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==:j7crWrATTS & 15R0. .riIFRS in Clocks, Watches, Jjwelry ana Silvcr J) Ware No. 22, New Bloek, Ann Arbor. """ C. BLISST" tmtUER n Clocks, Wit, Jewelry and Silver D Ware No, 22, New ISlock, Anu Albor. 0. H. MILLEN. lELER m Dry Goods, Groceries, Crockery, , &c. jj Min Street, Ann Albor. __ PHILÏiTbACH. nE.ES'n Dry O,wK Groceries, Boots & Shoes, }) ie, Mam st., Ann Arbor. ___ " GEORGE W. riÑdVBB, TlEAIRRinMiscellancoua and Schoei Books, Station J) „J , Wall 1-a pers , &c. Huron Strect, Ann Arbor. lïSDÓiT&lÏENDERiaON. rvFUKKS in Hardware, Stoves, furnisl. ing D ;oó!i, Tin Ware, kc , &c, Nw fto. &■.. GEO PRAY, M. D. PHYSICIIN an.l Surgison. Kesidence and office on Detroit street, near üle . epot. TVEAI.ER in Hat, Capí, Kurs, Robes, Gent-:' Furnish.1) mu Goods, etc. East side Main Street, Anu Arbor. llicbigiu_ X J. SUTHERLAND, A 8ENT for the New York Life Insurance Ccmpany OlSee on Hurón street Alao lias on hand a stock of th most approve 1 aewiag machines. 885tf ÖEOPGE FISGilEK. MBiT MARKET- Huron Street-General dealer in Freah and Salt Meats, Beef, Mutton, Tork, Ilams, Pooltrj, Lanl, Tollow, Sec, &c. BIRAM J. BEÁKES' ATTORNF.Y and Counsellor at, inil Solicitorin Cliancery. OÜice in City Hall Biock.over Webster's Boot Store. LEWITT & BREAKEY. PHYSICUNS AND SLBGEONS. Offlcc at theresi dence of Dr. I-witt, north side of Huron, two doers wst of División street. "mTgüitêIiman & co. WHOI.KSAI-K and Retail Dealers and Man.ifacturers of -liad Clothing. Iinporters of Cloth, Caslii?, Jloeskins, Sc, No. 5, Püoenix Block, Main at. 7 WM. WAGNER. ■nEALERin Redy Made Clothing, Cloths, Cassimcres, 1; m.1 Vestinga, Ilat-, Caps, Trunkü, Carpet Bags, itc, Phoinii Block, Main lítreet. , " SLAWSOiV "&SÖN. fiROCERS, Provisión aud Comraission Merchants, and J Dealers in Water Lime, I.aml Plastftr, and Plasttr o( Pxria, oue door east of Cook's Hotel . jTm. sootï. IMBROTYPE and Photograpli Artist , in the room A OTer Campion's Clothing store, PboBnii Biock. Per feetsatiflfactiongiven. O. B. PORTER. SURGEON DENTIST. Office Corner of Main and Huron trot, over Bach & Piersou's Store. All calis promptly attended_tt) Aprl859 MACK & SCHMID. DEALERS in Forei?n and Domcstic Dry Good, Grocetien. Hat and Caps, Boots and Shoes,' Crockery, de, Corner of Main & Liberty sta. spaffomT&Tdodsley. KfAN'WACTURERS of all kinds of CoooperWork, LVl City Cooper Shop. Custom work done on short ootite. Cor. Detroit and North Streets, and cor. North uil iiflh Streets Ann Alter. O. A. KELLEY, WWTOGRAPHEK- Corner Fourth & Huron jstreets, 1 lina Arbor. Cases frames and Photograpu Albums tlittntly on hand, and at lower ratea than can be Íoun4 clsewhero. ij'891 ANDREW BELL. TVK4LER in Groceriee, Provisions, Flour, Produces, LTic, Uc, corner Main and Washington Streets, in Arbor. The highest market prices paid lor country produce. 886 I. O. O. F. WASHTENAW Lodge, No. 9, of the Independent Order of Odd Fellows meet at thcir Lodge Room , ryFriday Eveüin, at 734 o'clock. 8. SosniiKlM, N. G. B. apM, Swry M. O. STANLEY, Photograpliio Vrtisit. íorner Main and liaron Streets, Ann Arbor, Mioh, PHOTOGRAPHS, AMBKOTYPES, &c. . &c, 'tb latest style,and cveryellort made togive satisfetion. 956tf D. DeFORESÏ. rIOLESALE and retail dealer in Lumber, Lath, 8hmsles,S,ih, Iloors, Blinds, Water Lime, Grand 8ir Piaster, Plantar Paris, and Nails ofallsize. A hlland perfect assortmen tof the aboye, and allother kMs of building materials constantly on hand at the "Test poisible rates , on Detroit st . , a few rodsfrom the Siilroad Depot. Also operating extonsively in the ?tent Cement Roofing. ÏRANUER & FINLÈY, mORNBYS & C0L1VSBLL0RS AT Collecting and Land Agents tolCK OVER DOXELLT'S BTOKK, HUEON STREET, B. F. Granoer, ) Ann Arbor, Mich. iL-' Finleï, S Jan. 28, 1864.' Q41ti Ayer's Cherry Pectoral


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