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CITY CÖOPER SHOP. SPAFFORD & DODSLEY, successurs to 0. 0. SPAFFORD & D. HENNING, Wf uld icsjicctfuITy announca to the oltlzsm oi Aan Arbur and vioinity, tliat tlioy are uow iranuTautaring aii1 keep coiistuntly on hïnd a Large Assortment of COOPER WORK! Such as Pork and Cider Barrels, Kege, Firkins, Churns, Well BucketSj Flour and Apples Barrels, c&c. Mercliants and B:'e wers :t re invited to examine tlieir Butter Firkins and Ceer Kegs. CTTSTOM WOEK, Jone lo ORDER on SHOUT NOTICIO and warniuteil. ÏW Cash paid for Staves, Heading and Hoops. Hiops corner of Detroit & Xorth Streetts. uud corner of Nui-th c KiftU SUtetx. &PAPFORD & RODSLET. Ar.n Arbor, Feb. Glh, 1804. 943tf VENTILATION & WARMING! o . 'm"! :its on hand and wil! suunly ■■■■■ l-IITKI i'ü, UI n,!)l ES, ;,,:,! UNDH [[il U.S. wKh ■■uiy uf these oelAbruted machines íor tho warmtsgof buildinEa ui - in.i-i ncit;.:. lic nillulsi, be happy to grlva suoh instructiona In al] who are abi.ut 1 i bulld is 'vill t'trni :, i ui II,! ,r luins. ;■.:.,■ the oxjicnrefur fuel tbat tlley can posajbly do My anv other meuui. C. EBlCRBAC-t, Ann Arbor, A. A. CIIOOL IJOAIiD MOOÜ IIAN'nSTKHFER. ÁTOüSTÚsTVinENMAKH, :b Artur, '.Iun:l 4tl:,ltO!. :t THE ROüTri AND THE LEA ( WILL be 1'or the Healii g of' the Natioas, ■'i.'.fc Frof. X. O". IjTOICS, I TUE GRIÏAT AM) 1 Kr.KRRATF.i) PHVSIf'li-N of" the TURUAT.l.lWl.H, IIK.a;;',I,IVXK AND THE 1)1,001), Kimwu alKirét thccnuotry as the ('■:l:üjkatu IKTJDIAr HBKB DOOTOE I Of 282 .Superior Street, (Jlevela'nii, Ohio.' ' Willvinit tko foilomiiir ilaoen, viz API'OtNIMESTaïOK L862, lSBSaad 1804. l'rof R. J. Lyons eau be consulted at the fnllov, inir placeyovery month, viz: Dot!v)1t,RaaselHoiié,e!lclimjlh, ls(!i!Uid loth. Anu Alrbor, Mi :-ftnr Huusc, cacli mouth,80tb. Jaokson, Iiibtanl House, eacb moBth . 21. Adrián, IloicLet House, each mofitti 2MandS3d. Toledo, Ohiu, (.'n!!;.:;, Houso,oacKaontü, $ltli,35th, nul '2''l o . Hillsdale, iliot. , Billsrlale House, each montli,27th Coldn-atPr, ftiolí., Sownoru Michigan Houw, eaoh inonth, SStli. Elkliar'f, liiklwrt House, oncli month.'-üiu. Smtk [■=], [ml., St. Jo. Hotel, each monlh, 30, liftporWi, td., Tee Garden j-lu!i, each nnmtti3ll. Wuoatcr. Oluo (Jraniiell Kulr.i;iie. each tuonth ïth audStU, ' Munstield, Ohio, VCUcr House, each luonth, Oth -and lütil. Mt.Vermm.ICeayoq Úóuse, each month.llth and 12th. Newark, Ohio, Holtou House, each raonth, 13tli and l4th, Painefivil'o. Ohin, Con líf Houpe,each níoníh ,4tli CLKVELÁWI?, OHio. RKSÏDENOK AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET. Kast Öf ft publiV square, opposïte the I'ostoüice. Oiïice dayti eucii muiuh, lsf. iI, 4th, 5tli( (3th, lth, Uilice hourftfrom Í) A. M, to li M. aud f rom 2 P. M to H M. OnSunday r.-om 9 tolüA. M.,ana 1 to 2 I'. M jBrMaximsstricilv nabercd to - l givesuch bulmns have no strife, Wiih :ia'.u;' íí'.ínwBof ufe, Withbloodmy banda I nüverstein, NoipoiBon moa toeape tbeirpain. Huis a pkjsicïan indeed, who Cures. The íüáícü Urt o Doctor. R. J. LVOXS, cure tbo follow;ü_g compiajnthin the most obstinate ötogeh ui' their Qistence, viz: DiüBuses of che Tliroat , Lungí, líart, I.íTr, Stomach, Dropsy iutheChest, Rhéumatísm, Neuralgia, Kits. pr FaUingSicJsne8s,andal] other Qefvou8flraiieixientfl Also alldïsea: es of tho blood, such ab Öcroi'ula, BryaipelasCitncers , Fevcr Sores, Leprosyj and all othcr compücated clironic complaints. Allfoïtüs of tW.'.itle dilficulticK attenricd to with the happiest results. It is hopod tbat no one will 'lespatr of a cure until tlioy have givon tho Imlian Eíerb Doctor's Medicines a i'airaad fiiithful trial. fln5,Duriug the Doctur't travels iu Kurope, Went Lndif.s, South America, and the L'uited State.s, he lias boen ihe Dsirument iu God'a band, to restore to health and vigor thousands who weie givenup and pronounccd incurable by the most eminiiutoUl 3rTioo1 phyBicinns; nay, more, thnusanris viio were on the verge ot tlie gHtve. are now living moMtmeutH to tbo Indf&n Herb'fl Doctoree Rkill anti successful trcitmí-nt..-:'! arre l;iiïy exclaioileg: "B'e-sBcd betljeday when a saw and partook of tbc ludían Hvrb Doctovs medicine." Satisfactnry refi ■ ■ . .- ' -i' caros will be gl.adly and cbeerfully givBn wlienover requïrea i The Doctor pledges bis word and honor, tb al lie will in no u'ist'jilirectly or indftectlj' , induce or caii86 any invaliii to tiike hi.s meaféïne withoul (bo strongo.t probability of a cure. M8T Mü(ieofexaraiEtBÍion,wliÍeh ís eatirelydifTerefli f rom ttic fiicuHy. Dr. I-ymi professes to disccrn diaeases by tlïe Bye. fte tliereforc asfes nequestions, nor doep he require pationtMf öjilii-io symptoms . ('all one and ;.ll, mdhave theAyniptnius nnd location of your di ea: xplninedffi'. ■ ■ . gT'lw'poorlmll beliberally considcred. jKPoñloiricearldresfi) box 2663. R. J. LYONS, M. r. Cleveland , Ohio,öv. C5L8Ó2 ly880 M ■'-"' - ' -')IÜ - - ""v&ry 7" rïTiÏÏHntwBnWniBiPTi " r ' ■. . .,.■ . vr, i-'TTrriïtJlTKTTTnïtl 'O. 3ES XI S Would talij tlii-. üvïUhhï ofinforiiiing bis uil f-riends and pa-troafj :r.iw ali i.l'i ,iy who iaay favor him with paii-oiiac, t! fc] Wc h;ib gveatly onlarged his Stock and Assortmeïit ! íiii'l havínj ulopted the CASH SYSTEM BÜTII IN BIÍYING &SEUING s prepared ii, sell Goods at 3FÏ3Li,!SCSXL&"" TfclO 3r agieseis, His stock ooaslstsiu par oi the foliowing; „.v-i, AMERIOAJJ AND 0T1IER ( Watches l ULOCKS! Fine Jewelry Set ís GOLD CEIAINS, ÏABLE AND POCKET CUTLËRY ! Fazors, Shenvs, SeítRorWAnñ BrusliPH, EOüEHS PLATEI) WAKE, tke best in mai-Ucl, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAl'Ki! tod KXVKI.OPES, Musical Instruments, Siringa Sf Büoís for Instrumento, SLS3C T jS. 2 Xj E3 SSé , o Gold, SiU'er, Steel, and Flaibd, with PERISCOPICGLASS, a superior irticlö. Persons liaving difflccK rfatcbes to fit wiili gïpos can be acconiodícil, a.s my siaeii iti largeiiul complpto. ir. s. larricular ítttentiou to the of all kinds oíiku; Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewols, Pinions. Siaff! and Cylhiders. Aleo CLOCKS, &: TE-V7"EXiü"X" noatly ropaired and w-ar-anted, at liis old stnndoast aideof Main ütrr:l. C . B LI S S Aan'.. 5,1862. " 82Ctl GREAT.GREArER GUEATEST BAIiGAINS EVER OFFERED 1859. Jq1859. Iu tliij City, are now beiiig offeredat the CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & jewelry StoreTH E 3nbecrlber wouldany to the citizensol Ann Artfor,iri particulnr, and the real o! Wtuhirnnw Couotv insonernl, thl hohasjust ÏMPORI'ED DlRECÏLY from KUKOPE.o Ti-emendous Stock of Watches! AU ofwhichhe binds himeelfto e!l CHEAPHB than can be bought west of New York City, I have altio tbe CELE 1311 ATED AMEB.ICAN WAT CHES, wMch f wlll sel-i ter 3S: Kvery Watch warrented to pi;ríurm well,or the money reíunded. Clccks, Jewelry, l'iutcd Ware, 'Fañcy Good. GoldPens, Musicallnatrutnents and Striogs, Cutlery, &c, and infact nvnriuty of everythlng iirtuully keptby JeweïiïracaT] be boughtfof the ricxt iiinely daya at v()ur O W N i' 11 I O E S ! 'ereons buyiny aiiything at this wel' known eatnbistunf? nt enn rr!y upci: putting goods; exiiít'y as represontPd, otíhemoney reiunded. ('Heíifiy und secure the bost bíirgráne ovor ortí'red in thif City. One word ih regard to Repairing : We uro preparod to mukeany repairs onñne or com" moa Wutcbes, t:vnn tu m,ikngc or tho entíre vvatch, if necessnry. Rnpniriii),' uf ('Inck and Juwclr aa stisl. Alan the manufacturing of JlINíjS, BKOOCtlS, or ntiythiiif; des ireri, from California Gnld on ahortnotice. Kn(írKVÍ ín aHitabriuicbeseieented wltLneatneae anddispfttch, J C. WATTS. JDissoIutlon Notlce rpHEFIUM OK CHAPÍN, W(jOI) & CO.; ivas ,lisBo!vprt iíJannarS 16 1863, Jy mutual ctmeént. ('. A. Chapia iuniA. B: 'Vi.i!l willsettlc theaccounts of thefirm. C A. t'ji.uiv, A. tí. WOOD, q i-, wj Ana Árbor.June 24, 1863. CopnríiH'rship. 71TE ÜNPEKSIGNEP entered into partnership Jan. 16, 1863 by the Bnn name of Chapín & ■.!., :,n v-íll cuiitiim.' tliO bu.iuOBt' of miiuufacíuring m-iïiting ana -rapp"6g papfr. C A. i y.:í'.; N Chm-;)) Ar.n ::U,, J, Sí2f,YsE3 ' ( r BAIsTNER II Aï STORE! O O TO : !5ef'3re j-ou biiy, Spring ant Sumraer slyles ot STRAW GOODS! GENTS' Furnáshing doods, &c. Juu Albor, April 20th, IS6f, 3mO53. EMPIEE BOOK STORE! Having purchascdJ. B. WEBSTER'S ttock of BooWr and iStütiouorj , 1 Bliatl eudeavor to keep a constant tupply ot SCHOOIj BOOKS, TEXT BOOKS ! MEDICAL & p BOOKS STANDARD ATTD MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, whicli wïll bc Bold at the LOW-EST CASH PBICE. AUo ALBUMS, GOLD PENS, SHEET MUSÍG and a superior quali'y of WALL PAPER! and everything "simliv 1 . e t in a wcll comlucted Boot iioie. OniosiU l'raukliu Uouse. G. W. SNOVER. Afcn Arbor, Junp, 1864. ljSCO Ilifíe F actor y! Beutler & Traver, [SirecosSb'fa lo A . J. Suthcrland,J Manufacturera of and Dealera in Gims,Pistols, Amimxnition FlasJcs, Poiiehes Gaine Bags, and Everjotber articíe íl that Line. Allkin.lü of doueat the noííee, an3 uititebest niaunfr a, fullassortmentahvayskept onhand and made oiiei tlfVU Shop corner M;iin and Wusbinglon QtreetB. Ann Arbor, Oct. 8,1362. 873tf MICHIGAN CENTRAÏi INSURANCE COMPANY Kalamazooi !Miah. Iusures against tcss oi Damage by Fire or JLiiglituing. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Gu.aran.tee Capital, by State Authority, $800,000,00. DIRECTORS : J. P. Kennedy, - Maksh Giddings, A. P. MitT.s, Geo. W. Sntdsr, S. D. Alles, Geo. W. Allen, OFFICERS: J. P. Kennedy, Pres. T. P. Sheldon, Fr Geo. W. Snyder, Sec, A. P. Mills Tïeas., H. E. Hoyt Ass't Sec, S. D. Allen, Gen. Aal. 9fttf 1 - . „ ÏSTEW FIEMÜ GRUNER & SEYLER, WHOLESALE i KUTAIL DEALERS IN TOBACCO, CIGARS, Merschaum Pipes. &c. We, the utulerMgned, beL lenvo to nform the CITIZK.NS OE A.'.l. AlWOR and vicinily. (llat we luivetliis tay ostabli.-lifd a Tobacco and Cigar bUsmtsS fothia place, om! d,,or Norlli { (he Krai;i,lin Ulock, Main í'treet, wlu're wo hall aln-nys liei-p afull assortment di the best quahties of SMOKING & CIIIïïIG TOBACCO! as als a largo and clio-cc selecüon oí the best brands o CIG ARS ! PIPES, (Mersohauin, Brier anj Rosewood,) CÏGAR HOLDERS, INDIA RUBBER POUCHE6, SNUFF k CIGAR BOXES. Will be round nnh us of Mi knul aiul of 1'kicbü to SüIT KV1RT _1NK.' Wo shal! i'll all of tbc mcnlioueil árdelo and many others which beloni; to oui lino olliadeatlho lowest poHHÍblf rale for casb. Piense cali and examino . N.B.- Sigo- Squaw u, bigSI bX, cf ihe i ,-: oklit Btotk. .. Í-: li), AMitr. Mm.v?. ik.


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