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Who Should Pay For Stamps On Receipts?

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n considering thia juestion, tl. at, as a 'eneral rule, the person wbo pays uioney hould pay for the stamp upon the receipt, as the person. to wliom tlie money s paid is entitled to the full amouut, and he reooipt is only for the benefit of the )ayer. Cominissioner Lewid eonfirnis officially this view, but poiuts out a disinution. He says : - " Ordiunrily nt law, no person is ound to give a receipt for money paid. ?he rect'ipt, is ar. instninieiil oí' evideuce ïsof'ul only to the person to whom it is siven. If he needs i receipt, it is ccessary for him to furnlnh the stamp r to staiTip the receipt., if required, beore it is signed. The persou who reeives the monuy is nut obliged to give reeeipt, unieBS tho othcr party furnishs tho proper stainps. " Ii a poison jjives a receipt without equiring tliat tho p;irty to whora it is given shall furnith the stamp, the maker of tho receipt must himself stamp the paper before he deliveis it. If he fails to stamp it before he delivers it, he is Hable to the penalty provided by lavv lor ihe omission ; but the other party may stamp it immediately upon ts being


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