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rVR. ÏÏRIGIIT'S Eejuvenating Elixir ! Or, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Prepaied from Pure Vegetable Extracta, conUining Bothing injmiou3 totïo most delisato. u Ab tbo Phceniz rises froai the ashes of its fire, anlmated with new lie"- ro does this Elixir reiuvenate the system and overcomo diseaso. fljT"The lïr.iuvcuntlng Kü sïr U tlw rusultof modero dtscoverks In the vgitab'e klnglom; bcing au cutlrcly new and abstract ii'- hod if run-, irrespectlvt of all the old find wornout - v-ioiü-1. t3f ihia mcdicint; luw b en tnred bj the most e nloent medical men of the day, m d b.v 1 1 ir n prnnounced to be onc oí the gr&ueBV ni iiu-.i dlBCureriee of .tbc age. prOnebottlii wi' cnreirenerl Dobility. %W A few doses cures Kystcrtcs lu tVmalra Hf Onubottlu cutes pul, UaMon of tlieBeart. t2T" Trom oro io thrt-e otilen reaiorea the manllDeee and ín 1 1 vlgfOT oí' ouih. f& A few ucees fOBtoxeBthe aopetlte. EïT-Tliree botiles cure the worl cat orimpotency. ZW A few (ofioeenre Ihc low Bplitïod. 13T' Oue bOltle reglón b m ntftl power. p? A few doscd brtnir the po e to ilic cheek. f""lhls u'Xidlcine ro-4'nrt'R te niv vwor nnd robnst heitlüi fae pour üvliJtuieci, wunidowo and deBpaJrlng. 3TThe llstlua, enervafecd yontfr, the over-tnsked man oi" bvebiíQSf, the vietlm of Dörvoas depresson, the Individual Hafferlngíroni a neral ut-Mlity, wil', all fintl Iwnwdlate nnd perra ent relief byrbewof thls Elixir cv EfBenee ot' Lii. fW Prioe, tü per bottle or three b ttlea for 5, and forwmd' d by Kpn t-, t-ii - K-eipt of mouey, to anj adxlresf. All 8':-ch orJera mufitb'efQift t' . A.. COOK, Chlcn'gn, our Oen' ral Ag üt for thü v est. Bokl In Chicago, by ' W}loeöH]eJ)l■c!{rí.ïi--t,:■.(lb nF Dro; pl.-'seveiywheie, C. A. COOK, Chxojuïo, Onetal Aireut tor the 8uteH of Illiuoiií lowa, iííCt'Tw.D, Micliigan and Bïl. W. ïl. ITZIÏÏÏWÏN A; CO., Soj.r PiïorwüroBS, No 59 tihèrtj Btree', Xew Tork. CHEROKË PSLLS ! 8ÜQ4R COATED. Female 'A Regulator. HealüllMreserYer. CEETAIN JiiS AND SAFE. For the Bfmovfll of Obstructioiïs, and tïie Insurance of Regularit? in tbe Recurrence of the filonthíy Perioda %ïï Thcy cure or obvíate tliOse numerous ölseaseB that pprintf from Irvegularity, by remeving thPliregularlty ttscif. C3?" They cure Supprcssetl, Exctsslve and Fainful McLStnuttiuii. Tbey coro Green Sickuesn (Cblorosis). ZJtf They cnre Nervoua mul Spiral A f'ontions,palne ín the back, nnd loweu paito of the body, Heavtnees, FiitíiíTie on frlieiit exertlon, Palpttatlonof theHeart, Lolcpb oi Spirits, HysU-!in, Hek lleidache, Glddiness, oto, etc. Ia a wori, by removías; the Irreulariiy, ihey remove the cuase, and wiiü Hall thu Lffecta tiiat spring from it. L& Cowiposed of simple vegetable extracta, they contiiin nothindeletcïious to any conetitutïon. however delicate, thelr fu-iClm b'-ing to su'siltute Btrenglb for wcatness, whith, when properly Bsed, they ni ver íail to do. r They may bc Bftfely used at any agn, aad at auy pt-rled, KXClirT DUEINa TUE FIBR'J' TIIIiEE MONTHB, during which the unfiiilioi; nature of thelr action wonld inlallib'y PfiaTïSffl pregnancy, pg AU letters Beekin;; information or advioe wlll be promptly, rcely and diacroetly answored. 5ï Fuil d.ri cUonsrccoiiipany each box. ï& Piice il per bos, or si hoxeg for S. :. Pent by mail, iree of post?.p;e, on receipt of prioe. AH such orders must he sent to C. A. COOK, Chicapo, o;ir Gi-ne-al Agent for the West. BtJfl in Chicago, by Who!etiiluDn:ifghts,aiiin)y ;i]lTJrugistaevcrywhere. o. .. ooosc:, ( ilICAGO, Grneral Acénïfoi tbe Sl'ateê tf Hlln Is, Iowa, Wlaconrilu, Viobifcaa and ludían i, SOLS rROPF.TETO' B, PTo, 59 Ltbtriy s., New York. Sold by "Ifolesale Drüggists in Detroit, also by STfiBBIKS .V WlJLtfUKj Ai,;, éibor, OöL'yl WALL FAFER ! 50,000 ruil f W.ili ".'iiin-r enn bo frmnil ut the ofJuhnF. Millvrffc Co., corner nf Main and Washngton Stieot, opposile Hangsterfev's Hall. Also a targeassutimoui m KiscoHrtoeïVüs Books at old'prïoes. Cloth and Papt hntiep, ThsspIs, CopiIr and Frames oi alldescriptious. Frame made In order. Pleasecal! anJ examip btfore pnrelinstnlseitiere JO1ÍN !■'. JilU.ER&CO .Tune lst, 1P64. 8in059 331?$,. SMiTH'S PAESGB1PT10X & DRUG STORE ! [h the place tu buy your MEDIGINESj PERFUMERY, "Wri-ititi I'aper, 1(y tlic [team i-rless, ajwl :ili othff arLitïles in ntir line fl"-1 BBwecijilattentionto Componnílmnnd putting ii} l'nwtii.fiun.,. al RifTQ f (iii.L) MOÜÏAK, i:foncMe Hlocl; , ,nn Arbbr, Mieliigau mSff v ■■ . i utV'.-.son:il c;i!!.s prompt!; ftttended tu. 1Y960 100 City Lotí for Sale. WIZARD OÏl7' THIS "SPLENDID BEMEDY CURES B TOOTlIAC-m: M NEl'KALGIA W In TIu-cl' Minutos. In ïeu Minutes. EBEaKpus ■ raèaohÊ In l'lv.c Minutes. In Tea Minutes. OBJrM CU-T.rO BIl'-THERIA In feu Mjimti ■. In a Few Hours. ■SOKR THKOAT ' HIIEUMATISM. '"'" a"" In a Few Dy3. 1.AMK1ÍACK. SPUAIN-S. CfTSANDBIil.lgKS. BüllXSiilo SCALD8. E00"-''8 jSCU1LULA1Ns: á This invaloabic preparotlon onlyncedsa trial to KfiRommend itstli to every houathold in thu land. Use 011e bnttK' and you wil'! ulwayy keep it on hand agaimrt the timtj of oeecl, Prlce 85 cents aud T5 cents per bottle. The large boules coñtain oeítrly three limes .13 muchas the ma&ll oneö. ManufiwiülNid by J. A. HAMLIN & BUO., 10a Wnshinton street, Chicago, and for sale by riniisU geiierally. „., , , . ,, ( Fuiler, Finch & Fut Ier i 1 Wholeaalo kg I. j , m.(1 Smth Chioago. To Clear fclio House of Flies, USE DUTCHEU'S CEliïBRATED LIGHTNSNG FLY-KILLER! a ncat, cheap a.ti.le, easy to u.-". Eïery sheet will I kil] a -.-....■ ■ ■ ' 2m962. DYSPEPSIA, AND DI.SEASES KESüLTllfG FltOM DISOEDEES OF THE LIVEE AND DIGESTIVE ORGAÍÍS, ARK CÜftfCD BY HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS, THE GREAT STREM GTHEWING t # m t e, 5 These iííifti have ptrlornmf more Cnres HAVE AND DO GIVEBETTERSATÍSFACTIO1V Have more IVstlmoii) ! HAVE MORE RESPECTARLE PEOÍLE TO VCUCH FOR THEM! Than nnv other nicle in the marlet. We flofy any oiie fo contiadict tb is Assertion, AND WlU, PAY Sidllü To noy one wlio wil! produce a Certifícate nublished by us, that is nol uaxirmi. flöOFLASD'S 6ER1IAN BITTERS VVII.r, COBE IN" EVERY CASE OF Chronic oí Nervous Debiiity, Siseases of the Kidneys, and Diseases arising ft om disoideied Stomach. Observe Iki fiillowbig simptoms rcsull ing from Disorder óf tke Digeslive Organs ; Oonstipation, Inward Pilen, Pull&eas of Blood to tiie bcad, Aeidity, of the Stoniach, Nausea. Hemtburn, Disgust forfood, Fullnessor yveighl in the Rtoinach Eruetations, Zinking or iluttt ring ai tle iit of tlie Stomach, Swimmiogol the Head, HurrM and Beult brea t hing. Pótterliig at tlie Heart , CliukiDg or SulTocating - satious when n a Lytug Posture, Dimness of Vision, PotB orWebsbefore the Sight, Fever and Dull Pain in the Hea J, Defidiency of Prespiration, Yellowness ofthe Skin and Eyes, pain in the side, back, ehest.limbs, &c, Sudden llusli es of Heat, Burninsr in the Flcsh, Constant lmaginingsof Evil and Great Dc-pression of Sp riis, ii:eï:lve:e3:m[-o:e3:fi that this bitters is NOT ALOHOLIC, CONTAINS NI) RUM OR WF1ISKEY, AND CAN'T MAKE DRÜNKARDS hut m m aas? mm In the World. SF RE AD WHO SAYS SO : From the Bov. I,evi G. Beek, Pastor of the Baptist Church, I'emberton, N. ,1. ior.norly of the N'ortb Ban tl t Clinrch, Philadelpliia. I have known Hoolland's dormán Bitters favorablv foranumberol vmp. 1 1k: nsdlhen, i„ „,,„„;, family. and have been 80 pleased with their effect tha I wan inrtuced to recummend them tw m:ny others mi linow lliattheyhaveojierated ín a strikingly beneiicia maniicr. I take gi-eat pleaf ure-in (],,,., publ:ely pro clïiming toja fact, and avUidg tho nttention of those afflicted with the diseases for vrhich they are rereosi mended', to these bitters, knowing from e.perience th-r my recommendation will besustained. [do this moi-fcheeifully as IlooÜand'n Bitters is intendtd to benelit the alllicted, and b" nota rum drink.'' Yours truly, I.EV1 G. BKCK. From Rev.J. Newton Brown, b. D. Editorof theluiev clopeilia of Religious Knowledge and (Jhrisüau Cnroni cle, Philadelphia. .Mthough not disposed tofavor or rocommeml Patent Medicines m soneral, th'-ough distrust of their Diré dientsandetlccts.Iyetknowof no sulhcient reaions why aman muy not testify to the benelits he believe' himselfto have received from any Himple preparation in thi hope that he may thus eontribnle to the bcneü I do this more readily in regard to HooHand's fer man Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. M. .lacksqn, pf this city, because 1 was prejudiced against them for n.anv years,undertheimj)ressiontha;they wero cliipHv an alchoholic Inlxtnre. I aiu indebted to m friand 'üob ert Shoemaker, Beq., for the removal of this prei'ndicë by proper tests, and for lo tri them when suffering fromgreat and long ooutinued debilUv The use of three bottles ol these bitters at thé l ning of the present year, was lojlowed by .vident Hef and reBtoratioii n ,-, aegréé erf bclj and mentaj "l whicli I had not Por six montts before, and ha.! ■■; , ',. despaire.1 of regjuning. I thercforé thank God oud n.v friend for directing c-.e tó ;ise of thi-m J, EWT0X BROWN, Pliil.i From theRev. Jos. H. Kfmiard, Pastor of the IOHiRip tist Cliuich. ' ' Dr. Jackson :- Dear Sir:-I hart oc'erïTreque„tlv ciincstedtocoiinect inv n..,;i. wfth comtuénffafiftfta o' different kinds of moUicine, bul regarding the m aöl k( asóutof myanproprlatl phëre, ! Imve in all cases declined; but with oleiproof u varipnsinataaces and particularly in ray Eamily of useftillnops ol Br Hoolland's Germán Bitters, I denart lor once from my lianaloonrse, to xprSsa my í:ii ccnvtctlon thnt 'oí general debilü.i oí t bo iyatem and espeoial.' y for Wvei Complamt, ït ia a safe and raiuable prepsrotioa iD some cases itmnyfailj but usually, I don t not it'wtl b yory beneflcial to tbgse who suffer from tho'abovc canse. Yo ui-B, very rc-sjiectfully, j. ft. Ki;xard Kighth below Coates ,-treel. 'hik. Kreun ni-v. Warren Randolph, Pastor cf the Baptist Cluirch, uermantown lVnn. Dr C M. Jackson :-0ear Stt :-Persunal expe.ienc. ooablssme tosiy tbat 1 regjhrd the Germán Bittere preparod by yon asamostexcel ent medicino In cati ol severe cold and genera Mcbility I have been reatlv beneütod by tlie use of the BiSterjf, and doubt not the'v wit] produce similar efïeets on nthers. Yours, truly, 'WAP.KÉ.NT RANDOI.PXI. HMmantown,l'a Kiom Bé. J. H Tnrner, Pastor of IleddincM E Church ,1'hila. ' Dr. Jackson :- Dear Sir ._ Haring used your Germán Bitters in mynuullyrnfeaenll;,] am ttrepared touv tliat it has been of great service. I bliov that ] most ca.srscf general dcuility of the system it is the attest and most valuable remedy of whicU I havo anv knowiedge. J Yours, respectfully, j. H.TUKXER No. 728 N. Nineteentb. Strooi. From the Rev..), M. Lyons, foruu-rly Pastur of the Ca lnmbun,(X.-.(,)aml Milieiiiwi;. (Pa.) Raptlsl Churches Nuw K(.chelle, N, Y.' Dr. C. M. Jackson :- Dear Sir :- T frit t a plrasurc thus, i, f my ownaccor.l to bmr tetlimony to the excel lence of the 'larman Bitten. Some years sinee beine much allllcted wuli Dyspepsia,! used tbem with very benelicial results. I hare oftcn recommended them U persons eafeebled l,y th:.t lormeoting ii„. and have haard rroni thew öle mosj Battering testitoöoials aa to their great val ue. fiió.asesof general debiiity I be lieve it to be a tonic that can not besurpasned. J. M LYOMS. l-'n.mtheKev Tilos. Wintir, Pastor of Roxboroucl. iiaplistClmrch. Dr. Jackson - tVar Sir: -Ifeel itilne to .-s.-.-l leut Biepamtlon, Uooflanternn Bitters", to :,m mi testunony to the des,-vved i-eputation it lias obtaineii i have times, been troubled -,(!, .;i-.-:,i di order in my head and nerums system. I was adviserl oy a friend to try a bottle of jour Gernmn Bitters i dld s,. and have eseperiented treat and upex peded re Heí; my health has been verj materitilly beaefltted 1 contileutlyrecommend the article w ore I meet ivilh cuses afanar ( y own, and have úeen assured hv maiiy ol' ,,, i-ftects. _ Respectfnlly your, T. W1NTEB Eoxborough l'a. Fr.'mRev. j. g. flernOB, of thu Gierman Reformed Church. Kutztnvvn, l!,rks Co Pa. Dr. O. M. Jaeksoo :_ Besaeeted íir - I har ban troubled with Iiyanepai nASy iweniv yoars.auíl háv nerer naea any medicine that dit rae usmueh good as Hooianrt's Bitter, I aui rery mucli improred iñ heallh alter liaviiig f aken B ve, bottles Yours,wilh respect, J. s. HKIÍMAN. PRICES. Largc fi::i íholding nearll íouble quantity,) l 00 peí l'oltl, - hall doz, $5,(10. Smiill iz - Tú cents per Hottle- Iialr rtozciiSKH). BEWARE 0b' COUNTERFEITS. Seo tftat tlie 'siirñatiire ofv'C. U. JACksOS" ís ou the WHAl'PKKofeach bottle. Shouklyour nearef;l DrjUggial HOI have tliearticle, do not. be put off ! Iploxícating piyparations tbat may be offexed In t pUc, bit ■■nd to us.and we yvill l'i.rwavd. secur"ly Macked,by expresa. Principal Offioe nnñ Mftnufaotory, NO G3I AECH STREET, PHILÁDEU'IUA. rTones Sd Tllvans. Successors (o C. M Jackson Sf Oo. PilOPRIETORS. I'or Raleljyüruge6tsar,d Pealen ib eíerjr tóVo in theUaited Statts. ■ . BuffaïoJTc sí f mony . tuf: i ' 11 ir. '.TwiSfïi.uwWr.fn, Kh,ri ti, TÍf "" .■ulTi'riiiiï inorötnlvery ia v i , yeam bot llee of the 'Peppjfi Cuere 'an,j l," X" " pain nec-Ilett il cd lhre tl„ ƒ ,'.""' l""1 '" p i ■ - L . I . - 1 j.vmII .iM-nüivlr t ', V, ' lia.i mi. Tvtivetv liojii „', , ,'■ mdl?lii "'3(jr ii luis bron snir. rin frrri, lii ainWïm.tof"j .1,:,,,,,,,, !„,.;,,„,,'.' '■! of omotinie. éry acutelj „.,,' a f f'?1 yrrr Ünued to taio ü ,.,..,,.' , ,,.,,. tel'e 'J e.' .,,! eonlilieroiniencfl,n.eTturr, "t-..'" ' dVi! artrr ■■ü„na1,;;;:,r(;K'("w.H.aieJ.,) I'KOI-J.F.'S CU R E r CurS a bad Fena Sore. tb. uti„.r Jm,',1'1 ""''l 'ith paper, rm-chased the MoHu-in,. nrtnow f. Í " i br trled il, r.pu, t lo us „ nZ' 1"lviEg hVurBlj. is thorotihrem' !„'.? men most Cl.ri.sthu, AdTóiattl } 'U' Oa8e- Edito" PEÖPLE'S CUT?F! Cn.r?S, Disease3 My face bos for more tban tL "' the, Sliaextended over ,,,j whole bodv -m i ' , , at t"D!" marte mo efltirelt blin.l ■ bntV.Jïï l"lc,efo' "! Iye a -.veil mau. !.,( all ■!,„ a4 u fKm."8, ' ""' Dow i'Eo"ï;Ls CURE "í!Sv' lijHÉ sSsSSSE CHAS. -Sfi[Ai:FK, 27a Mata St.,u?.stófrs... peoLe-s CURE &"; Illiliil PF.OPLE'S CURF Whfn 0th8 SSSS5tSêlÊ "Buiraic, üct:.b;r!iS!'v' ;ardjier' 3 p' st.- ForPalc by all Di-ik-o-m o-w i WONDEEFtTL SUCCESS. KT The attention and reSKirch of Oie most dis. beeodevotedtotbe pr„duotion of a remeiU rir lhcso mostd stresaiBg paUfflcB Nekhalgu and EaojjiiiiS! After long stadj and ma„v .xperiments, a mc preparalu,,, hl, been disooverei . WAÏSOK 'S Seïralei öng .anJnlíMal frálc, ia c uring íAiWi,.,f Case e"5"" 'remedies l,avS utterly iailed. We ar. uwredtliM it U no tae, ANODYIiÉ '■ relieyine f„r vas tuí,,' . , f"' '' e Fainful diseasei. The ;n„t uumlK-i „I Linüaents,. Kinl.rocalions and External I-.1i..,t, jrhlch act a, stimulauts of the sorface „nlv ■'.. '...e. e itn.,i„,r...,yi„ theif ifleefs and of doubtfi thesyatenïi: ect.M"iy iSU,s fhc disease froiu l'rico- On. Ddllaipn Eotür. Ire(iareil by 1 ) ■'- Buffa ,o. N. Y ,. Jna Fort L'rie, C. W. inir TREE Iíá KNOWN BY '-■ ie '' ■ l ■ Mu Soccessful Wdftë! PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS Known all oVei thé értuntr. as the C-lcbrated INB1AN II E K B DOCTOR! FVom Soul!, America, win be at liis rooms, RUSSELL HOUSE, JiETKOIt', Ontlu.lSth andlSHl, nsi.rm the same dale of and everj su,bseqent . i ■ : ■ 1 1i .i,i:-íi.; ir6 m1 íáoa i: vi' i'A.unii.KT ' 01 the ln(.,s;llU.v and extmi.sive tvavels of Ir I.yoijii caji b.e proowed by ajl ■.ho,!,sirl.„ne, freo of charge UJZZ Aa AW0t' '-- nd Adrián, .Am, Arbor, Mtmïlor, 2öth Jackson.Hibliard Hans.' Sist Adrián, Braciett 11, bjb,j mj gsj JSfeSdtr '1 iirMprtients t. cxpl.u,, sjln,tojns. Adücted, coiB g'Mr;::-:;1'"'"-"""Maiihootl: How Lost. How Hestoren. TI.ST I"JI1I.I.-HKI,,. ,,,w editlbn ofbr Cnlver. (■ flKiut 1U.-.1.,. ) „, -,.,;„.„,.., .,..,.., A. ,„. teJj; mal Wfiikafe., [nvoluntiuy Seminal Losse J,„. e CC" " M'" '" : uál ". " ír PVtce, in a Jedéd envel.ipe, oply C cent. -: ;; .'-tru,, ,.,n „ ni11 BUCC(.S5ti PI m:,. 11,,,!;],, A.rn.ingoowi s.-lf abuse may bexadieallj-tuvoi rilhuul thedaeroun use of üto? nalmedicioeortUeapplicaüon „f t,e kiiife-pnintine waamo.U-ofcr, ,,. :e Mltfpié, c,,l,;n aud eff„ctnal by means ,.i „i,,ch overy .s„nlrer. no matter Sn,ider cul, in a pi. h, envelo,.o, tnnnv ad.)reS. ,.,- ,. „. -'HASJ. c. KLfKErÓ.. 1-7 l.owerj , ííe Yoik, p„st offlc box 4586. C.',7tt jPAIRBANKS' II 1 STMDARO SCALES, P5 UI ALL KIND?. AI.SO, 'Cg ' Warekyust Trud.-s, UÍterPreutt,4e FAIRBAÉS, GREEMEAF & 00,, IÏÜ r.k, Slrn-I. OÍI1CAGO. .hl iu l'cir.til 1V rASftlMD, siii:lky a co. è- !„■ refol to Irnj bnlj da GnHin.J5 lv!58 lirownell & Perrin, GES'l èmim IERC0ANT8, is:: South Wter Street, CHICAGO, IILItSrOIS. Déniers inÍTrnin, Flour, Provisione, Seode, Green aml Dried Fruits-, Ciddr, d&e. Béferelioek: VroMon. WUIard k K.-.-ii, i'l, ■„,..,. 8 BMsfnrd k Co., Ana Arboi , Midi. ■■.iticul.HMit,',!,,,.!, Kivi,( i„ ih.' ,-alc .fG'rern and l'ried Knuts, Cid. e &a CMèrt Ihe ,.,,,),„... „f Clover Sml Timothv Beed, ' ut M.-iik kr . )., .-,,..iv ittínded to t! .Tccom. ;h efeh , r ■ ■ . , , .. rFrüe íi.ítf


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