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Cure For Dysentery

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Dr. Page, of Washington City, communicates to the llepublican of that city the following remedy, loog kuow in faruily practise, aud which wasrecently tried in the camp of the New Yoik Twentyseeond regiment, where there were from eighty to one hundred cases daily, with rapid cures in every case : Receipt. - In a tea-eup half full of vinegar dissolve as ïnuch s:tlt as it will take up, leaving a little excess of salt at the bottom of tho cup. Pour boiling water upon the solutiou till the cup is two-thirds or three-quarters full. A seum will rise to the suiface, which must be removed, and soiution is alluwed to cool. j)ose, - Table-spoonfull three times a day till relieved. The rationale of the operation of this simple medicino will roadily occur to the pathologist, aud in aiauy huudred trials I have uever known it to fail in dyseutery or protracted diarrhoea, L2LT During Gon. liiruey's recent raid through Florida, a bright little girl was iound ulono at one house, her párente having skedudilljd. She was rathor non coinraittal, for she did nol know whether the troops were Unidu or rebul. Two fine dogs raade thoir appearanco while a conversatiou was being held with the child, and she informed ono of her qtii'stioners that thoir uames vvere Gilmore ;uid Beáuregard. "Which is the best dog ?" nsked a by-etandei'. - "I don't know," said she : "they're both mighty smart dogs ; Liut they'il eilher ol 'em BÖtik eggs if you don't watch 'ein." The troopa left without iscortaiaing vvhethor the famih', of which the girl was so hopoful a suion, was Union or rebel. ■ ,i , - - Somebody has rpanofaictured the following lifo of a gentleman : He gets up leisui'oly, breakfasts comfortably, roads the papers rogularly, dresses iashionably, lounges fastidiously, eate a tart grávely, talks insipidly, diñes contfiderubly, drinks superflously, kills timo udiöerently, uups elegautly, goos to bed etupidly, and iivee uselessly.


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