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The Rebels For Lincoln

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Immediatelv after the re-nomiiiation (■f Mr. Lincoln, the Kiclimond Ditpa'ck decJiireil : " We, at least, „f the Oonfederncy, ought to be Batistied vvith him, lor bo has condueted the war exact ly as we niight to wish it to beconducted. He has oonfirmed those that were wavering, and made those zealous that were careless ; converted cold indifierence into iurious i)assion, and calcülating neulralily into burriing patriotisra. As for the military operutions coneived and exctuted ander his auspices, surely we huvo do riglit to ooinplain. No service ever had so many blunijerinw officers, and no oampaigns wc re ever couduuted with greater stupidity. Por these reasons, we are decidedly in favor of Oíd Abe, and ij' we oould rommand a mxllion of votes in Yanketdom, hl shotild have ihem all. H has made the South the most united people that ever went forth to battie wilh an invader; and for that, he deaerves the lively grutitude of every Southern man. U anything could add to the obligations under whioh we he to the Baltinioro Conveniion, it would bo fouud in the nomination of Audrew JohnBoo the man of all others most detested in the South, and most likely to keep togelhcr the parties iilrea'ly united in one Holid masH ibr Ihe proseuutiou of the war. Gonv.inced thar no other would condnot thu war so foolishlv, we are ibr Ihis ticket."


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