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HPHE KOOTö AND THE LEAVÉS X WILI. be for the Heali! g of the Nutions. Pilde. 3E?i-oF. SFL. J LYOWS, THE GREAI AM) CKI.KURATKI) l'll YSICIAN of the T1115OAT. I.l"Xi;S. I1EAP.T, UV1-.K A.VIl TUK BI.OOD, Known all over country as the CK1 BBRÁTKJ) IJMIDIAIKr ÜEHB DOOTOE I Ui 2S2 Superior Street, Cleveland, ühio. Willvihit the toVlowmg places, viz A?POINTME.VK5FOR 1862, I888and 1864. Trof. R. J. Lyon.s can be cousulted at the fojlowing places ever}' montb, viz: Detroit, Russel House, each raonth, lSth and 19th. Ann Arbor, Mouitor House, each month, ÜOth. Jacltson, llibbard House, eacb ruouth,21. Adrián, Brac&et Bouse4 each montU22d and 33d. Toledo, Ohio,Collins House, -cach month, 34th, 25th, and 90th. Hülsdale, Mlch. , Hillsdalc House, each montb, 27tli. Culdwater, Mieh., Southern Michigau House, each raonth, SSth. EUihart , Klkhart House, each month , 2!)th. South Bead, Ind., st. ,u,. Hotel, eaoh raonth, 30. Laporte, Ind., Tee Garden House, eaeh montb WooKter, Ohio, CrauK'll Excliange, each mouth, 7 tb and8th. Manslitld, Ohio, Wiler House, each montb, Oth and lOth. Mt. Vernon, Ivenyon House, eacb monlb, lltlr and 12th. Newarfc, Obio, Holton House, each imnth, 13th nnd Hth, l'ainesville. Ohio, Cowlfs House, each month, 4th ( I.KVKI.ANO, O111O. RKSIDENCE AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET. Euat of the public square, oppOBlta the Postofiïce. Ortice day.s each mouth, lst. Jd, 4tb5th, 6th, lóth. - Oilice bolus frutu U A. M. to l' M, and Irom 2 1'. M. to 4 1J. M. OnSunilay Trom ü tn 10 A. M.,and 1 to 2 P. M. -Mivximsstrictly adhered to - I give such balm as have no utrife, With nature or the lava of Ufe, Witb bloort my hands I neverstain, Norpoison men toease tbeirpain. ' líe is a physician indeed, wks Ourei. ïhe Indian Ik-rb Hoctor. U. .1 . I.VON'S, cures tbe tollowin;z compiaiota in tbe most obstinate stages of tbeir cis!i me, vi.: Disoases o!' tbc Tbroat, Langs, ITeart, I.iver, Stomach.Dropsy intlieCbost, Kheumatism, Neuralgia, Fits, or FalltngSicknesfancl allother ticrvous'lerangemcnts. Also alldiseasesof the blood, such as Scrol'ula', Krysipelas Cancers , Fever Sores, I.eprosy, and all otber complicáted cbrouiccomplaints. Ail Forma of feinale difflculties attended to with the bappiest results. It is hoped that no one will despair of a cure until tbey liave Riven the Indian Herb Doctor' Medicines a fairandfaithful trial. SatUuring the Doctor'f travels in Europe, West Indies, South America, and the United States, he bas been Ihe instrument in God's hand. to restore io healtn and vigni' tnoüsauds who u'ere given up and pronounced incurable by ihe moït tMninintold school physicians; nay, more, thousands who were on the verge of tbe grave, .are notv living moi.umnts to the Indifin Herb's Doctor's skill and successfultreatmeni.andare daily exclaiming: "H'essed be thcilay when (rst e saiv and partook of the lurlian Herb Doctor's medicine. M Patisfactory references of carea will be gladly and cheerfully given henover required. TheDoctor pledgeshis word and honor, that he will in no wise directlyorinilirectly, induce or cause any invalirt to take bis medicine without Ihe strurigest prob'abilitvof a cure. gjT Modeofexamination,wbicb is entirelydifTerent from the faculty. Dr. I.yon professes to discern diupases by the oye. He tberefore asks ooquestlons, nor doeshe requiro patientsto explain symptomB. Callone and all, md have tbesymptoms and looation of your diseaseexplainedfree of charge. JgThepoorshall beliberally considered. 26fi3. . Cleveland , Ohio, Nov. S5 , 1S62 lyS80 toa'iiMiiiiiiBnffiffiTOinninïffliiiiniiiiSiiaaiwiïiiinrmniiiiiiiHiiii CJ. BLISS WoiUfUake thia method ofinforming bis old friends and patrons and all otïiers wlio may favor him with tbeir patronage, that he has greatly eulurged his Stock and Assortment ! and havïng adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BUYING &SELLING is preparcd to sell Goods at Hoasonni3lo PrioeS, H's Btock conslstsin par ot tbe following: tf AMERICAN, AND OTHER mJw. Watches ! felb jjjpÊÈi The Cc!eiirate'3 SETH THOMAS CLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CFÍAINS, TABLE AND POCKET OUTLEliY ! Fazors,Shears, Scissorsand Rrushes, BOUERS PLATED WARE, the best iumarket, Gold Peas, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAl'KR and KXVELOPKS, Musical Instruments, SHrings SfBooks for Instruments, SPECTACIjBS, of Gold Sih-er, Steel, and Plalr.d,vith PERISCOPIO GLASS, i superior artiel-e. Persons haviog difScult viiehes tofitv.ith glaoses can be atwomodated, as my stock is laigaad complete. P. S. Particular atteotion to the ofall kiuds of üne Watches, such as Miiking and Setting njw Jewels, Pi?iione. Sftijfs, and CyUndcrs, Alto CLOCKS, 5c TEWELHY neatly repaired and warranted, at his old jtandeaflt ftide of Main Street. C. BLISS. Ana 4rbor, Nov. 25,1868 56 GREAÏ.GREATER GREATEST BARGA-INS EVER OFFERED 1859. ySST)' In tliia City, are uow being oLFered at the. CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & jewelry StoreTHESnbecriborwonMsay totheeftiMnsol AnnAr. bor in particular, and the rost of Walitenw Cnuntv inseneral, that hehasjust ÏMPOIU'ED DlRECTLY froro EUROPK.a Tremendous Stock of Watcliea! AU of whichho bind himselfto sell CHEAP.ERthan can bo bought west of NftW Vork City. I have also the CELÉBRATE.) AME1VCAN WATCHES, whichl wlll sett ttr S35. EveryVvatch warrnntud to ucriurm well.ortho monoy retundcd. v Clocks, Jewelry, l'iatod Ware, Fancy Oood, Gold Pens, MusicalIostruHieaU and String., Ciitlery, &c, aud nTact a varUíy of everything usually kept ïy Jewelrs can be bougbtf'or the next nioety days nt your O W N P E I O E S ! Perton buyinganything at this well known establishrr.i: ut can rely upon getting goods exactly as representcd.orthemonpy refunded. Talleurly and secure the best bargaine ever oft'cred In thit City. One word in regard to Repairing : Wo aro propared to make any ropairsonfine or com" inon Wntches,evertnmakngoer the elitire wntch, lf necessarv. Repairinir of Clocks and Jewelry na usunl. AisothemanufactnriiKrof RINCS.BROOCHS, or auything destred, fromCnlifornia Gold onshortnottce Engravlrir in allitsbianchusoxoented withneat. ......l.pib. CWATTS. Ii.ssolUtïÜSl PÍOtiCC. rillIK KIP.M O1-' CHAPÍN, WDOD & CO., w#s íía&olied . l.Ianuary 11), 1863, by mutual consent. O. A. Chftpin and A. R. Wood will settle theaccounts of the firni. C. A. Cii.u'i.v, A. B. Wood, f. Chapín, E. Wwaa. Anj Arbor, Juue 24, 183. Coiínrínership. TTEiüNIKHíyGf.-ja) ifito pprtne,rsip Jan. 13,J6'Í3, byrthe flran jjurte Ojfif&ajjún f:iG.'..aod will continue the business of aiauwfattuiiiig pa'itfcHag and wrapping piper. CA. CflAiiN, N.CuAri-c, V. Cbji". Aun AVr,;i ne24,lbl3 910tf CLOTHING AT -■Srti. ■ IGÜITEimCO'S! Having just returned frora Kast witli a large stock SPRING AND SUMMERGOODS! we invite ?,II our oll friends and custoiners to come imd examino pur stock of CLOTHS CASS1MERES & VESTIXGS. o Dispule the fact if yon can, lt takes the TAILOll after all to give appcarance to the onter man. lf jou wisli to appear well You must accordiugly Dresi Well. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's,, Thure you will find thinga exaetly Sü. SON D HE IMalways ready to take vour measure, GÜITEKMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures L0WER than you will find in tho State, Take heod - call eakly, else you are too LATE. The inbücbments are now greater than ever, Our Clerks you will find obliging and clever. We will show you good CLOTHING oí our own oktting up, Filling our Store from Bottom to rop. STUDENTS especially will find it to THKII! ADVANTAGH, For it takes hut LITTLE MONEY to replenish. COATS of Cloth and Cassimere of our OWIl IMPORTAT1ON, Forwarded through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany aud France, Such as you can stand up in. or wear, at the dance. Pants ! Pants ! ! Pants ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMEEES and DOESKIN of everv grade, We sell them from ONE DOLLAR up tO EIGHT. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it su without fiction, Furnishing apparels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all we say now, Tbsrcefore we make our bow Yours truly, ever so, M. GTJITERMAN. !t Co., Terrible Slaughter! THE VICTOUY SM OURS ! the; battlb Whïch lias been ragfngVor the four weeks at MACK & SCHMID'S STORE Has provea a jrran.1 succes, althougb the slaughter of DEY GOODS Has been terrible. We now make the annou&cement that we shall continué "For Manv Years'1 to make war with. high price. being tetennined to give the hundtvds htJjo rlaily throng oor store, full valúe for their money, Ladies caD find with us all desïrable shades niid styleb of DEESS GOODS, RIBBONS, TRIMMINGS, EMB1ÍOIDERIES, WHITE GOODS, ÏÏOSIERY, GLOVES, &c, Witli a very large and attractive stock of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS W liear it saitl every day that we are ruining the iiupine-ss in ihïs city by sallinff so cheap but we caunot help it, The CJoods Must toe Sold. 1000 N'ew Style and best quality HOOP SKIRTS very clieap, and for the Gentlemen v have a very hirge assoriment of French T willed Cloth, Beaver Overcoatiiigs, Doaskina, Faucy Cafisimeres, Vestings, &c, # Or all 'Uricriilíons, and can fiirainh a wlioíe Buit on short noticeuju-eh clioaper than it eau be buught else where. An exatniiuitioii of this branch of our bunineas willconvince ill that this is the place to buy thefr Pantn, Coat; aod VeaïB. We have also a complete stock of Ladtes an4 Ciiildroïin; Shoee, HATS AND CAPS, And in faet every thini; that man or woman can desire to wear u head or foot, Grocerieg, Crockery , Glassware &c, At astonishing low prïces, and in short our entire stock must sharethe same fate for we are determined to sell, no matter what old croakers may say. All are invited to iospeot our stock as it is do troublc to show on r goods, and we are boundto meet the dera.indfi of tlli Pü'itf MACK SCHMID. For Ras, Mice, Iloaches, Ants, Bed Bugs, Mollts in Furs, Woolen, Sfc., Insecle on Plants, Fowh, Animáis, fyc. Vat up in 2"c. 50c. and $1.00 Boxes, Bottles, and Fl&rfes. $3 and $5 sizes for HoTÏLèj TUBLIC I.VSTITI'TIÜNB, kC. "Otily nfalhblc n-medit'.s known.:' "Freefrom Poiflous." ' 'Not 'langeroiiK to the Human Family." "R'Mh come out of their holes to die " SoW Wholesale in all large cities. ■Qi Sold by all Drurgists and Kctailerséverywiiero. !!! Bku-akk !! oí all vor'th'lesfl imita tione. Öt, See that "CogJAE'BV nauie is on each Box, Bottle, and Flaslr, before you buy. A. di,ss liEIVRY R. COSTAR. fifí), Pkixcu'.m. T)i-:r(iT 4$'2 Bmuinv.iv, Nkw York. Sold lv all Wholesale aud Hetáll DruggiMs in Ann Artor.Mlohlgan. a9M. H0WAR D ASS0CIATI0W, niIl.ADELl'IIU, I'A. Disensos of lic Verven, Simliml.ürliinry mul Stxniil Sysleii - new aml rt'linble trtüt,roent- in Inpmti f Hm HOWAUD AS-O"IATI(IN- Sent'by mail in sealed letter envelopes, fnle of chaiiï1MdreBB Dr. .; PKJXUN IIOUCHTOM. Ilowanl aïii.n. No ï !". .. i :;■'.',■■■■ Hfilailrlfiliia, 'Pepni -Tivai,.-. )J3 I


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