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DYSPEPSIA, AN'1 DIíiKASES RKSUI-TING FR OM DISORDERS Oï THE IIVEX AND DIGESTIVE ORGANS, ARS C'L'KED BY HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS, THE GREAT STBJENGTHENING t % m i ö . These Bitters have performcd more Cures HAVE AND DO GIVEBRTTER SATISFACTION Have mort TtvlSmoiiy I HAVE MORE R ESPECTABLE PEOPLK ÏO VOUCH FOR THEM I Than &ny otlier artlfclt in the marker. We defy any one to contradict tliis Assei tiuii, AKD VVIL1. PAY $IOCO Touoy one wiio wil! procure r. rmWisljui by us, that is not oxxuixK . HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS1 WttX CURE IN Et'ERY CASE OF Chronic or Nervous Debiiity, Dlseaseö ■ of the Kidneys, and Dïseasea arislng fioindisotdeied Stomach. Obêerve th( folloioing sijmptoms resititi'tg from Disordrs of the Digestive Organs i Constipa-tion, Inward Pilos. FulJnesa of Blootl to tho bead, A-iflity, of tlie Stomach, Nausea, Hoartbuin, Disgust for'food. FuIIupí-h or voighl inthc Stomach dour Eru':tation.s, Sinkinx or flutt riug at the pit of the Stomach, Swinnaing of the Head, Hurr ried and 'UfficuH breathing. Fluttfïrlï-g at tho lleart, Choking or Huffocating öouKatioas when in a Lying l'osture, " Dimness of Vision, Dota Wt.'hs before the SigM, FeTer sud buil Pain In thf Heal, Detidioncy of PivsI'l'iition, VeHoWneefl of the Skin ruid Lyes, pain in the fiidebael,chest)limba,.itc.,Sudden flusheB of Heat, Buraína; ia the Flesh, Constsrit Imbginings of Evil' and Great Depressmn of Sjt .nu, THAT THIS BITTERSIS NOT ALOHOIIC, CONTAINS NO RÜM OR WHISKEY, AND CAN'T MAKE DRUNKAEDS, üi.ï In the World. ÉT RE AD WHO SAYS 8O : Krom the Retí I.ev C. Beek, Pastor of the Bapliet ! Ctaurch, Perober ton. X. J. , ior.nerly of the North liuiitistChurch' Philndelphia. I have knuwn Hoofiaud's Germán Witters fmorablv fora number o( yeam. 1 havo used them in my own family, und have beun so ploasetl with their effect tliat Í was Induced lo reoommead them to irmny others, anrl knnw ihat they hare operaled in a stiikinglv bineScisl nianner. 1 take great pleasur n Eh'oa publ ely nroclaiming lis fact, aud calling tbo atteutiua of thoae afllicted with the diseafies fov whicli they are recumn-.ended, to theee bitters, bnoWlBg from experieocc thét ray recommendation wlU bcsustuinod. I i!o tiiis more cheerfuily ita HuoUanri's Bitters is intended to boEciit the alïlicted, Etnd is "not ;i rum drink." Yours truly, 1,EVI G. liECK. From Uev. J. Newton Iïrown, L). ï. Editor of tbeKncyclopeöia or Rcllgious Knowledge and UirUtian Chroiiicle, Philadelphia. Jlthouh not disposod tu favor or rocommend Patent Medi-ïines in general, ttirnLigli di.sti-ust of their ingredients and effects, I yet knnw of no suMclent reasoaa why a man may uot tealily to the benetits he believes himselfto have received from any simple preparation in th1 hope that he may thas co.itribute to the beneti t of others. 1 do thid moro readily in rejard to Hootland1 German Bitters, prepa red by Iir. C. M. Jacktion, of tliis city, bccause 1 was prejudieèd ugainst them lor rnauy yearn, under the impression tba tiiey were eliieüy au alchoholic mixtire. I ani indebted to mv friend. Rober t Snoemaker, Esq., for the remo val pf tljis prejudlce bv proper tests, and for to them when suffering froin great and long eontmued dèbility Tbc use oTtliree bottles ol these bitters ai. the beginnmg of the present yi'ar, was lollowed by evident refW and restoration tu a degree of bodily and mental vigor which T bad not for six mon;h. before, anl had almost despalred of regaining. 1 tï,erelore thauk G'od auil mv friend for directing ine to Ihe use of 1hem J. XEWTON' BKOWX. Phjla Froni tli tí Rev. Jos. ií. Kejmard, l'flstor of tíie 10 th Üaptist Church . I)r. Jackhon :- Bear Sir - T lia ve been rreqtw'ntly reHuesLed tü coQiK-ct íuy nnuu with comineada tiona df different kinds f medicines, but re garding the piactice as aut of iay appropriai"- Kplii-ro, I have in all cases declined ; but wlth n ck-arpiooí in instance.s and partieularly in ni y fiuiiily ,f the u.sfifullness nf Dr Hoofland's tíerman Biittus, I depart foronee f rom mv usual coursi', to express mv íull tmnviction tijat, íoa general debiUty oftbe Bystera and espeaialfy for lliyer Complaim, ít is a safe and valuable preparntíon. ín soine cases itmay íail j but usuaily, I 1 will be very beneíicial to tbóse who sulier frouj the abor cause. Your?,vcry rcspectfiilly, J. lí. KKXXA1U, ■ Eiglith beloi Cotittf! Street, Phíla. From lïev. Warren Randulph, Pastor of the Baptist Churcb, (iermantüwn, l'onu. . Dr. U Jaoftfion :- UeaY ir : - Personal txpcri'-iur enbles me to saj that I regard tho Gorman Ltitlerg propardby yon as amostexcel ent nyéiïicina. In cle ol neyere coM aud generaLdtttxrtyl have bMi reatlf benefiteó by tlie use of the Rith rR, and doubt not they will produce shmlflT cílects on otbors. Youv8, truly, WAHREN RANDOLPH. Gerjiiaiitown, í'a . Krom Kcv. .1. II Toraer, Pastor of Ilcdüiuij M. í.f Church ,Phíla. Pr. Jankfinn; - De-ir Sir .-.Tlavin usci your Genuaa Bitters in my family fieqnently. I nm prepared to siy tliat it basbeei: of great service.' I believe that in must oü.-íflscf ípneriil dfibility of tht? syatem it si tlie níest and most valuablu rempdy of ffhioh I hav. uny knowiedge. Yours,vt.'snetttiiliv, ,1, H. TURNER, Xu. TL'', x; Nineteeuth .-'trun.. V'nmi liú' Iicv-.T, M. J.yons, formerty Pastor of the Co iumbu:;, (M. J.) andliiïWtown, (Pu.) BiiptistCliurched NííwRochfllle, N. Y. Dr.C. ií. .íackson :-- IV'ar Pir :- T feit it a pJeasuro thua,-.f my owuaccord t bear tostlmony tu the exceliftOflia of the 'ïerman Bitters. Home years siaeo, belatf much rttilii'ted with i)ypei'fli;) . I used them with very ' beuefictal rcsuliH. I have óttSen rcommended iht ni tn pei'sons cnreebled by tb ut 'ormcntitiií i3Í!!asM. and Imvx heard front thetu the most flat tering testimonis i ,fl to their Rreat vulut. In oases of Kneral debility, 1 bv lieve itto bc atonta that r-in not bu añrpaníjefl. J. M LTOKS. Krom the Ker. Thos. Winter, Pastor oí Uoxbbrougb Bapiist Church. Dr. Jack son -IVar &ir : -L fe1! itdu to your oxcellont propavation, Htofland' 'erman Bitters, tn frtlo div testimony to the deserved reputntion ii bus obiaïnor), 1 tiavo for y tM vs, nt times, been troubied wjth y;reat dUcjrdcr iu my headand orrTOai instem, f was ndvised by a frienü to try a bottlo of your Germán Bitters. I djd BO and have expoiituced gruat and uccxpt-ied re licl ; my heaïth ms been very tnatei inlly beacfitied. I confidently recommend the articïe w ere I meet with cnsí'ft similar to my own, and have been assured by matiy of thé;r good rfiects. Rcspectfully your, ï. WBTTER , Roxborougli f. FromKev.J. S. Ileiman, of the Gftnaan Refocbed Cliurch. Kutztown, ïïeiks Co. Fa. M. Jackson --Kespectod 8ií -I have bees truubled with Pyspepsia nearly twen t y jtars. an. have never used any medicine that die metirimuch toüd af Hooflaiid's Bitter. I am very nmch niproved inhealth a f tor ha ving I aken five bottles Yourp.with respect, J. S. HERMAN. L :r i a e s . T-arge üize, iholdiug nearly doublé quantity ,) $1 00 per bottle- half doz. í." 00. Small Size-r-ti cents per Bottle-half dozen Í4 00, BEWAKE OF COUNTERFEITS. Pee tbat the signature uf " C. M. JACKSOX" is on tbe WRAPPIiR of each hottle. ihould your nearert J)ru#gist oot bnve the article, do not be piit o(T by ioiox'Catinp pi'fp'iriitioüs tbat may be offered in its place, but semi to ift ,aad we will forward. securely expresa. Principal Office and Maaufiictory, N0 631 ARCH STREET, PHILADELPHiA. Jones Sd Evans. Successors to C. Jacksnn ff Oo. PROPR1ETORS. ï"r sola bv Drupi? ici Düaler& in ï'vr.r town io the lT.iitd itatu. Buffalo Testimony. ,k BS! ffiuiroring 'mun.-ur less fvery rtay I 1,1" ,"," J""1 painiincc 1 llt ït ,tT mm,.. ,!,„,, fonlrsJSiWi ""', joung man tlmuRh Urn kUi twow, 1? " "M.v uifohaa lircii .sufl'. jiilir f,,,r, r-i, , ,. :.i, oftainmatorv chaWn tí, ,„r".,' , ,■ ■■ ' ''► "' hc mMMrt . tho rolling „ „i f .ji, "';i," " Hft cr Swiwue ItflftetH ' J ln tiir-; had „birevói0si,rt.'X'';hruíl1p'-'':"';ffliot'eLfvr;th ÏjxO&L Ctrftfi röfcKr -i v íhvh UiiH vr more thftn ten rn u ■1 have ■People'i Core' i mj f;,ü,i" wlth nat bciwht, ;n ca.)es of Sirofula ,n, sift Iï),..,nn „ni CHA6. SCHAEFF, 273 Main St., up.aWlr " 101 Lfc'b _ U XV H Weakneses ■Il.iu.. been In fwOlo liealth over sinco the birti, of my boy. tLoismí twolvo years oíd. I 1M )1Hl man.v troublesaml t)iffi,.ultK-K. nll tilia time, uofittinK merorV8ryklBd uf labor, and deMroying all my CUUI. fort, Lsst suminor I --„„imuiiced taWng (l,0 'I'eonle'g l.urt-. mij liave used lour üottlu, and urn mnv almost aell w.unan. Hy dffficuUie baT nearls all peared,an(llfeelchpwfnli.ndji8ppy. e "MKS CATUARÍ.NE DEWALD i'nsmnkcr. GjKidoil Allty.abovoTuiiuer ,i. "8iiff)ü, Uct.ïO, MÍ2." ll.ol'l.lvs OUlJ!i medicimn laü "My wjft.hasl.wn in pom-hoalth fcr a lonjr lima l.uvuiif frequent Iy to cali a phfsician to attend Ser bnt bhe was rccentiy very iuch uise. Fiij. flve or sin ivi-ek nho had no api -elite, lost al] her strenoth and aaencluinygrovring worse, She had night' swivta mghfrt a ?r,.nt Jeal auving f.ich n.Vht and oonidepb3 Uie day, and we all suppoaed she was griinit ilf wUi fhe ousumption, when a trioncl adviseil her to tiiii' the -reoples's Cure. On tnkíng the medicine nho perceived a change at once. On the tlijrti dayslie had ii-rove-e.l appetite, an.l was regainiaft her strength, ojitil, on t)i-eighlh .lav, not vet having tak.'n oi.e bottlo, he ha stoPI,ed taJiing" the medisirie aaying Hile was as ellas anybody could bí, and she lias continua! o ever inc. "BuiTal'i, f'ti,,hcr I , iei'2," L Vtir Sale Ijv all DruggistJ. 9"42y1 I'. I'ÜOKÜY, C.tneM Agpnt, No. 258 Mainst., BuBalu. M. ,u whmn all orders should bc nddressod. Fot 8sl by ?TBUOffl . Wilsox. GnsNviun & Fills and C. Kbkbsach k C&. WONDERFÜL SUCCESS. SS" Tlic attenticn and c:i ;-..] i of the most Ui, linguished Chomisls and l'liysiolaii Tor year haa beendevoted to thi m.iliictiou of a rtniedy for these rmrétdtfitresfiiDg maladk-s Netkaium and Rí'ielíi.vt.s.v Atter long study and many experimenta, a spenfic preparalimi has becu (liscoyered. WATSON'S Keurulgi Kinan ïvteninl 7fr.mrdy.'A cuTinfi Ihousandx of cuses wht-rcal! othirri'nii'di! li:ive utterly failail. We aru asaurcd luit it ia ai more ' AHODYiXK," rclicving fot the moment wliiletne. oaiiae remains, bul is a perfect SPECU'IC imd Cl' UK tor .ihsii ainful disoases. Tho vast miinJwr of tinipynts, Embrocalions and External Medicines, which act as stiniulants of the surfaee only, aremerely tomporaiy in their oiEfiote and of dnubtfui virtue ïhe NKI'JcALCIA KI."( reaohflí' t,:n source of all troobte, and ei1V;tually banislies the diseast from tliesysteni, Price- One Dollr por Bctlle. Prepatid bv C. R. WAiJCKR. 1y922 Hiifflin., N. Y-, ar.drort Kric, C. W. For Sale Stkhbi.ns & Wiijüon, übe.vvillk Fimkh and C . Ki!ei:haui &Cu. AGOOD TREE TS KNOWN BY lTSFIil "IT. öü iti a. goud Phyftician by liis ftfeoftsiu] Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYOKS, TilKGÜKAT AND UELF.BRATCB l'l] VSIUAX OF THIS THROAT, I.l'NGS AXII CHEST, Kiiown all over thfi countr; as the C'tlebrated 1NÜ1AN II E KB DO C T 0 II ! Front iruutii AiuciiciL, will bf at bis rmi, RUaiílíLI. llOLSK, DETROIT, O.iiktlStli aii.llinli Út'., 011 ihc santé ,Ulu uTanri t-fi -nbseijiuMit utontli iltirinu' I8ï2 jtnd löiiö A MOAT PAMI'JII.CT Of the life,stady ann pïtfeustvè iravela óL t). Lyon f-a:i 1m' nrt'rured tty RlLwtoSíesitt uní', ir, ■ uC churizp. Dr. I, iv ! 1 1 visit Aun Arbor, J.ick-on. Hivl Adriun. M!") ,asf,,ll,,s : Anu Aibni-, MiiiiKnr H.r.i .. -JO : 1 1 . Jackson,Hiljbai{il 1 "u-,-, L'l -t Adriaa, ürackutt lic ihc'í.'J nu.l !2;;.! .Mum: iip)-'.ïamix.viii.ii. -'li'nll.i.iit .t .-i ns dikf.- biheeVes. fíe, therefesfl8ka no nuest.idns nor re'rarespaüoni-. tS flabl ifftlffmmi. Affliotct, ai..ili:ive your ,vmii,.;n atitl tbo louatiou of your disékveexlainetl feé ol charge Manhood: llow Lost. How Restoml. TCST ]'L:IU.L.-HKO.;i i,l:v, oditiuauf Pj Cnlver. O wtll'a PMbrtel on tho radical can (ivithout njpdiciuo) r-í Si-ici;M.níE]ran, or íbmin;il Woaknyss, Involuntarv Soni.iual Lossen, lmpotcnoy, fental aud l'l, v!ím r latsfifniïty, hnpedimtut;. t-i Marriafj'-. ■!(;., i'on.siijnptioil. Eoifeflaj túi Fits, iilducod bj -ir múulgcilcr ür sexual oxtruvaialice. - l'iici'.ir ast'alcil 1 iiv 'lopi, onlv .Tüts. Tho colnl.rati-i! autbor in this .idmiialtli' esay cU'arfy deraonstrate, from h tliirfy yfnrs siu-f'isfut pr&etic1,, tïiat Uit iilarmiug conseqin-:uc'.s of self Hbue ir.ay b1.' ruiicnliy cuvt-'d trithout thedangerous u.ot'interiniltnodiciri.'ur' tho anpliration of the knifc -i.nnting out a mode of ctirrf, at odco Kimpfe cortniu anl effeci'ifi!, hy rn-ins ot wil iet) evtrj - n 1"; ■ rtr. no matter vlnt UfaooniUtiDB ny bc, tosr' cure bimüctf cheaply, privatt-ly, and raiHcally. This I.ecture shouIJ bc in tho hands of every ycut]i and ovory nïan in the (and. Sent, n,Wr Mal, in a plaiaeavelope, toany ado:repst post paid, ó'A receipt of fis eents, nr two btalnpi. Addrehr, tlic jjubli:her3, UIAS f. t!. KMNKA CO-, 127 Boirerjr, New Yorl, office box 4586. K;tt . FA1RBANKS' JPi STANDARD JP.-""-;: Ö C' -C3_ JLj -IJL O , ■ilS Pr "' 'lr' KIXI1S AI.SO, ' " - J IV(ii--?i -f. 7Vj--.'., Letter Presscs, Cc. FA1RBAMS, GBEEXLEAF & CO., ir I.:.k Stted, l.'lilCAUU. Sold in Pefri'H by I'AIIKAN'D, SHELEY 4c CO. 43" Be care'.iil to buy only the Geuuiae.JSjjf liiS Browncll & Pcrrhij GEK'L COMliSJIOlSi 1ERCBANTS, 183 South Watir Street, CHICAGO, IICirvTOIS. Dealers inGrain, Flour, Prov6Íone, Seode, Green and Dricd Fruits, Cider, &c. Refarencop: frutos, W'illard & Keeu, Chicf. S.. Sutafotd ■ Co-, Ann Arbor, HicTl. V%. Particular ttentien givea tojb oile cSCuto yti Pried Fruit, Cider, fr,-.. (Man fnr the purehs M Cifrar nd Tímotliy Seed. Cut Met. ,tr . f.romi,tNa!tflD1e)tn it errn,. panlfd wlthcuüh er tlCactn nttintt K1W


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