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Custer's Brioadk, ) Bolivau Heioiits, Vu. S FitiKND Pond : - It is so long sinca I wroto you that "I reckon" you thougbt I was gone up withihosa whose place "Únele Abe" is trying to fill by tbc "500,000 moro ;" but, dear sir, as i have not taken sucli an aerial trip, I will endeavor to give you a few items of tbc doings of the cavalry, and as mueh as I can of thiogs generally. I have been sick myself for soilie time, hnving had a severe sun stroke, which completely prostrated me from the time of the severe fight at Trevcllian Station, up to very latcly, but I am uow strong ngaiu. The marching we had to do during tho "on to Richmond," and across the Peninsular, the heat and dust we had to endure were enough to 'play out" the strongest constitutiou. I thought I was tough! but it proved too muoh for me, as well as many otbers. After the "Trevelüan" fight, " Our Brigade" was ordered to recruit, which we did by going into camp at Lighthouse Point, on the James River, and restiug our wearied men and jaded horses. Our oamp was beautifully located on a Lili overlooking the river, a vory pretty and healthy spot. The most of the uien was very novel, conüaed as tliey had been to land views. Thu rivor is alive with "crafta" of every description, from the uíly, sombro looking gunboats, to the smallest wberry. The bealth of the cavaby is good, much better than could be expected tbis hot weather, and in a country prolific in wild fruit. The men have had issued to them of late plenty of vegetables, suoh ás potatoes, cabbage, onions, beets, and turuips. Meions, and poaelies are plenty. The blackberry erop was not as good as usual, owiog to the long drouth. but the boys got plenty. I think the healthfulness of the arm}' is attributable to their free use. We have had lately soine fine rains, making the country look once more beautiful and green. I wisb to give to those of y ur readers having friends or relativos, sick or wounded, in tbis army, a brief sketch of bow tbey are treated (many being under the erroneous impro-siou that they are not half cared f. ir). I visited several times the hospital, pnrticularly the cavalry corps hospital, which I found beautitully located a few miles on the Petersburg roadj abovc Cify Poiut, and on the banks of the Appomattox. A more bealthy spot could not well be found. The men are all in large tents of uniform sizo, nicely arranged, and laid out in streets, each one arched over with all kinds of devices of the same material, aud artisttcally executed with evergreens, giving them a very pretty appearance. The vvhole bas been done under the sole direction of Chief Stoward, Homer Moore, ofAnn Arbor, be havi.ig the whole supervisión of the cavalry hospital. Hd showed me around, and I was agreeable surprised to see tho neatness and comfort in each ward. Homer seerned to me the only roliable man around, for it was, "Steward, there is a man just come in wounded, wbere shall we put him ?"' or, 'Steward, eau ward number - have some ice ?" or. "Stoward, a man in ward number - , wants to see you bad," in fact, it was Iïomereverywhere, and it was pleasing to me to see how cheerfully he responded to eacb. Many a poor fellow owe JiÍ3 recovery to ihe attention and littl'e comforts it is in his power to bestow. l have written of Mr. Moore at some length, but giver. hira but a moiety ot the praise be deserves, and to let his friends at bomo know, that he is exerting himself to do LÜ in his power to aid and comfoit his suffering eomrades. When a man is brougbt into the Hos pital he is stripped, his wounds atteuded to, well wasbed, and a clean white shirt (lineu) put on He is then transfenod to a nice cot bedstead, baviug on a mattrass, clean sheets and pillows, witb mosquito bars over to keep off the flies that inlost this -part of tLe country. I never saw so many, or found them so troublesome in my lifo before. As soon as the patiënt is thus dinposcd of, the nursos take charge of him, aud faithful are tbey to their trust. To see theiu flitting about here and thew wicb their kind smiliug iaces, almost makes one feel that he would like to be wounded, so tbat he could go to the hospital. Sinco tbe 8tb of August, the cavalry have been on tbe move again. Our - the let - división being transferred to the defenses oí Washington and Middle Department, we embarked tX City Poiut, and landed at Giesboro Point noar WasLington. A bíg thing to transport ach a qiiantity of troops, 1 horses, mules, artillery, ambulances, &c, our cavalry train alone spreading seven miles. It took gevcral days with all the steamers, vesels and barges that could be brought into requisition to transport them. But hero we are now, at Ilarper's Ferry, haviug rnarchèd through. Washington, Georgetown, Rockv'ille, Nealsvillc, Clarksburg, Urbana, and Monocacy Junction, where the first sign of the rebel' second adventure in Maryland showed itself, in ihe burned bridcs and railroads destroyed. 'l'hey made a clean thing of it, nol a heuse left btanding. ïhough it was done two weeks before, the ruins yet smeked. We left the Junetion, passing through Fiederick-üity to Harper's Ferry. Since then our brigade has been after the "Johntiiès" every day. We have lost several men in the 5th; some were cruelly butchered by Bushwhackers. We have retalkUeil, lianging several of them on tho trees nearest by, burning the houses, and destroyiiig all tho piopeftji of any one suspicioned beiug öf the gang that cut our boy's thioats, or mutilutcd ttio'm" before or afier sdcath. Frcnt Royal the rebels will never forget, for Gen. Ci'STEii used them up awfully thero. Ced arville and viciuity is made desolate by fire, uoarly evcrything for two or three miles, houses, barns. graiii, &c.i destroyed. The lust cdvance of tbc rebels at Sheppardstown was checked gallantly by our brigade, till the General found it poliey to cross tho river, (which. we did by fording,) owiug to the immeuse number of iuftintry the "rebs" had kept in rese. ve and began to pour in. Eahly thought to gobble u all up, but found the "yanks" a littíe too smart for him. The brigade erossed the river in eafety, marched up the Maryland side to Harper's Ferry, cressed the Potomue on the splendid iron bridge at this place, and was again in Virginia. Sunday morning thoy started again towards Charlestovn) and met and drove the rebels several miles. Yesterday our whole división engaged thsm all day, and were not r3lieved till dusk, and then by the 6th corps and 8th iufantry. Our loss is eeverë. On the 5th we lost some fifteen killed or wouuded, but none of them from or near Aun Arbor. One of the General's band was wouuded, he will always havo them out to play in the thickest of the fight. It isa wonder to all that he escapes as he has done; he is to be found where the most danger is, with bis hat off, and cheering tho men on with his sabre, setting examples for the men, who are ever ready to follow where he leads. Never was oemmander more beloved than ':our Custkh," and it is a well kuown faet, that he is proud of his Michigau brigade. The boys frotu Ann Arbor, that I have had a chanco to seo, aro well. I understand the peovle at home believe that Chkis. Bruisch was murdered. I have made inquirios, and. can íiiid nothing of it. He was taken prisoner, and was not wouuded the Jast seen or heard of. FitED Slanj)erer was taken at Trevellian Station, but was not injured ; Dauwix Babbitt, of Ypsilauti, was never heard of after the fight at 01d Churcb, butlhe boys in the company hope and expecthe will turn up lyaadby. - Tho 'boys left in the 5th from Washteüaw are few. To.m Kkauns is still in the eompany, as blacksmith, w.ell aud heartj', as are John Tillso.n, youag Mahklk, Joiix Lupk, and Sergeant Voorhuis, of or riear ïpe-üanti. The boys were gl ml to hear ol the release of Mjor Jno. E. Clark, and hope to see him hoon again in hLs command. I must close this poor Jqtter, thinking your ruaders will tire of reading. The best I can do is to uut off shor", and of course promise botter uext time. Yours, C. BKOOKS, Issuiiig Sprir't lst Brigade, !t li División C;iv:ili y iDorJi. L3f The dny after Hm War Department had deprived (Jou. MoQlcllun of all cnnujüini!, except liis st:iff úxift a few hiiudred men at Fortreiu) Moiiioc, Gen. Ilalleek sent him a dispute)), which concludes witli the followiNg wnrds : "I beg you to assist me in this friáis with your ability and pxpuriunee " This "abiüty atd experienee" isjust wliat the aduiinistraíion has been in need of ever siuce, md tlie people know it, and may demand that tlie uation's nffairs Iipi'cuforth l'ave the benefit of that uability and experience." - l'rie Press A subatitute broker ia Washington, in calling upon euroDed men 10 walk up to his office and secure a " sub," eluses his advertisement by announcing " Aliens and Virginia iiegröea constantly on hand." .; It is a bad state oí thiriys when a husbund b all irowns at home, and ail ' ':bíi1c6' at the publichouae or club.


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