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Democratic Congressional Candidates

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The Domocracy of the First Coogressional district oí thia State have nominated Hon David A. Noble, of Monroe, nathi'ir cnndidtite fr Cungross. We havo enjoyed a personal acquain tanco oí mnny years with Mr. Noble, and weknow that ho is a true Dernocrat, but that above and boyond his allegiance to the Democratie party, he acknowledges an illegiance to the Union 1 and the Constitution, and has a love for both that will keep him fuithful to their interesta and requireraents in sny emergenoy. Ho is a eound lawyer, a fine speaker, an experiunced legislator - Laving already eerved oue term in Con gress - and the people of the Firat Oon! gressional distiict should eleet him. Iu the Second district, Nathanikl A. Baluii, of Kalatnazoo, bas been nominated. He is a firm, consistent, straightfirward Union-loving Democrat, of marked ability, strict intcgrity, and great energy. If elected ho will stand by thn Union for the sake of the Uoion, leaving all isms out m tbe cold. Fredbkick Hall, of Ionia, is the candidato in the Fourth district. He is a lawyer by proiession, and possesses all the elements of an able legislator. - Hisopponents can bring no ahudow of charge against him, except his Democ racy, and that should commend him to tho good senso of the blectors of tho ÏWth.


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