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The Board of Trustees of School District So. 11 of the City and Township of Aan rixjr, held U first meeting - since the aubual district meeting - on Tuesday evetiing. The following offlce.s were elected for the ensuing year. PniJn( - John M. VTueelku. Seerttary- E. B. Pond. Trtaturir - Puilh' Bacu. Tho following tanding ooimuittecs were appointed : O School, Ttaehtrt, and Teit Books- The Prosidout, ex offi-Ao, and Messrs. Friezo aud Pond. On üiildinpt, Groundt, &c. - Messrs. öodfrey, Bennett, and Donovan. On Finante, Claimt, and Futl - Messrs. Morgan, Voorheis, and Bach. The coramiltee on schools reported a re?ised codo of rules 'or the government of the acfayola, which was adopted and i'dered pubImImkI. These rules wil] be fouod in another column. A commiUee of three, Messrs. Voortieis, Bich, and Oodfrey, were apjwinted lo report np ni a site for a school house ra tho 3rd Ward. The following comniunication was receivec from the Superintendent : ïo tuk School Board op Aks Aebob: - Gkktlbmkx : - The discipline of the schoolas admmistered by tho teachers and Super intendent during the last year, having beei fally ustained by you, .nd also by the citi ens of the district at the anriual meeting, I , lhrefore, recommend thal any scholar who Is now suspended from school in consequene of misconduct, be restored again to school provided he is vrilling bereaftrr to obey the ruloB nd respect the teachers. V. W. LAWTON, Supt. The eoramunicatiou was ordered entere o tho Journal, the recommendation adopted aad all suspensions heretofore made, or dered removed.


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