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The Democratie Conveution for tlie 7th Senatoria) district, comprising the north half of Washtenaw County, was held at Dexter on Saturday last, and nomina! ed William A. Jones, of the Township of Dcxtcr, for Senator. Mr. Jones is ho well known to the Democracj , of the couuty, that he needs no long in" troduction from m. He is a substantiul farmer, a firm, decided, consistent Democrat, a man of more than ordinary iutelligence, possessing u clear head and sound judgment, and will make a good Senator. He has been for many years Supervisor of hts township, was olways an influsntial member ef the Board, and is now one of the Superintendent of the Poor of the county. The 8th district convention was held at Sabiie, on Saturday laat, and HonJohn J. Robison, of Sbaron, nominated as the can Mr. Kobisoi was elected Senator in 1862, and won honor for himself, and credit for tho county, m the abk' marmer in wliich ho discharge his dutie.. We are glad" that he has consented to run fjr another term, as his ' ability and exper ence will make him a valuable meniber of the Senate. His Democracy is tlie genuine artícle. The Representative conveution for the 3d district was also held at Saline, on Saturday last, and Josiiua Forbes, of Saline, nominated. We have no personal acquuintance with Mr. Forbes, but endorsed by thoss whoknow him as coming fully up to the Jeffersonian standard, "houest, capable, and faithful." He is a substantial farmer, well 'postad in the political history of the times, knows the wants of the State, and will make an intelligent aud safe member 6i the House. The district is very close, and tho Demoeracy must close up the iColumn, and go in with a will. The convention for the 2nd Representative district, was held in thia city on Wednesday, and Jori-rf F'. Miller nominated. Mr. Mille is known to every voter of the district as one of our best business men. Formerly a Republican, his nomination is a personal compliment to himself, and a tribute to a largo number of. citizens who have cut loose froin the adiniuistiatioil. If elocted ho will make an active, faithful member, and will vote for a sound Democrat for United States Öanator, aud agaiust endorsing all of Abe Lincoln's vagaries. JGST The State New declares in favor of Judge Lawrence for tifie vacancy on the Supreme Bencli occasioned by the recent decease of Justice Manning, and recommends his nomination. We are not disp' sed to tneddlo with the Republican programme, but, as a gntherer ofnews, may be allowed to say that the indieations are that the ear.didate of the News will not have a clear track. Other sandidales are being brongbt out, and among them we hear tho na-mo of A. B Maynard, of Detroit, and also that Hon. Thomas M. CootEï, of this city, oocupies prominent position. The Democracy are interested in having. tho Republicana 'nomínate their best man, so that they may win the moro credit in " laying him out," and tbat fúiüng to do that a corapetont raar! may bo elevated to the Beneb. JE5C" ït said that every Democratie paper in the State of Ohio, exeept the Critis, Sam. Medary's organ, accepts the' letter of acceptanoe of Gen. McClellan as the correct interpretation of the Chisagrv' platform tmé the Democratie creed, and give him a hear ty support. Sam. Medary is a chronie sore-head. and hia condemnation is a better recommend than his endorsemeut would bo. When the party is purged of such ultraists day will begin to dawn upon it. Let him go with the WoODS-and othors of that slripo. tWe notïectbatthe Van Buren Co. Fre Prett places at tbe lieadof its ticket the names of only three candidatos for Presidential Electors, - the Lwo at' large, and the one for the second district. This is wrong ; the eight electoral candi lates are to be voted1 for all over tho State and upon one ticket. The designation of "at largo" by '"distriets" ia one of convenience, and should not appear upon the printed ballot. L3" G'eorcie N-. Sanbkrs, tho conogotiator of Greei.ot, in the Niágara conferonco, telegraphs to the rebol agent at Halifax, that "neither the Preanictitial cjndiduto, or the Chicago platform is satisractory." And Sandehs speaks the views of the soirthern leaders. The rebels and Abü Lincclnites alifco denounce McClellan and the platform. L9T The drift in tbis State, 'm the dïstricts which havo not filled their quotasr is ordered to commeneo on Mondy next, the I9th inst. We be lieve that but Uvo ir thrco towns in thia county are behind,


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