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Family Intercourse

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This is a sore subject to toöch. Ono feels ike treading all at ouce oh a hündrcd eorns. Nearly every faiuily Las ïts sore spot, its dark corner, its private closet, caref'ully locked up, aud the interior bidden from the light of day. It seems strange to say that most fainily difBctiHies arise from the ignorance of the different merabers of eaeh ofher, and yet it is sadly truc. Many faruilies live together for years, and separate, kuowiug less of eaeh other's secret feelings, motives, and the springs Yhch guide action, taan or otfiers vvuo nave iivea anogetJier outside tho family circle. Srnall jealousies, petty selfishness, creep in and produce estrangement which frequently mars the Lappinees of a lifetirae. There is little appieeiation of the divine beauty, and loting, graceful possibilities of the family reiation. It is so common a fact that e loso sigbt of its wisdom, just as we forget to be thankíul that the sun shines, or that the dew and rain falla. The sweet name of inotber, brother, sister, falls upon the ear without meaning, while we are constantly associuted with them, and in the habitual enjoyment of thcir kiud offices; it ia only long üftcr, when perhaps some bright cyes have become dimmed, and the merry laughter of others hushed, and the weary, tired heart seeks its rest among strangers, that the magie of household names, and the deep, tender meaning of the household relationahip, is really feit. The great want u families is justice and reciprocity, and that forbearance wkicli it is neeessary fur mortals alvraya to eïeroise toward each other. We willingly accept it from otbors, but we are not willing to give it u return. We establish a claim on soine iuuidental circumstances, or the bare fact of relationsbip, and impost) burdeus and acoept kinduesses without a thought of obligation on our own part. Children ïnaka the Life of their parents oue of uever-endiug toil and anxiety, and often refuse even the poor reward of their löve and eonödence. Sisters demand aid, protection, and favors of all soits iroiu their brothers, aud if asked to make their shirts, meud their hose, or eveu hem a handkerchief, in returu, would lmve a thousand excuses, or perhaps flatly re fuse the ueeded servifL'. Habitual politeuesü is a valuable ulement of fainily ititercouse. A eourse, rude speech is less excusable addressed to fatlier, ïnütlier, brother, or sister, tlinu if usod to a strnnger or a simple acquaintanco; and yet, how#coinmou it ib. Of courso the fault of this lica wiib the pareuts írecept is of little use without examplo. Some pareuts think it beneath their diguity to pretix ü request with " if you picase;" 'oi' ''have the kindness," and then wónder why their ehüdreu cauuut be " jiiaunerly," liku other peoplo's. We Lavo kuowii the sods of a poor widow, who on no account would have pevmittcd thjmselves to sit down tü tuble with their inother without fii-tit ariaiiging their toilet in the best uianner their cireuwstarites would permit, and uever suiloicd lier, no matter what the toniptation, tü attend church or her weekly prayer-ineeting aloue. ïhis cousiileialiou extended to tba miuuteBt acts of thcir daily lile, and was a most charniing tliing to see. The mother, it is hiirdly noetssaiy to say, was a lady by birth and edueutiun, ind had oarefully prietic(HÍ towaid her childreo that respect for thuir t'eelii.ya and thoughtfulncs.s foi' their comfort which sho afterwards ruceived from Ihfein. - Jennte June. WlicMi yuu seo i èihu) on a mooulight night trying u eonvinoe his ahadow that it is iiuproper to iullow a gentlemen, you may be suro tlmt it is high time i'or him to join a temperancu society. Il'you waut tü liavé a man your friend, Devur incur the illwill of kis wife. - Public opinión, in a great rueaaure depeuds on the average prejudices of woman-kind. The Uuitud States has one square mile of ooal to evcry fifteeo uquare miles of territory.


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