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Our candidatos are in the hel !. Úniet tho gallan t leadership of Cl. Win. M. Fen'.un, nur candidato Govcrnor, We propose to redeein tbc Siate. It iiÊeds redernption It bas boon under llie svvay of fanatici! aud ;ibü]it;ou rule quite long cuough. Our Stalc is accumulatiiig a debt really appalling. Our pcople aro burdencd wi.tli Uixes. 'J'ho cffortB of the iibulitionists, iu thoir philnnthropy for tbo negro, luve not iiiured ia the benefit of ihe white people of this State. It is time wo should repudíate thetn and their works. The bröad seal of oondemuation is to be placed upon thom by the people of this country. Will Mioliigan besitate to join in the f;rand moveirent ? Michigan owes it to herself to exhibit as m'ueh zoal in retra cing her steps, as slie did in plunging in the revolution that brouglit desolation upoti the country, aud niouiniog and lanientatiiin to every home in the land. Our State ticket coinnionds itself to the judguieut of every voter of the State. Nothirig can be saiJ agaiust tho personal character, integrity. tnd fitness of our galiant nomiuee for Ooveraor. ïhe people f Michigan wili uot have to consult the newspapers, nor go to a smal! in8iirance office in New Bedford, Mass., to üud ut who Wm. M. Fentou is. Hu han filled responsible civil offices for a unmber of years, has been our Lieutenant Governor, aud has douo noble ser vice in fighting the battles of his country, when we wero battliug, ostcnsibly at least, for the restoration of the Union. Gov. Fenton entered tho service as Colonel of the Sth Infantrv, whieh left this State September 27tb, 1861, and partieipated in the h:ird contested fields at Hilton lleail, Port & yal, Fmt Pulaski, Wihniug'.on Island, James Island, (S. O) Buil Run. Chantilly, Sóuth Mountain, and Antietam. His record lis a soldier is without a biemish. He did a sokiier's duty iu evei'y campaign that he engaged in. For a faithful dis charge of duty, in both civil nnd military life, aud for what he may do for the State uuder the change of policies, the people will honor themselves by giving Lini sueh a vote as will iusure iho permanent triumph of public policies and ineasurcs of lasting benefit to the State Hon Edwin IÍ. Lothrop, candidate for Lieutenant Grovernor, is one of the oldest and one of the inost estcciücd citizens of the State. His record is ctaar upon the leading qnestions of the day, and his experience omiucntly fits hiin for the duties devolving upon the Lieutenant Governor. Tho duties of this officer are not burdensoine, but the candidate should possess dignity of character and sorue ability and experience for a proper discharge of the duties, and in view of eontingencies that may ariso. Mr. Lothrop possesses the necessary qualifications. George B. Turner, candidate for Sec retary of State, is also an old resident of the State, bas served iu the Legislature as a meuiber from Cass Couuty, and is ccry fctfy competent to discharge the duties of that office. Mr. George C. Munroe, the candidate for Treasurer, is one of the most active business men in the southern portion of the State. His honesty and euterprise commaud tho respect and csteem of all who know him. His opponent on the republican ticket has the reputation of being nominated for the reason that he is about the only honest man in the republican party. It is not necessary to say anythwg against Mr. Owen in claiming for Mr. Munro the same qualifications he possesses, bis detestable politics. Air. John D. Pierce, candidate for Superintendent of Public lustruction, is the father of tho ooinmon school syslcm of the State. With all the duties of the offica for which he has been put in noinination he is thorougbly conversant. A botter nomination couid not have been made. George Schmidt, the caudidate for Commissioner of State Land Office, is a highly esteemed and worthy Germán of Sagiuaw, at prcient llecorder and County Clerk of Sagiuaw County. He is a carefui and competeut business man, and will discharge the duties of Commicsioner of State Land Office, with faithfulness aud fidelity. Levi Bishop, candidate for Attorney General, is too vvell kuown to the people of this State torequire auy extended notice. As a lawyer, he holds an eminent po'sition at the Bar of Detroit. With Mr. Bishop as our Attorney General, weshall not have incompetency aud imbecility. Oliver C. Comstock, candidato for Member of Board of Education, bas held important Stato offices, and is a gentleman ol thorough culture and refincment. This is our ticket. The men are worthy the support of tho people of this Stftle ; their principies, and the policies and uieasures .by which they will be guided, deserve the vote of every friend of the best interests of the State. They must and will be triumphantly eleeted, for redemption is writteu upon the banuers of our The fiat bas gone forth. The people have willed it ; and iiow to the


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