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TR. WRIGIIT'S Eejuvenating Elixir ! Or, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Frepoied from Pure Vegetable Extracta, contaiB-ing Bothing injuiioua to the most rieliaite, " As the Fhcenix riseo from the ashes of its fire, animated with new life"- so does this Elixir reiuveaate the system and overeóme dieease. IO?"TlloKc.lliycr]ll.luR Rlh Ir Is t'i-.Ti;mlt of modern dlscoverk-8 in the vegetable kíngflom ; beíng an entlrcly new ftnd abBtraot m-tl:orl of cuto, irrespectivc cf all the olcl and worner.t t-y-wm ■.. %3T ruis medicine !iü6 been tested hy Cne most e nloeut medical nv-u of [!jc day,anlby rlieni prnnonnced to bo one of the greutest medical dlêcoveiios of the age. "One bottle wil. care eeiierl Dcbility. Vf A few doses cnres "lystorlrs In femnhe tW One bottlc cures Pulí llalion of tie Henit. Il" Krom nne lo three bottloa resioren the manllDene and full vigor of youth. 2? A few düBes restore the iinpctitc fB Three boft lea curo the worst cae of Irrpotency. gy A tfv doeee cures the low 8riiHcd. ÏW Oue bottle reslor-. s in nta! power. C57 A few doses brtnir the ro? e to tbe Chaek. Í3"11)I iiM;dii i.i'3 nstoroa tó mmiv wnr and rObut heaHli Viñ poor dclil.icated. worn iI.iwd And de poirlng. íarTlio ;istlei, eacrviitrd youth, tbc srw-taAéd man of btistaew, the victim ofDcrroaü deprMston; fbe Uidlvl.Inul fUlleilDgfrom Écn'era] dililHiy, wlll all find iüiüt (ilatc :tii,1 porma ent reltit by the ui' of thiö K'I.vii 01 EcSIUe uf Ll;t , tr Priee, 3 por bottle or thrce bottlca for $:., aua furwaidvd by Kpri bli, 011 reccipt of moüey. tu any All 8" or Iers mnBt b feot ti e. A. COOK, Chicago, our c.cniTal Agi'Utfurtlie Vecl. Boldlu Chicago, br " Whole8ílel)ru;gl.t?,anilbi ni: Drufíljtscyciywhcie. C. A. COIK, Chioaoo, U.'inTal Afcoot tor the 8fates of liliuoia Iowa, WlBOODSin, Ultlllgao and Indl. ma. OK. W. II. IttEIÏ%VIlV ác CO., SoLK PBOPB1STOBB, Ko 59 Liberty utree', New Tork. CHEROKËTTlLLS ! 8UGAR Ip COATED. Female jjl Regulator. CEETAIN %P AND SAFE. For the Rmoval of Obstructions, and the Insuxanco of Regularity ia tbe Recurreuce of the Monthly Periodo. 83f They care or obvlute thorie nm.ipious diaeanei tliat spring from irregulí:rity, by reme vlag, tlie i i regularity Usel f. ÍW They cure Sappressed, KxccBsive and Ptnful Mc&Btruatton. P? They cure Green Slckiioss (CliloroBla). %3T" They cure Nervoua and Spinal Al!"e''tion8,paine in tho Tack, and lower imrt9 of the body, Hnaviueea, FiitVgae on slight. excrlion, Palpltaiion of the H'.'urt, Lowtess oi Spirltf, Hysterla, Sick Ilenlaclio, GiddineBSt clc, etc. Ie m wort, hy reiiioviiiR tbe IireRUlarity, they remove the caase, and v.Kli Hall tha effects tbat eprlue trom it. B3? Composed of Blmple vegetable extracta, they contain notbindeleteiioua to any constitutfon. bowever delicate, ibeir function beln to saatUuta Btrengtb for weatr.PBS, whlch, wben properly unta, they never lail to do. ty Thty msy be safely used at any age, and at any period, EX0KPT PTTKINt THE FiBST TURKS MCIKTItB, during whlch the unf;iiline nature of thclr actloa would int'allibly peeykst preguancy. PT AU letters Beekinj; Information or ad1cc wlll be promptly, reely and dificreetly answered. XW Full dtrtctionsaccompany each box. t" Price tl per box, or six boxee for f5. I3T1 Sent by mail, free of postale, ou reccipt of price. All Buch orders must be sent to C. A. COOK, Chic&go, our General Agent for the West. Sold in Chicago, by WholesaleDruKitiets,nnd by all TruKgietfl overy where. cd. oooïs:f CHICAGO. General Agent for tbe Siates of UlinlH, Iowq, Wia conBln, Vlcb-igan and Indlani. SOLt! PitOPflJETOi;8, Ko. 59 Liberty 8., Now York. 8ijI Ij iriiprgists ,,i Detroit, nlso bv OTlCBBlNË .t S 11 ï-OX, Aun Arbor. Üö.'yl WAL L F APBÏ1 60,000 W.ill r.iT an be foiíBd ,i, the store of ,Thn F. MiHer C. .corner of Hain and Wanhj Ihgtoa Stieets, opposite HanKtTfrr' Hall. Als,, a largemaortmontof Siseellaneous Honk t uld prioee Cloth and Papr íhaiie, Tiutuels, Corda and l-'ramesof all descriptkius. Frames made to oriler. Pleaseeall ali-1 examine before purrliasinffplsewliere JOliN F. Itll.LER&CO Junelst,l64. 3m959 SMITH'S NEW PRESCB1PTI0A & Mm STORE ! Ii tho place to buy jour MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, AVi'iting; Paper, ïy the Resuin orlsss, and al) other irtielcs in our lïitt, Repecialatteatkia to romi)oundingaiil putting up Pre8cvtiiionK, ;t the Bign uf (OU) fioRTAft, Kzcb&ng Hluck, ynn Arbor, Ifichigan.gCi' ttS, hre&Monal catls prmopUji Httenad i... 1Y9Ö0 1OO City Lots for Sale. "WÏZARb OIL! THIS IPLEfDID REMEDY CORES 51 TtlOTllACITE I NEURALGIA O In Three Minutes. In Ten Minutes. M+iaBhCHE 1ÏAKA01IE Ib Kiv.e Minutes. In Ten Minutes. CBJtMV CO-LIO DIPTHBBIA In ïen Minutes. . In a Few Hours. ■SOKB THROAT ' RHEUMATISM. In a Few Haura. In a Kew Day. LAMK BACK. SPRAIN8. CKTSANPBRL-ISK9. BL'RNS akd SCALUS. C0RN8. ClfiLBLAINS. Tliis invaluable preparation only needs ft trial to renommend itself to every bousehold in tha land. Use one bottle and yon wifl ftlways kevp it on hand against the tlwe of need. Price 35 cents and 76 cents per bottle. The Urge bottlea contain nearly three times as much as the small one. Manilfactured by .1. A. HAMLIN BRO., 102 WaslilnKton street, Chicago, and for sale by drugglsts gencrally. „„ , , , ,, ( Fuller, Finch k Fuller ) -.. Wholesale Ag'ts: ] Lo,.j gtuthi Ohloa({0. TAKEN UP! ON tbc liïtli ilsjof June, sOKRPX HOUSE, about 10 fin1:; nld, large ïllte, and tliin n fk'sh. The owni'i is riijm-U"! to jinivc [nopiTty, pa y cliurgew, ani t;ike &ai(l Hortit1 av;iy. U'ïl.l.IAM Hl'Ml'MREY. Lodi, Jul Ifith, lj-'fil. 6966. DYSFEPSIA, AND DIdfULfBS ES1]I,T[NC F R O M DISOHDERS OF THE UVES ANDDIGESTIVE ORSANS, ARE CURf.D BV HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS, THE GREAT STRENGTHEÏilNG Tiiesc Bitters linve porforiHcd more Cures HAVE AND DOGIVEBBTTERSATISFACTION Have more 'IVsli ;;■: HAVE MORE RESPECT AISLE PEOPLE TO VOUCU FOR THEM ! Than any olher firticle n the mnrket. We defy any one to contradict tliis Assertioii, AND 1VU.L. PA Y $1OOO To any 0110 who wil! produce a Certifícate uublished ly ua, tliiit is uut ue.ntink. HOOFLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS WII.l. CURE IN EVER Y CASE OF Chronic 01 Nervous Debiiity, DIseases of the Kidneys, and Dfseases arisiiigfiomdisoideied Stomach. Observe tu fulloanig siimptoms raullingfrom Disorders of the Dtfutivt Orirans : Constipatiou.Iunard Hiles, Fullness of lilood to the tacad, Aeidity, ol ' the Stomauh, N.msoa, Hearfbiiin Disgust for food, Fullcess or ui-iht IntbeStomach ' Senr Eructatlons, Sinklng iluttc-nng at the pit of theStoiiiach.Siviimniíigol the Hcad, Hurri-d and diiïicult breathing. Flutteriiig at the Heart,Ehoking or Suffocat Ing Sonsations when in a I.ying Posture, Dimnesa of Vision, Dots or Webs befare the Sight Kever and Dull Pain in the Heal, Defidiency of Praspiration; Yellowness of the Skm and Eyes -pain in tbeslde. back, chest, limbs, ie., Sud'den Bushes of Heat, Burning in the Flesh, Constant Iinagimngsof Kvil and Great Denression of Spirit, heï]vee:]vi::beïi that this bitters is NOT ALOHOLIO, CONTAINS NO RUM OR WFIISKEY, AND CAN'T MAKE DRÜNKARDS, BUT m vm aas? mms In the World. t ItËAD WHO SAYS SO : Fromthe Rev. I.ev G. Beok, Pastor of the Baptist Church, Pcmberton, N. J (ornerly of the North Baptist Cliurch, Philadelphia. IlKiveknownHootiand's Germán Bitters favorablv for a nuiuber ol year. 1 have usej them in my üwïi family, and have been so pleascl with their offects that 1 was Inducid to recommend thein to many others aud know that they Lave operated in a strikingly beneflclal njanner. ltake great in thus .ublely proclaiming this fact aml calling the attention of those affl.ctedwith the diseñes for which they are recommended, to these bitters. knoning froru eiperienoe that my recommendation wil] besustainej Ido thin more cheeifully as Hoofland's Bitters is iutended to 'beaefit the aftiicted, and is lnot a rum drink." Yours truly, LEV1 G. BECK. F,"" Rev. J. Newton Brown, I). D. Editorof thoEncyClePrhiíáde'!hK0U'i "lb'e ttud Uhrfattan Chroniíltlioiigh not disposed to favor or recommend Patent Medicines in genera!, through distrust of their inere dientsandcttects,Iyetknowof no suHicient reasoos why a inan roay not testify to the benehts he believea himselfto have received lrota any simple preparation in th1! hope that he may thuscoatribute to the benent of others. Ido this more readily In regard to Hooüand's German Bitters, prepared by Dr. C. 11. Jaekson of this city, becausel was prejudiced against them for minv years, underthe impression thl tliey were cliietlv' an alclioliolic mixture, lam indebte.l to my frisad 'Kut, ert Shoemaker, Esc,., for the remora] of this preiodice by proper tests, and for to trytbem when suffering from great and long continuad debílitv The use "f three hottlca ol these bitters at the béc n ning of the present year, was lolloived by evident relief and restoration to a degree ofl.odily and mental viuor which I had not for six months befoie, nd had almo t despalred uf regainlng. I thereforc thank fod and mv friend for directing ::.e to tl é Iweof them J. NEWTON ]i:oV.M,Phila From the Rev. Jos. H. Kennard, Pastor of the lOthRan Church. l Dr. Jaekson :- Dear Sir:- I have been frocjnently re luesteilto comiect my name ivilh coinmeud itions of different kinds of medicines, but rfgarding the piactice nsoutof niyappropriatesphere, I have in all cases declined; but with a ilearproof in various instances and particularly in my familv.of the usefulloess of Dr' Hoofland's Germán liitters, I depart lor once frorn mv usual ciurse, to express my full ennviction that ïor genera 1 debiiity of the systini and esper.ially fur 'iver roniplint,iti8aafe and valuable preparation. In gome oases it may tail; but usually, I dou t not It will be vcry beneficia] to those who sulfer turn thu'abov cause. ï'ours, very respectfully, J. n. KENNARn Kighth belo Coates Street, Phiid. From Rev. Warren Ramlolph, Pastor of the Baptist Church, Germantowu, Penn. Dr. C M. Jaekson :- Uear Sir :- Personal experience ' enalilesme tosay that I regard the Grman liitierg ' prepared by you as amosluxcel ent medicine. In case ol severe cold and geueraldebility I have been greitlv benelited by the use of tlie Bitters, and doubt not thev ' wil! produce similar etl'eets on others. Yours, truly, WARREN RANIIOIXH. Germantown, Pa. From Rev. J. H. Turner, Pastor of Heddinc M F Church , Pliilii. " ' " Dr. Jaekson :- Dear Sir .- Haring used vour Germán Bitten n mylamlly frequent ly, lam prepared tosav thatit bas baen of great service. I beliove thatiu most oases :f general debiiity of the system it is the satest ' and most valuable remedy of which I have any knowiedge. Youis, respectfully, J. H. TURNER No. 726 N. Nineteenth Street. From tbe Rev.J. M. l.yons, formerly Pastor of the Co lumbut;, (N. J.) audMillstoivu, (Pa.) na.tslChurches New Roehelle, N. Y. Dr.C. M. .lacksou :_PearPir:- 1 feit it a pleasure thus,t.f my ovvn accird to bear teylimouv to the excellence of the 'lerraan Bitters, fvnne voarn since, beiu much adlicted witli I'vspe].sii , 1 used tliem witïi very beneficial results. 1 liave oftfn rocommended them to persons en'eebled liy that lormcuting diseaw. and lian haard from th.iu the uu, il ll;tttering testimoniáis as to theii great value. In general debiiity 1 be lieve it to be a tonic that can not besurpasi;ed. ' J M LYONS. From the Rev. Thos. Winter, Pastor ol Roxboreuch Baptist Church. " Dr. Jackson -DearPir: -Ifeel itdue to yourexcel lent iropartioB, Uoo8iui'itGrraui Bitter, to add my testimony to tlie deserred reputatlon it has obtalned. I have foryears, at times, been troutile'i with great dis' order in my head and nervous system. I ws udvised by a fnend to try a botfle of your 1,'ernian Dittera. I diilsoanl Iimii' experifnred great and unexpecled re lief; my health iias been ven' materiallv benefitted. I ronlHlently recommend the artiele w ere I meet with cases similar to my own, aud have been assured bv uaany of tii''r good liecis Respectfully your, T. WINTER , H.ixborough Pa. From Rev.J S. Herman, of the Germán Reformad Church, KutEtnwa, Hetki Co, Pa. Dr. C.M. Jaekson :- Rcs[.eeti.l Sir.- I have been troubled witb l'ysprpsia nearly twenly years. and have liever used anv i,M'.li-ine that dk' me up mucli gnod :h HMiiliaiid's Bittert. T ara very muoh improved iu healtb a fter ha ving tri ken ti 11' boitU'S Yours, with respect, J S HKRMAN. QUICES. I.arge ïi?.e, holding nearly doublé quantity.) ïl 00 perbottle- hairdoz. $5 01). Pinall Size- "S cents per Bottle- half dozen $4 00, BEWARE OF COITNTERFEITS. See that the sienature of ■' C. M. JACKSON" is on the W RAPPER ol each bottle. Should yonr nearest Druggist not have thearticle, do not be put off bv iulox'cating nrepurations that may be offered in its plaee, but send to us,aud we will forward, securMy l'ackeil , by expreas. Principfil Office and Miinufactory, NO 631 ABCH STREET, THILADELPHIA. Jones Sd Evans. Successors to C. M. Jaccson if Co. PROrRIETORS. Fnr saleby Driigfristsand IX'alers ia evcry town in tlie Ualïed States. Dö2yl BïifFaloTestlmony. PEOPIJE'S OÏJKjij ,„ Cl"cs "I waVtanibfo] -II, Pi,,.,,,,, ,;,„ '1]''hmumsulTerinji more or h ,, ( ,-t v ,!■,, V i lMu voarg bottlesuf tlie'l''i'l" '''■■'■ ' i"„ í i STe 'hk-''i to pata Ince 1 left it oí more' ij',,, " 'V('. "" d nny consider cm-,.,] "-M''l'li I haa marte: mo fcel verj lijj,t mj ." licln young man Ihoiigh I am sivl ,' j' ■'""'- j"t lik,. R (iODFREY SCHFj-TEI jiSKfï' "'''■ "J[y w!fe lias bron suff, rinir f,, ,„ rt , an lnflimntqr chara, tc-i -f,., „i . '"■' nm if sometimos vit; acutoly. A!„,u, , , ,.'x ,"r K"r yars Ble cornmonced faling tbc -I', i , „ "' Jle lat tinuedto takeitson.e Ihree „L, " '""V nl c„ushe eomm. r.ccd, the su, l!i,,f . , 3 .. "' ' daj- art.-r very materially l,.,,,,.., '.,,' '■;"';'' ui hor „int, dlMpJeared alíoKífhfT n three vcok !,od TUK nTTri71 PEOPtE'S 1-vUltJi v r"r(ls "Td ofos eubsorll , ,,,,.„,'"'" 8 a bad Vamx Soro. tb other i.i , , m ""'U-d „tb s„ 11:, aJvuitisonHH.t of the 'pSSi-" paper, pLichascd the. Medicino „, f „S Cure' 'Í thor .,ugl,H trled it, report ( ,',",, m ' ü-ior havlD lioartilyasathorougl.remo v ;„' n"J""ff t moFt ChriMia,, Advócale? 3 ñ ibelr e.-EdJtot TEOi'I.K'S CUT? R C"r('s "My face hu rnore than ten "' 'Lc Skinly disfigured by eruptloM-and buSkfflS .b,etnSatetendd over mj whole body and ' ü' 'lt times made me entirely blind ; bnt w" "'c,efor lI ■ y of the 'Pcople's Cure, acanilS Uo 1"1' ognize me-rndeed I hardlj SSiíS" 'í "■ a reliman. Let all whr, „„. . 'T'"1" 'l'eople's Cure,_ü,e Jed,cine , renaroi nï? "-v thü Society-aod Hhi.U „,y "nTb 1'EoTl.K'S CURE C"T1mr"ful" "I have usd the 'Peooli'. Cu"f i„ aU,.lil"'un'. Rreat benefit, in cae Slioftta ?d Sinf"' WitL h;ive recommended It freouetttlr "- 7 ■ liheu". "H rhoin IbelievehavebecuïèueHtted y r"1"1'1 "" üf entirely cured byit ""-"", and most ol them TCHAS.SC}URFF,2T3MIlinS,.,up,t„i,,,. a welí -ornan. Jh' UI éul 1 Í, ,' "",' """ ")mOït "StSS. CiTHAlUKE FiEWAID '■BunaSiC:i1IA11'i'l--t. psfflStv CÜRK cïiSiJ1m oib waseachdaygn.wiMKWur.sé, glie Ir d ,,i V(B ' on mtb the .oiptfo, when ' L' 'Z7 "Búllalo, Octóber"ilB-V' i' S2 r""'' 6N. "i ., t -hom all orders should be ddreSed UQnal' WONDEEFÜL SÜCcSs!" S7 The attentiuu and rosearcb of the most Ui "ngnj'bed Chew sts and Physieians for ears h.,c beendOv„t.dt„u1, ,.r.luction „f a remed'v for tbc niotd.tresing üukakju and RUs: After study and many experiraents, o „,f.í Vrtparatwv bas l,e.... d,sCUvert.I. WATSOK 'S NenVato. rbereallotterremecMe.. have utterly failed vt" :.ssU,,,l tbatit i no m,.r, '■ AMODTNE," Z Ttaifw í i J f, '"' ■"""" FainfuI llMt The nuinbi-r ol I,,n„.1(.,„, Kmbrocalion and Kxtern.l Medicne, act a stimulaiit of tbc surfaee „,!?■ are moro y tempo yin jheir effeotS and „f ,1 rtue The NHJfcAUilA KINfi rcaehei thesource, ÏÏ,','.4601 " J.afrom I'rice-Ono Dolía, por Battle, Pcepátrd by 19 Bo!, H. Y., nd Fort Erie, C.W, A i(ts TKEE I!S KNOR'N BY So s a good l'hysician by liis Successlul Works FROFESSOH R. J, LYONS, THE GKWt 4NX) CKI.KBRATED Ml VSlt'I NÜF THÜ THROAT, l.C'NGS AND CHEST, Knoivn all over the couutr; as the Olebrated 1NDIAN IIJiRB UOCÏOE! I-rom Sjuth America, will l.e at nis rooms, UUbSEI.L HüfSE, llETKDIT, 0utlu-18(b .iudl9th inst.,on the saino 'dale of u,1 every Kubseqaeni ]iioi,th during 180-2 aad 18ta A NE.IT fAMPUtEl' Of the life,sti,d, and travele of Dr 1 vori cao e proeuted by allwhodesinone, Irec „f charKO Aowürí!' A"" Arb"r' JilCkM"-a "' ■-". Ann Arbor, Monitor House, 20th. Jackson.Hibbard ll,n].-,c. sist Adrián, Brackott II. use, :Kd imd S3d (l-nreSpat,oi,ts 10 explain symptoms. Alllicted, como Manliood : llow Lost. How Kcstoreil. TITST TOBI.It.HEI), a new cdition of lïr Cul-rcr. (without mrd.cine) 01 8pt.1IMiToliK1(u,., or t mal Wik, lnvolumary Sominal I.o.soü, Jmpotency, Mental and tfhvsical l„..a,a,;ity , ImpedídMt. to Maige, etc. al.,. ■„„,„„, ,ti,.n, 'Enilopsr and Hu, mduced by .mII' ■n.lulnc-e or sexual extrava Price, iu t -:.l.-.l , ■ii,,tr, ,„,ly 0 cents. The cele.bra.tcd author in tbit adaairalde (MttaT ■„, „th.rly ,ears succcsslul practici-, t. hatlh, alamiiiijrc..i,M-,11„.„(;esof self nbuse mav be radica .ycim-d itl,.„,l HícíaDgUB „se of interna„.„r Iheapplfcatíoo it the imfe-poir,tiug out a inodeol cure, at o.u-e imple, eertain and olloc taal bj ms ol wbicl, ove.y sufIVrer, u„ matlor wliat hiscund.don ,r,ay be, may curehimself cheapljprivately,and radically. "' m ;- This Lecturo sh„„l,' be „ the band,, „f every youthandevorynian in the land. Sent, iinder eal, in a'plain envelope, toany addrma ,.,„,-(, „u recaipt of „x eonts, „r two stampa. Ad dress the publi.-hers, ' CHA?.Í. C. KI.INE&CO 1.7 I!ocry, New York, Pot office box 4686.' 95Tt( jrgr FAT R BANKS' P '" UJ' KINDS MBO, FAIRBAKKS, (REEMEAF & C0„ IT9 bak Btrect, CHICAGO. Sol-1 in Detroil hy FARRAND, SHELEY A CO. " Ilc.carcrul to buy only tbe Oenuine.r 1.T958 Browncll & Perrïn, GEN'L GOMIISSION HERCHANTS, 183 South Water Street, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. Dealers in Grain, Flour, Provisión, Seeds, Green and Dried Fruits, Cider, cÉc. Preston, Wilïard k Keen, Cliicíigo. S. BotBÍorü k Co., Ana Artior, Miyh. U&-, Particular flt.tentinn giv n to the ftto ofGren anl Prieil FruKa, Ciler, Ar,. Order? for Ihe purclmse of CIovpf nd Timthy Seed. Cut Meats, Jtc, promptly attended to if ncrmpauiod with cash or satiísfactítry reference C39if .


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