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Democratic Township Associations

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We append the following simple draft of a constitution for Democratie Township Associations, and suggest that associntions be immediately orgaoized in every Townnhip, aod thi or a botter eonstitution adopted : COX3TITUTION. AitTTCL-sI. This assoeiution shall be ealied the Democratie Club of the town of Akt. II. The officers of the club shall be a Preisident, a Vice-President for oach school district in the town, a Secretary and Treasnror, who shaïl 'be elected as the club shall direct, and whose term of office shall be one yeai. Art. III. The President, 1 -cretary and Treasnrer of the club thuü cnnatitute the executive comnn'-ivs thoroof. Art. IV. Any legal voti-r f the township may become a rro;nler of the club by signing the consU;-;on. Art. V. Meetings shall be called as the club or the exeeutive eommittee shall direct. Art. VI. The officers ot the club shall be active and vigilant in procuring members and in promoting the objeots of the club. Art. VIII. The Secretary sliall keep a record of the procecdings of the club, and report its organization and al) proceedings of general interest to tbo Democratie County Committee. Art. VIII. The general object oL the association are to promote the success of the democratie party, and restore the eouotry to union, peace, and proaperity. EP The Cinciniiaü correspondent of the New York Commercial Advertittr givea thefollowing agreeable intimntion in regard to the state of fueling in that quarter : " The Chicago Convention is over, and Gen. McClellan is the nomineo, with George H. Pendleton for Vice President. Our peace democrats aiid ourrampantrepublicaos are equally puzzled; the tirst because their crowd, which looker! sojlarge before the Convention, is now entirely melted away ; the second, because many iikti, upon whom tiiey had strongly counted, are all at once turned domocrats. It shows Uf, again and again, that those wbo make the most owisa aru uot the roost numeious. The nominatioD setthes the point, so far as the democrats are concerned, that efforts are to be BiBcerly madeto reestablish the Union. That's al) the marrow I seo in the McCleilan movement,-and the election will turn on tho very issue, which of the two, Lfncoln or McOlellan, will be the most sincere and roost efficiënt workmen in reconstructing the tJoion. The mpression is now against Lincoln in both respecta, and, if it cod inues, will defeat hitp. SF" Gen. liobert Anderson, of Fort Sumpter celebrity, is a warm and entbusiastic friend oí Ge. McClellan for the Preaidencj.


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