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Kfl'hw morn!üg,ln thethird story of th8 brickblock.cWftie'ruf Main and Huron Sts., ANN ARBOR, Mioh. Btitranaeon Huron Street, oppoaitethe Frnklin. ELIHU B, FOND, JSditor and Publisher. Terms, $2.OO a Year In Advanee. AdvertUIng- One square (12 lines or less), one eek 75 cents; three weeks $1.50; and 25 cents for 1 reri'insertion there fter, less than three munths. "'■■á quare 3 mos $4.00 ! Quarter col. 1 j-ear 20 One square araos B.00 i Half column 6 mos 20 One uuare 1 year 9.00 Half column 1 year 35 Tiros'l'res mos 8 00 U One column 6 mos. 30 Two sij'res 1 year 12rfO l One column 1 year 60 Cardlin Directory, not to exoeed four lines, $4.00 'dTrtiers to the extent of a quarter column, reguUlTthrough the year, wiü be entitled to have thir erds ia Directory without extra charge. SÍ Advertisenients unaccompanied by written or ierbaldirectionii willbe pubhshed untü ordered out, ndchargedaccordingly. Leitil aJvertisements, örst insertion, 50 cents per folio 25 cents per folio for each subsequent insertion. Wben a po.tpcnêment is added to an adrertwement the „hole wUl be charOl thesame as for flrst.nsertion. Parda- Wo have a Ruggle Rotary Card Press, and , " „ariety of the latest styles of Card type wlncli M Vu o Piiot Cards of all kinds in the neate-t ïi biêït'vleai.acheaper than any other house in the PTv Buiine" cards for men of all avocations aml pror,iion, Ball, Wedding ali.i Visiling Cards, pi inted on hort notice. Cali and see samples. ROOK BINDIIVG- Conneoted with the Office is a 'n„.ik Bindery in charge of two competent workmen.-C„unty Records, Lengen., Journal, and all Blank BoÜS tavieto order, and of the best stock. Fam pi. Iets and 8r,odicals bound in a neat anddurablemanner, at DeEStprièe. Entrance to Bindery through the Argm Olfice.


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