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Gincmnat!, Sept. 7. The Commercial bas the particulars of Sherman's operations np to the 2d. On the 30th u!t., the 4th and the 23d Oorpa struck the Macon Road, tive miles buyond Eastport Junction. - While the Army of the Tennessee and Kilpatriok's cavalry was briskly skirniishing with the enemy on oar right, driving them across Flint River, to wards Jonesboro, the 15'h Corps took possession of the prominent bill, which was ihu key to thü enemy's position. The other corps formed on the right and left ; the 16th, somewhat retired, fiirmed the extreme right, with the I7th on its left, the 14th and 23 i corps forming a connecting line and exteuding bevond he raihoad on the left. The loth Corps ppent the night in ïnlrench ing, and the nest day, beiore the right and lelt flan ka had taken up tbeir advaneed position, the enetny burst in niasses on the I5th Corps, bnt were steadily and repeatedly repulsed. Their loss was severnl general officors, including Mnj. Gen. Anderson, mortally wounded ; five Colonels and Müjors wounded and taken prisoners, besidua 1,000 rank and file killed, wounded and captured. Our loss was slight ; our men fighting behind breastworks. Next morning the 14th Corps marchad along the Macon road destroying the track forseveral miles, and at four oclock took up a position on the left of the 15th Corps, which was formed in line of battle. The enemy had intrenched themselves in front and the cavahy and infuutry steadily advanced under a scourging tire of musketry and artillery and after a desperate conflict of tvvo houis drove the enemy from their works capturing two batteries one oí them Loomis' battery - captured at Chickamauga - some battle flags, and a large number of prisoners, inoluding Gen. Garven and his Adjutant General. Brig. Gen Cumrnings was mortally wounded. While the 14tb Corps was thus engaged, the Army of the Tennessee and the 4th Corps were vigorously pressing the enemy ou the right and eft. Hardee appears to have commatided the forces eogaged, and early iu the night retreated south. Hood finding his situation in Atlanta desperate, also retreated, burning a thousand bales of cotton and destroying his ammuni on. At break of day Shermanput his whole army in motion with the object of getting betnoen Hood and Hardee. He may not succeed in this as Hood had twelve bours' start. The defeat had a most paralyzing effect on Hood's army, both regularsand militrst breaking for home on all sides. When our correspondent lelt Gainesboro, Sherman was fiercely pressing the rebels rear near Fayetteville. Atlanta was quietly taken possession of by detachments of the llth Pennsylvania and COth New York, who hoisted our fliig from the court-house, amidst the cheers of the soldiers. Four locomotives, eleven 64 pounders, besides other property, were capturod. The town is mmh damaged. Most of the inhabitants have left. The weather was good, and the roads were in fine condidion. By pursuing the political course, I have always advised, it is possible to bring about a permanent ïestoration of the UDÏon - a re-unioo by which the rights of both sections shall be preservod, and by which both partica shall preserve their self-respect, while they respect cauh other. - Gen. M cCldlan's .Report.


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