eriber on tho j Itli nf Junt, nue Uay yearling mare colt, a i-iuill u-hi spot on th1 insult of the right bind foot aD'l is iilmut middtivf tta. TUe owaer iB requested lVnrot i ■KM''r v. Pijv charp:1, and lakfl her awaf. ttJGAB N. RANPAIX. Brïlywatvff, Fuïv 2d, IS4i. 964wfl


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