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The Annual School Meeting

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Tlie Animal School Meeting of District No. 11, of the City and Township of Arm Arlior, was held pars dan t to statnte on Monday last, Ui o'clock P. M. The was ïuuch Urger thau for several years, and considerable interest and spirit was manifeeted in ex mining the report of the Board and ronsidering the recommendations. The report was published in our columns last week, and we need not re-print it here. The discussiou was followed by a unanimous vote adopting the report, after which the estímate sheet was taken up, the various recomniendations therein coiisidered seriaüm, nd the following taxes ordered to be raised orthe support of the schools for the year U64-'65 : For salaries of teachers $5,000 00 11 repairs, incidentals, &c 2 800 00 Topay interest on bonded debt 961 K For third ward school house 2,000 00 Therecomrnendatiou of the Board that a tar le voted to lake up the Bonds of the district to fall due on the first day of February iiext, as nut adopted, and a loan of $2,637 59, for nVe years iïom the above date, at rate of interest not to exeeed scven per cent was authorized, to take up such bonds. The Board was also authorized to issue the Bonds provided for last year, the Board having temporarily used $2,200 of the 3d ward chool liouse fund, for the puipose for which tho loan was voted. The Board was also instructed to I. cale a aite for a 3d ward school house, which we presume it will do at the earliest possible petiod. The meeting: then procecded to an election fthreo Trustees for the term of Ihree years, nd Philip Bacli, Patrick Donovan, and David Godfrey - the retiring members of the Board - received a majority of the votes, and ere on nietion unanimously declared elected. Tho Board was instructed to hold at the neit annual meeting, a regular election of officers, keeping the polls open from 9 'ctock, A. M. to 2 o'elock, P. M. A good arrangement, we think. The Board was also requested to publish its text annual report in ad vanee of the annual meeting, as this year. The number of scholars in the district between the ages of 5 and 20, was reported at 2,032. ty We understand that the netproceeds of the Juvenile Soldiers' Aid Fair, Mi August 23rd, amounted to one hundred ol twenty-one dollars. L3 We are glad to be able to annnce that the 3d, 4th, and 5th Wards of 'tis City have fllled rheir quota, and are "out f the draft." Great credit is due to the committee in charge for the efficiency and energy with which they have done their work. - We understand the quota of the let and ü Wards is nearly full. CjL" Wo have received two nurabers o' the St. Johns Herald, published by Messrs, Biohax & Plümstead, and edited by R. S. Cbenet. It is a live Democratie paper, and will do good service in the campaign. The Deaocracy of Clinton County should rally to 'k support. ui om ii t" 'W'e have received thn first number of " Western Rural, "a weekly journal for tho faTnand fire-iide," published at Detroit, by 1 N. F. Lswrs. It is a handsome looking Aeet, an improvement on anything our Stilte tas hfvetofore furnished in the special departWent of agricultural journals, and gives evijnce tlit it is to be conducted with ability Hl energy.' The farmers of Michigan, inclu1'%íthe general term. stock growers iüd "■"I producers, sliOMhl rail; to the support 51 'he Buml. $2 50 a year ; ten copies, $20. WiUess publisher, Detroit, L2gT" Wo have liad copious rains this week, which will start the plow and late potatoes. Gp Democratie Senatorial Conventions are to be held at Saline and Dexter lo-morrow. Kcprcpcntative Conventions are to bo held at Saline, to-morro ; at the Court House in this City on Wednesday nest, the 14th inst., and at Chelsoa, on Salurday, the 17th iost. The 6overal culis will be iound iu another column.


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