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"make It Do Another Summer.""

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On the btreot the otliar mmning, we obscrvecl a womun enilonvonng to negotiatu with thsit useful metnber of society, the "tinker," tut Iho repair of the breken handle of her parasol. We did not intend to listen, but we heard, without listeoing, a few vvords of their negotiutiou. It it could be done well, and cheap cnough to iiiukc it au object, she would like to havo it raendcd. She did not kuow whether it could bo mended at all or not, but il' it could she would try to "trntko it do for another slimmer." " Pt-nurious I" say ypn ? Not a bit of it. The high, peri'érmiS forehead, the largo, expretbivo e}re, the clear, i-inging, silver tone, bwpokt: noniiirow, titinffv soul. We havo set;n auch faces and beard such voioes belure. 1 hey belong to persona w lioso imtues may nol', t is truc, be found so often as others DfWn subscriptionn to popular enterprises of bcnevolunee ; but tbey aro indellibly engravud upoii the heaits oi inany vvhoso livos havo been mado more i'ull of sunshine throngh their deeds of unboasled ebarity. Prudenco is not inconsistent with gonume benevolence. Onr unknown economist will have a dollar more to expend in ministeriug to tho wan s of sorao hf.rd pinched neighbor, iVom t.iat parasol "do ibr another slimmer." In fací, quite a truin of tbought was snggested by the simplu remark inieuded only for the tinker's oar. In the swift approaching days, wliether the war be continuod long or finished scon, the present fictitious prospority of commuuitv must meet wilh a auvere, we fear a terrible reverse, lint now, the tomptation to individual and national extravaganee is ell nigh irresistible, when of all times economy ík the most neeesary, aR we shall fe&rn to our atidiug sorrow by and by. Il' evcry man woman and child, werè to save a dollar eaeh the present sumnier, and as muoh more the coming winter (and where oue persori could not do this dozens uould do more), there would be saved among the oitizens ot the loyal North, ibrty milliorjs ol dollars - cqual to the average yearly expenses of the government Irom its begianing to the beginnig ol the civil war - juft by making soinething "do for another summer." And iu these coming " liard times," he will be best off, not who owns the greatest amount of' stocks or land, but who in these times has got out of debt aud forehanded with the world. And the man, whose wife thinks of saving a dollar by mending a parasol handle, thinks likewise of a thousand other ■A'ays of saving other dollars ; aoi when "hard times" come, Ihev will find tuch a man - and his wify - witli "their laraps trimrned and burniug," prupared to meet thern and iriumph over theru. - Many a man has been savud froni bankruptcv bccause las wife understood the rpystery oí makiug pants for Tommy aud Johnuy out of their íather's threadbare coats, aprcms for Mury and Jenny from mother's dreeses that had outlived their useíulnees, ravtlling the legs üf mucks to make into juvunile stocking, toilet-tables and lounges from oíd boxee with their prominent points bidden by vvcll arranged calico-coveriug, diverting ílour sftcks frotn their original intent and rcorganizing thum into towuls i.nd pillow-cases,. and a hundred expedienta as simple as that ol mending a broken parasol to " make it do for anotlier sutuiner," But íifler uil, the financiül aspect is thd least important in vvliich the subject is to be cousidered. In a l'amily imbued with such a spirit, fashion and show are seoondary mütters. We feel assured that here we shull tind uarnestness cf pnrpose, iudepondence of character, tmd in "inner lif'u" that can keep on the quiet tenor of its vvay, without dopenditig entirely upon the allurementa and excitements of "elegant society." With a iull appreciution ot the delight and dangers of a "higher lile," if thuy are not leaders in "füshionablo eiruleis." they can enjoy with a keeuer .est the furo pleasure of the family circlo. lnteri'Hting books and tasty ornaments, loving parents and obediei.t ehildreii, aftuctionate sisters, and respcctiul brolhers, a pleasant hearth-tide aud a luippy home - all these yveru bespoken in the faeo and voice that pi'.posod itK'iulinp; the parasol, so as to it dj lor another au mm er." Mav bu we havo been too liberal iü onr DÍerenees, nid built too large a Superutructuie í'or so ataalJ a foundation. Ií' eo, ourotily iipology is that we Imve drawn froin the treasures oí' oui' ovvu ex per une; e in uur childhood's liumblo homr, whero mended parasols, liome-raade caps, renovated coate, patched pantaloons, and raany other expedienta oí' eoonomy, wore necessarv and notashamed oí'. And why shoukl wo be dow, when (dio whose contrivances weio no mainf'old to mnko eo mattV things "do í'or auoiher euinmer," has leu us her teachins, lier example, aud her tneraory, and i'iscn to evei'lasting lifo in the Eternal 8utnmer Land ? J53E" Tlít other day, a ldy í'ell i'roin ofí tho Brooklyn boat iuto the East líiver; a peor Jrislunan sprang over board nd ïesctifd her. When slie was sai'ii on (.ler.U anin ; her kusb:ind, who had buen a cali speotator of the nccident, iiandcd the brave fcllow a liifling. Upon some of the bystandors ex])rei=nin iiulinatiou, Pat Baid, as he pocketcd the coin. "Arrab, don't blame the jintleman - fre knoww boet : mayhap ii' 1 had'nt saved htr, he'd have give me a dollar 7" The inórense of deposita in the Savings Bauks oí Masáachusctts and New York alone iu the last two years is fifty-three qjillioris óf aollárs,


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