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CLOTTIING A.T I GüíTERMAN I CffS Q . Ilaving just turued Trum Ea&t vitii a large sVo-c SPRING AND SÜMMER GGODS w in-ilcí,ll ui:r oíd fricada and customcrs to com and xamiUB eur .stuck oí" GLOTÜS CASS13IERES & VESTI3VGS Dispute tbc fací if yon can, It takes ílie TAILOR after all to give appearauce to the outer man. lí' you wish to appear well You must accoidingly üress WeH. Go to 81. Guitermaa & Co's,, Tbere you will find thingR esactly SO SONDHEIM ulways ready to tafee your measure, GÜÍTERMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures LOWER than you will find Ui the State, Take heed - oall early, elee vou are too LATE. The indl'cehents are now groater than ever, Our Clkkks you wil! find obliging and clover. We will show you gooi CLOTHING oí our own oetting up, Filüng our Store frota Bottom to top. STUDENTS especially will find it to THKIR ADVANTAGE, For it tnkes but LITTLE MONEY to replenish. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our OWn IMPORTATION, Forwarded through our New York relations. Front England, Belgium, Germany and Franco, Such as you can stand up in, or weak, at the dance. Pants ! Paiits ! ! Paists ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMEES and DOESKIN of everv grade, We sell tiiem iroïn ONE DOLLAR up to i'igiit. VESTS.j &C, of' every Jescription, You wiil d'ihÍ it so without fiction, Furnishing1 appakbls From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all we say iiow, TÊSTëfore wa make our bow. Tours truly, ever so, M. GÜITEBMiN. t Co., Terrible Slaughter! THE VICTOilY IS OURS ! WbwU Siaö bcc-n raging for the paatipur wceksat MACK & SCHMID'S STORE lias in, viï! i -raiüï succoss, akliougU the siaugMerof DRY GOODS fias been terrible. WC now nefte th amiouncement ihiit Ví6 sluill continue "Kor fiíany 'eirs" to makc war wilh U;h pricef}, being det,Qrmined to give the hundreda vvïïo dailj tfirotígSiir tote, í'ull valué for tli ei öïOftey, [.ruiies eau Qnd v, itü A ;l!1 clesiiable shatloE iiud atyles of DÉESSGOODS, RIBBONS, TPJMMÍNGS, EMBliOIDEIUES, WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, &c, Witb a very laagfe ancl atfracÜvo .stuck of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS taoloTtr tbeir "7a.l-txe We liear it saiil evtíry day that Wd arer ruining ihe i in tliis city by sslling so cLca: Ijut è ciuïnot to ii. Tlie Goods Must toe Soïd. 1000 New Stylciiildbest rjuality HOOI' SKIRT8 vcry clitap, and for the Guutlemen we liuve a vcry laige a.ssonmeutui' French Twilled Cloth. Beaver Overcoatings, Dooekins, Fancy Cassiimres, Vestings, &c, Of all dcficripiions, and can íurnísh a w lióle suit' on hliort uoticemuck cheaper than if cao be bought else wln-rc. Au exainination of this branch of our business willconviuce all thatthla is the jjlacetobuy tlieir Ptttxtm4 C'oata and Vests. We have also a complete stock of Jvulies and Cbildrens' Sboea. HATS AND CAPS, Anri in faof pvprytliinjí that man or wom;m can desiie to wcar on l.eau or loot, Groceries, Crockery, Glassware &c, At aáto'hishítig lów jiricep, aml in short our ehtïre stock must shiirethe khuio I'ate for we are detorinimU to M'il, ui) matter whal old eroakers ïay say. All are invitel to inspect our stock as it is no trouble to sliow o-: - oodrf, and we are bouud to meet the demands ot t 11. 932if HACK -fe SCHMID. For Rats, Mice, Roaches, Ants, Bèd Bugs, Mol lis in Furs, Woolen, Sfc, Insects on Plañís, Foich, Animáis, $r. l'ut up 11 iSoi 50c. anti $1.00 Boxen, Hutüou, xnj tliutUs, ö aud $5 sizes lor JIutki,, t : i.:.;r x5Tm-. TlO.Vs, tV'C. ■;,,! y i a ín Ui Ii [.. remedies kninvn. " "l' Ircin l'oi.-ionti." "Xoi 'UictíroitK t tlu' J.'iu:i;ui Fainilv." íLt s come out oí' their liolts to die '■ 3Sold Wholesale ia all lrg oities. 1BfBSo!d by ;ill Dru.Lrcisls ;imi liotsiilersovery wLere. II! Bk,uk :i! i,f all wovtlilcss mitations. See tliat "Costak'h" mm is nfach Box, Bgttle, umt Fiaak, bel'ore yon buy. 7 i i: ■ lidresB HESHV"R.ttSTAR. Uta, Pkivch'ai. I)ki'ot42 Usoahv.iv, Nkw York. iíolil by :ill VVliolesale aau UciailDruRgits n Aun Arhor. Mirltinn . (iiay54. H0WAR1) ASSOCIATiON, PHILABEIii'HlAjPA. DJstnsi'SoflhoXtrvous, Smiliial, Ui-.ln.-iry mul Snunl -ni'w un! riliablttiuiu Uic IIQWARD AS.OCI,TIO.V- "en: bv rn,.i;:i - i'. - ' SKtlL'N' HOI ■ ■ ' , . . i lvj-1 I JUST OPENING? The largest Stock and best as8ortment of CABINET FÜRNITURE ? ever brought to this city, including SOPAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CIIAIES, lioolting Classes Grilt Frames and Mouldings COB'FIKTS METALIG CASES, &c, &c, and all other go'oáa tept in the best and largest houses ïu the country. WfrKWpwl itwail band fornituio or Auciougoods. Coffins kept constant! on hand, and made to order, ify goods are offeied at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES N.B. I must havo meney. and re.ipectful'y request tliose cali and fix up their old without ilflav. O. M. MARTIN. Ann Albor, Oct. 6, 1863. D26M RISDON & HEN DERSÖS XJ O IS. 3E3 5T 3E3 CRAIN DRILL, and Grass Seed Sower, Manufactured al SpringStld, OLio. rpHE VERY I.ATIKr Iliri!OVi:MKNT, i-.ul betterth:ui Jl all otherfi; adiipted to sowing Wlieat, Kye, Oats, Burley and lirass Secd. lat. lt has a Rotary Feeder. 2(7. Wïll sow all kinds of Grain and Graas Seed. 'd. JVever hunches the Grain ith. Wever breaks the Gi ain. 5t7i. Sovjs Grass Seed h'oadcaat &ehindthe Drill. Qf'h. Ildsli'ujh wlicehand long Hots. Allí, lias long and wide steel jointsSt7i. lt has a land mcasure or Surveyor. OtA. lt has doi'Me and single rank dr Hls. 0ih. H has a elf adjusting shut off slide. Et is neatly and substantially made, TheriMs Imrrilya Urillofferedin tïe markct bul eau )oaat of mort; ur u .i "F! EST PREM1UMSP "bey ■■' -c ni'iiit a.s indiseviminatty befitíWed as tbo title of ■■ Profcsvor,1' wbioh s yometlinaH aj)lied to the lJidd!cr}' or ' büotblac!:,'' They ceae lu convey the Löa '..-ïmerh. Xlie BuckejcDi-ii! Uas bec-Ji u;t i:hihltlon ut fjuïtfa nuinbov )f'State;iní Coiitity Fírs; and witliout seelJug avor at tholiairlsof any Cu.uniitice, Ua receWed its Lillshare ui' Premiums TESTÍMO.NIALS : Wu give tjw I'uIIüu iaj Buiips of 3 Ow rmiw in tips iciüiiy wao havebought and uocd tlie Bukeyc ilrijj : (Jóafrej Mil'.er, :- ■ Jacob l'olhemufj Jacob-Trempr, ' Thomas Wlntc, SortbfieM. Jijlm Brokaiv, .-■lian blapp, ' ; Edwíírfl Öoydea, tebVtèY: .. loes 'i'r!ií(hvell, Aun Arboi TiamelQ; Ultra., " ' John . Pook , Lodi. O. A. MnüsaH, t. Eñn Saliuí1. Guorge Ct-opsey, (r-(li OaK, Liv. Co. Wc arei I lrrhe Ohio Beaper & M. wer, ackncnrleilged te be the very bost in use. We are jnsfc in receipt oí 100 Grain Oradles Wluch we willsellClieap. AIsü a liirgea&Hortment C G-x'ass Scythes. AnJ tbc ku-go.-st salí .oteü ntiici ui BENT STUT '% FO1Í KSi'vit l:fore "ITored iu thia aurUi We ilso keep a hu-gc üud i'ull NAJl, GLAí-'S, PUTTY, PAINT,and I.INSKEü UIL. A cbiápitíte astiortmeat of STOVES, TINWAKE, AXI) f:AVETR0UG3Salways onhandand nul up S tlie ü nütice. KISDON & [JENDEKtiON. AnnArbor, ,Iune20th,lS62. 859tf NOBLE & RIDER, are stlling thcir lar;e stock of BOOTS SHOES, CHEAPER TH AN EVER ! i LOW PRICES FOR CASH. Good Stoga Boots : : $2.50a$-1.50 Meu's good Calf Vegged, 3.00 a ü.00 " " " Sewed : 5.00 a 6.50 Woman's " Lace Boots : : 1.00 a 1.85 Ladíes' " Ccngress G'ts, : 75 a 2.50 Boys' Youth's and Children's Shoee : : : : 15 a 1.50 Now is the time to huí as BOO TH and S HOES are rapidly advancivg in E a stern Markets. TIItiY ALSO MAKE WARRANTED jL3? WORK ÏO OKDER. g Rcuicmbci' wc cap not and wilj n,yt lo undcrsold. Alease cal] ain3 eviimiui Hjeir stock tataoM kobj aww!Ei mdes. ' íi Irpojr r.i ■ ■ i . jjjjfi, Mortgage Sale. TTUFAUI.T having boen roa.V in lhe mtórtinf V the cóna.tiun öf a mortgage bètrij j' tlfteentu day f January, A. 1)., 1?66 exici,trfi Lawrenco and Tamar - k, i,'H e , ' 1.1-owii and duly nvorded in the „ffice of L B U i Deed, of Washtpwiw Couaty Mlcii'„„ , 8" Uventy-two oí mortgages 'tjlree h„ „h V sevent.v on tho twentv-ointh !., of Febrïa Ibo6 whorebj the power to sel] the m oitgaied ÍÍ" ha beenme operativc; and no su.t orproceTdinï "l been itttttjfcd at law to récftïer the ebt8 'r jaMmortgage qr anv part thiroof, and tlie J!" hTlnréd ïad fi f tv „ft dollars and (I.irty? r 'iei bc.iiif ohiiinedto be dtte tluwo (beidc IT' cei and tpeooM f the piooeeJingi dow keioe hft" forcolosure of sa„i mortg,,, indudiflg reasou.ft" taxafixaiSÊS-J Notice is therefore Lirebr ,f '' auid mortgaae wil! be foreclospd by a sale of fl aged pimlles iosorlVd w Mloirfl vi,. ■ tL ein lourthof the north-west 'juartor of section ,'"' eight, also thonorthoast one?ighth of the JortV" one.hall joarler of said section twpnty-elrff n!1 rods m wi.ltl, fr„m the side oceupied as a Fan ! 2?i!' ia tmvu.M,ii, fonr south and moge L„"[" east.iDtheCountyof Washtenaw, and sta?c"'i. ■ ""l!f".tynmn acres of „„„% onlepart therojf,.! public v,.,;,,.: al il "' dooröfViieCoïrtKmSe, m theöty „f íñn aT" "WCouMy.VtliatbeiftgtlIe f „„id" A'!"". cuitOourt witl-in .said Countv ) on Fr'dai . f(1 rikth day of August next at'nooa Jl "" tw BKAKKS&CRJMF.R, DAVID BROtfV Attorne.ysfnrMortïoo. Mort' ' - - _J2 Chnncery Notice. Isaac Van Wag„,r. "fSfS Í?C"? ít sathftetorily appoari„r fc tiïila !' cnit Cou:t ConimigsKiiier fpr aaid Conni .' l" afMavit of Margaré Van wáener tha'.l1' )l dpfendant, Isaac Van Warner isnot "' of.thU State bu t tl,,t hrL0 ? f,lf W sconsin.and that a ■ h) . tf ' .id cause ha bPen dWJS' ffiíf" ' cou d not be servid. On motion of A F. c b Ï i for the Complamant, it i nrdírod th : Íw'j tloV" a newspaper pvinted and pubHshcdïn hè cï,' 'f8?1 Mici" CU" '- -■ --WiS,;, A. Fk;:i, C,mplun;u.-.s Solicitar. r,,. Estáte of David Laphanj t-UTKOF MIGIilr.AX. O-mntvoí Washt,, „ SAVaseaaionofthe PrabateCÍurt forthcmiTj bnnaíM;:cáEstla of D"id Ñta tfQfí?I''e thepHition, dn!r TWfrt , Walter II. Coreon, prayinij tor the probate „f „íw ment uo,v on íiloin thís r-ourt, p,,rort:i,g (ó will and testament ot WH1 dceasíd. ThereuponitisOidered; Ihat S.'i.niav, theJItoíl dar of August nexl . at íen o'ólock In thffoi, t sigjed or the baring of aaid petitie, and lhii, . v sees, logattes and heirs at law of fa,,I dfef llotherpeOD8ÍntereBtediu.aid estáte, .M to appear at ae8Sion of raiL Coart . -then „ ),e ,XS thcIrobat;.1:s,P, ,, ,1,,. Cityc! AunArbJ ,"" 01 thepatuionur shuntó Dut be gra.uted: Ana it 13 further onTered, H1.1t 'said petiti Ig to notie? to the persons int ere tm in nú eiw j U10 pendeucy al sakl Pfttjticn ,n„l heaiiiit iw bj. ci nsmg a copy of tilla Order to be puMIshfl i i mjsaitgm ,a..eivSpper printed ttDd crrem,,' in ga d County of Washtenavy, three succesje 1 previoi-s to Kñ day ol lifaring ". ""' (A truc Copy.) TH031AS SISpE M Ju'líe ofProbiti Estáte of Williain II. GilJand oïaïk„fmkhk;ax, &,um pf uvi,, „_ O a sesion ofhe 1 , ,t for lheComitj,! Washtenaw. bolden at lúe Probate Office ii thedtr.f ,, " -"bor, on luesdsjr the necead dar oí Aniul u tleyearoncthoúsan,1ei?!ithUndiedaiid8xtj.fo6r Fresen t, Thomas Xinde Judgeof Probate. " ín tbematter of the Estáte o ) illúm II. Cil'uf ie-SütteO. Fnvi.l l'rpne, admirn!. ci iiio.i luto Couet acd representa tbat be ís noi prtf„ ronder hu Sniü aceo'unf as sucK adinmislnThrreupoo if s Onlcred, that Fridaj, He ttm.T. 31KIK Inv of .Misil} insta nt, it ten n'-jluck in tinturé, be assigncii foi examining ilí a]!oirg sutil i. con ni .ai;.! that the hein at law of said deceáíej.iifii nther panoli i nterostcd in s.-iid esUtc, are roqnWIi appear at a sosiiun of said Court, thentu behaldail the Probate: Office, in tte-City of Acá Aibor.'lí'iiil (.oiuity, auíl ■ . if any theie be, ib; the san! account sliould not be allowei. And ■: 18 turther ordered, that sa!d Adminiítratcr jin notice to the pcaxuu laUratíed in said üit, of tho Mdeo „1' ..;,;,! acofllínt aud thclitaw thcrc-if. eiSsing a ,-i,py of fh! Onlir lo b, publifcliedn íhe Michigan Argus, a ni wtípaper [jrjnliil mi 1 L-'roulaüiiir in said fouatv uí Washtenaw. tim successhe i'ekí provious tosaid day ef lirarlrj; (A triwcoDjrj THOMAS XINi-K, Wtd Judcre.if Protatt! Estáte of Caroline Lamour. OTATE OF J1ICHWAX, of aslitenjir. .- n At a sosimh i;f Probate Couvl fur I OÍ Wushtonaw, Ijoltóa at the "róbate UÉfcu in 'lf cif of Ann Ai ■ . seci uj i!nj i ngust in the yuür one tííú'tisáíid tighi bünúrtJ odiStf fjülir. - pni,TÍioiaTfinde', 'iuígé'qf ricíuíe, ratteír of tlie Kstate of ('aro)iae Lsinour.iitccased. l);irid Dejiue, Aiiiuiiiisíiator u( aid eatr. ■ to Court and represento ihat he ír novr pr ]ared f o reníior ltis final accoimt afifuch aömimshatnr, 'J'heri'ii] on ii is Onlered, that Fiiciay, the Uni; sivtli dav of August, instant, at tin 6'clort in forenoou, assipnej ror cxMuiüing and ullcuiiiigsuca account, and that the heirs at laff of said leceM and all otherpefiions inti-rrsted ;n Baid pstate, Jrt itliuircd to arpear ata seësioa of Fiiirt L'ouTt, tliMilbl holüeu at the Proba tí OIEit, in the City of Aun Altor, in saiü" County, and sluuv canse, i i nu y thtre 1p, V the eaid account should not bc a 11 e won: And it'is furtber .ordereuj that said AumimsU-ator give ncticcw the poix ns iiter (od in Raid estáte, of ilie pensene; of s;.id itceount. ül.a the hearing theror, by caUMlg copy of this Order to be published in the JltfiMW Aiyu.1, a mwsiiapcr (iriiitüd and cimilatinpf A flü Ctuiity of Washtenajv, tLree .succestiive iveeks preïivu to tu'i-1 of hearing. (A truo copy.) THOMAS XIXPE, 'J68td Judge of Proki. Chancery Salo. STATE OF MÍCHICaN- In Circuit Court for the CM ty of Wasbtenati, In Cfianccry. Elïza PeiW 'om]il.iÍDant, &. Sebra Perkins( iiefendant. In jw siiancc air! by virtue of a deciee of the Circuit Cm"1 for the Countrdf Wasliteu.iw, in Chancery, mtfoiï the t-ccoiid iluy 1 1 Ucceuilx-r Á. J., ci,c;litet'D hunH aod iii'tv--niue, Lu a neitain caiu therein ]ei:(li:ji . : in EHza Péfkïns is cnnplairaiit, and 9etr Pkijis is (li'tnüitnt. Notice is iieitby ffiveu, tbatlsW . faell at püolïc a'uction to the hïghest bidder, at twrirt j o'clock, noon, on s-uturdny. thü se venteen! li daj Hi'iti'inber, i:ext,a! tlie frunUloor of the Court JIov j of ihe Circuit Court for tlu-íM,un(y af Waafetlinwij the city of Ann Arbnr, Comity of W.ishtew ' State of Michigan, " Tl. e u-t half ui the fiouth-e" quiirtpr of seotïon fift(en, and the west half of ' - (juarteriif scotion t went y two, inTofW'f , ono éouth of range sevon eaft, in the Toiítímíp' lem, in tLe Countj of VahtfcOil,índ dtot of f iOfcp. C. JÍ. VAXCLEVE, ï (.'ircuit Coiirt Commis-sionei1 in and for the C'ounf o! Wishtt:niw. O. IlAvKi.a, Soliiiitov for Oomplainant. AnnArbor, Juy twcnty-mnth, A. D.,1864. W" WIZARD OIL! THIS SPLENDID BEMEDY Clip TOOTIIACm-: &!3 NFCRALÍ1IA '"Í ' In TIuye Minnes. In itta MinuX tt&ttkCHX JÏAHAC11K I l'iv.e Miuutea. Ijl Ton Minutfi. CBA-Ml' COI.tO UlPTIIEIilA ' In Ten MJmites. In a Few Hou". AOIÍH THROAT ' RilEUMATISM. I" a Few llours. !n a Fcir Di. UMK BACK. PPRAINS. CrrSANDBIlflSKS. UURXS ixd SCAI-PSaC0KN8' J„ C11LULAI.N8. _p This !uvluublc pñlidrallun only nwdi trial' recommend ittt-lf Lu eveiy Ijoust-holil in tb lanyIPnc onv botUc an.l jon ïvüi nlways ki-tji 11 OD lï!Ill atainbl Ih': tiina of ntx-tl. Prici' 35cenls and 76 c.nls ppr lioltlf . Ttc I bDllles conlMJii nvarly tlmy times B imirh fl . sinall mits. Manufaclur.u 1-y .!. A. IMMIJf Í Iilifi , KW Wnshlnfc'ton Büctl, CWcagc, aniifcr?1" by drufgUlR iii-iitrally. ;[:■:.::■,■■ , éto


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