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A Test Of Character

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J he use of money has come n modern society to be a" test of character. As men use money, tliey use everything, and everybody. " If they are hooest and equitable in that, they will be honest and equitable in other-things. If, not, not. The intense and universal pursuit of society, it follows that men will manifest in it what manner of spirit they are of. The eagerness with which they pursue " tho main chance " absorbs all other feelings and desires. Even the eternal laws and ordinances of God, which have been established as a bulwarkagainst the mad assaults of human passions, are no barrier to the master-paseion. It may be that the test comes in a matter of milis, or of millions; but whenever it comes, and however large or smaü tho transaction is, how few comparativcly out of the immense muititiuie engaged in business can lay their hand ou their heart and say, " I have not overreached or taken advanfage, or put a cent into my pooket that was not honestly and clearly my own ! " How few have so scrupulous a sense of honor and honesty, that they would no moro overreach the govornment than (heir own brother ! For besides the amazing ambition to get rieh, auother feeling comes uinto play. To gain the bei'ter of a man in a bargain ií accounted smartness. The fillip of a great iutellectual keennees is added to the love of money. There is something peouliarly faecinaliqg in being quicker, earli, r, brighter, fastor than neighbor. It is not that .yon care ro much about the " filthy lucre." Ono, but you aro resolved not to be beaten n a trial of wits. Thus it is tbut false intellectual pride often joins with the dominant passions of riches to trample the golden rules of honesty and fair dealing under foot. But in spito of uil solicitations, how beautiful beyond comparison is unswerving uprightnes.=.- Chrisiian Inquirer. &3Ê" Two hundred and fortythree eserltrs f 01.1 the rebel artny took the oath of nmi]e6ty at Louisville on the 2d inst,


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