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The Bayonet Charge

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Hark to ihe batteries disputiug in thunder- Shell ever tree-tüfl and shot rattliug undev, Noisily cover the path of the fue Down through tiie forest aisles, lofty tij large. There's a look on the faco of cur I knów, And I wait the droad order ;--" Fiu bayoncts - charge! " Am I less brave for a lYioiMcnt's quick shiver! llearts of oak yoilder bear Jighl leaves tliat quivoi. ."' . I look down. the line - theie's a lip turniuc; vdiite, 'Set the firmer for that ; thore are fixed gazing ej-es Intent npon somothing, but not on the fight ; T1ore's a swift glance Üung upward to pierce the Wue skies. Whilfi the Uiunder rolls nearer, distinot thioiigh itall, I cateh fragraeèts of whispers, on "Boys f I fall " " ' Or thus, ' Siiould the wul-st come, write home to uiy motheï ; " "Teil uiy sisters, rny wife, that I died like a man." '■you'll and in ray knapsack, frienrl," ruurmurs anolher, "A line that I scrawled when the battl began." Our colonel sits firm, witli tbat look in kis Like a sword part unsheatbed, be rides gallantly by. Should he fa 1 1 - made a mark for the sharpshoóter's aim, By liis gay epaulette, with its golden eucrnst - There'llbe trumpet-loud voices to herald lis fame ; But I am aprivato - tlje commonest dust! For fttme do I fight 3 Lord of Hosts, does not lie TiVho batlles ïot right ever batlle for Thee 1 There aro graves trodden level Uiat love seeks in vain, Held in honor by angels. Aliko in Tby bigllt The jxjorest wbo erares for the red stripes fciieir rtain, And thrfr leader ho iaUs iu the van of the ' figbt. They are coming - they comí 1 Sliifting suntieanis reveal ïhejr way tlirough by the glitter of steel ; They Mvann tlirough the liglit, tlirough the tree holes they swarm Out from tlio forest ai: les, lufty and large, Our colonel turns pale, drops hls beekoiiing arm, Bui hark, boys, tho ordor: - "Fis bayonets - charge! " mwj ■■ fc- . Mjui ■ lauw iaii ■ mm ai - i i- i ' ui


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