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Democratic State Convention

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A Democratie Statu Conventinn will Ie held in eliven 6'olocli 11 the fnivnoon if Thursdny, thefirstdar of September next, for the pui-pose t nc iinin.iting R Kioto ticket anj PreslejÈötWl eleetors. and fcirthc ;;tirpoe o) tmnsacting suck olher buil. nesa au m.-.v co:ne beÍTc) the C'juvenlian. Bach Qyutitj' coniprisÍDg one ijr more representa' ve district will be cntitled to three timos as many delegntesas thcreaie representütives, in the lówej hon'l oítheSlatoI.cgiflatu:e (rom suoh countj : a nel each countj whioh aay not be entitle.I to ono repre.sentative in the Icwer honsu of the Igislaturo will be entitledto ne delégate n the fute Conventiou. Cy resolutions of former State Conveniion.i, no delégate will bc entitled tn a seat In the Convention who does not reside in the county he purporVi 'o represent, except ivilh reference to the counües of :he Upper Pe. ninsuia. It i rcspcctfnlly urged upan the demócrata of the severalcountie tq perfeit their local organizations for the preat PresidelUial conte.;t that is ncnv befor-i us. Dated Detroit, July , 1 Sfi-i . LEÍ'] ÜI.-ÍHOP, Chai, man. H. N. WAI.KKK, W. A. RICH.,[üN'D, SÏKl'HEN G. CLARK, AH AM I.. ROOF, X. A. IiAl.CII, AÜSTIN TAM, II A. LYB:!OOK, II. II. HAKMOX, O. 11. HARNKS, Wil. M. MII.I.ER, L. D NOKIUS, .lO.-iKPH COULTE1!, I Democratie State Central ComniKteo.


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