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Watchwords For Patriots

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The true issue fr wliich we are iightiag, is the preservation of the Union, and upholdiug the laws of the general government. - lnstrvctions to Gen. Burnside, January 7, 1862. We are fighting eolely for'the integrity of tho Union, to uphold the power of our national government, and to restore to the nation theblessings of peace and good order. - lnstrudions to Gen. Haleek, Nov. 11, 1861. You will please bear n mind the precise issue lor which we are lighting; that issue is the preservation of the Union, and the restoration of tho full authority of the general governtnent over all portions of our tairilory. - lastructions to Gen. Buell, Nov. 7, 1861. We shall most readily euppress this rebellion, and restore the authoritv of tlie government, hy wJigiously respeot0 oonstitutiuonl rifjfhta af all. 7. structiuns to Gen. Uutl] Nov. 7, 1861. Be careful bo to' troat tho unarmed inhabitanle as to contract, fiot wideo the broach existing between at and ihe rebuis. - lnstructiom to G-n Buell Aov. 18, 1881


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