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How The Rebels Get Arms And Lead

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UU OVUl iiO JlilJJiUtiö ïïuitu ui aiimu arm?, equipments, lead, etc, frólii the battle field of the Wilderness and Spot-, sylvauia. Tha lïiuhiuond Dispaleh oimmcrates aniong the spoils 30,000 small arms and 25,000 pouuds o{ lead. The balk were otillécte'd on the battle ii.ilds by the peoplo living in the viciaity, and taken to a depot, cstablishrd for tbo purpose, whero they wero mefted into pigs far future use. Corn and flour were paid in exeliiuige for the lead, an tu-tiele whieh hus bjcomö soarco and valuable to the Confedorate anny. Geu. Brayrnan, Fedt ra) comroandor at Niitchcz., has oontiscaletl the Catbolic Cathedru) at that plaoo, and banisbed the Bishop to LouL-üana. This act ciuist'S intense excictment aniong tbe old settlors. Tbo füfeign ambassadors in tbis country have representod to thtir GoverDments that a áamoorat wiil ba cbosen in the coming Piesidential clection, and ihat tlu Union wil! be preserved. - Tbey spare no paklR-or tnoney to gatbei ioioraiatson.


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