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Rules For The Government Of Schools

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Th following Hules and Regulation6 have ueeu adopted by the Board of Trustees of iühool District No. 11, of the City and Townihip of Ann Arbor, ic-r the governnient of ,he Schools of said district : OF SUPÏUHTIXDENT Of SCHOOLS. ] I. The Principal of Uie High School shall be Superintendent of Schools, and, uuder the j idvice and directiva of Uio Board of Trustees, shall have the general superinteudeuce of the several schools, and of the school houses, books, and apparatus belonging to the dUtrict. II. He shall visit the several chools as often as his other duties will perinit, aud shall give persoual atteution to the classification of the pupils in the saiue, iii accordauce with the courso of study prescribed by the Board, andshall see that all the rules and regulatious adopted by the Board are duly eu forced ; and shall have authority when ho deerns it necessary, to enforce discipline in any of the schools. III. He sliall keep the Board constantly infonned of tile condición of the severa! schools, and the changos required in the same. He shall keep a record of hia proedings, whicli shall at all times be open to ie inspection of the Board. At the close of ach term ho shall report the nuniber of puils atteuding each school, with (he average tendance, and such other facts as he may eem important. He shall also prepare an ïnual report, to be submitted to the Board, ubracing all school uiatters coL!#cted with lis superintendency. OP SCHOOLS AICD TKACHEES. I. The Schools of the District shall he clas(ied into High School, Grammar School, nd Ward Schools. The moruing session, in 11 the schools shall, unless otherwise 01ered by the Board, begin at 9 o'clock A. [., in the months of December. January, and "ebruary, but at all other times uf the year t 8J4 o'clock A, Sl.j and continue until lt ;., with a recesa of 15 minutes. The afteroon session shall begin at lj-2 o'clock, and outinue to 4%, with a like recesa. Teachers ïall uot dismiss their schools, nor absent ïemselves therefroni, nor euiploy a substiute without permission froni the Superin.endeut ; but in case of absence on account f sickuess, for a single recitation, the Princial of the department shall supply a substiute and report to the Superintendent. II. The teachers shall, each in their resecüve rooms, be held respousible for the iforcenient of ths Rules and Regulations dojited by the Board for the government of ie schools, subject to the general direction f the Superintendent. III. Teachers shall be at their respective chool rooms at least twenty minutes before ne time specifled coinmencing school in :ie niorning, and ten minutes in the afteroon ; and open the rooms for the admissiou f pupils, and enforce all the rules of order 6r school hours. IV. All teachers shall take care that the chool buildings, t'umiture, apparatus, maps, jooks loaned to indigent pupils, as wll as 11e out-building, fences, and all other school uoperty, be not defaced or injured; and ïpon discovery of any injury shall report the ame to the Superintendent. V. They shall meet at such time and laces out of scliool hours, as the Board may jrect, fur the puipose of' promoting public school education in the District. VI. The teacher of the highest grade in each school buildings shall see that the opening and closing of school, and also the recesses, be simultaneous in all the neiits. Vil. It shall be the dut}' of al! the teachers n charge of rooms to file with the , eiident, within two weeks after the comneuceinent of each term, the ñames, ages, iind residences of all the scholars ander their ] charge, together with a statement of all the tudies whieh each scholar is pursuiug, and shall at the close of each week make a like eport of all scholars who may enter during such week. They shall also report to the Superintendent al the close of every week all cases of iardiuet.8 aud absence which have occurred. VIII. The teachers in the High School and Grammar School, sliall keep an accurate regster of the name, ago, residence, and time of entrancc of each pupil, with a daily record of lis or her scbolarship, deportment, attendance, and tardiness. The teachers in the Ward Schools shall keep registers showing the name, age, attendance aud tardiness of each :upil, and return the saine as above. IX. All teachers who are required to keep a record of the attendance of pupils, shall re-" urn such record, properly kept, t the Superintendent, at th i close of each term, ai d must present a certifícate from him to the of the Board, that thoy have so returned their registers before they shall be entitled to their pay. - X. No text books sha:l be used or introduced by any teacher except those prescribed by the Joard for their respective departmeuts. All cases of indigent pupils not provided with text books shall be immediatly reported to tho Superintendent, who shall notify the Board of the same. XI. The Superintendent Bhall, during the week next before the final week of the term, file with the Secretary of the Board a faithful and correct report of all absences during school hours, of himaelf and the several teachers, with the reasons assigned therefor, the length of absence, and what provisión was mado for substitutes, if any. XII. Tho beginning and close of the terms, and duration of all vacainns, will be determined by the Board prior to the commencement of each school year, and no holidays will be allowed except" by special permission of the Board. OF eOHOtiARS. I. Pupils are expected to commence their attendance promptly at the beginniog of each term, and be regular and punctual in their attendance ; to conform to the regulalations of the schools, and to obey promptly all the directions of the teachers to observe good order and propriety of deportment ; to be diligent in study, respectful to teachers, and kind and obligiug to school mates ; to refrain entirely from the use of profane or iuiproper languago, and to be clean and neat in person and attire. II. Pupils of the Ward Schools are required to altend the school established in the district - where they reside, ex.fept when permission to atlend elsewhere ia given by the Superintendent. III. No pupils preparing liis ov lier lessons in school, shatl be allowed to depart before the usual time of clusing. except by special written request of parent or guardián, or on account of sickness ; aud pupils permitted to prepare their lessons out of school shall enler at the opening of the sessions, or at reccss, and leave at recess or close of session. IV. Any pupil who is habitually tardy or truant, or guilty of open disobedience or insubordination, or who indulges in the use of profane or improper languagp, or who niakes use f tobáceo in any fonn Zuring school hours, or whose general conduct is injurious, shall be reported by the teacher to his or her guardián and to the Superintendent. The Superintendent shall examine the case without delay, and if ho deerns it advisable, may snapend the pupil temporarily, and report his action to the Board. V. Any pupil who shall wilfully injure or deface any school property shall pay all daraages, and be liablo to suspension by the Superintendent. Any pupil suspended under the operation of this and the preceeding rule shall be re-adniitted only by the Board on the recommendation of the Superintendent. VI. Every pupil in the High School who shall be absent fout1 half days, and in the Grammar School who shall be absent six half days, and in the Ward Schools who shall be absent eight half days. in four consecutiva weeka, without an excuse from the parent or guardián, given in purson or by writteu no(e, satisfying the teacher that tho absences were caused by his or her own sickness or by sickness in the f imily, shall forfeit his or her seat in the schools : and the teacher shall forlhwith notify the pareni and the Superintendent that the pupil is suspended. No pupil thus suspended shall be restored to the school prior to the commencenient of th ensiiin" term, unies ths parent or guardián aha!! g've s-itisfactory assurance to the perintendent that the pupil will be punctual in the future. VII. All pupil who fnil to be in prompt attendance at the opening of either tli forenoon o" afternoon eession of school shall be marked tardy, and two tardy marks shall be deuiued equivalent to one-half day's absence under the next precediug rule. Excuses for tardiness shall be received only when siekness is the cause. VIII. üther rules for the internal government and discipline of the respective sel :ols, may be froin lime adopted and announced by the teachers therein, more effeetually to cany out the rules and regulations prescribed by the Board. All other rules are hereby repealed. By order of th Board. CH - E. B. PONÜ, Secy. Bated. Sept. 13, 1864. - - -■- - EP" Dr. R. J. Lion will be at the Monitor House, on Tuesday next, the 20th inst. m QP" We have not received the September number of the Atlantic Monthly. Will the publi.shers forward a copy 1 JC3C" An üdjiMinied meeting of the ' Fourth Ward McClellan Club," -lbe held at Firemen's Hall, this (Frid T) i vi-ning, for the purpose of perfecting an Hpaiiizution. JC5C 'f16 ÖILLÏ8PIK, after a short vacation of travel and recreation, will resume his regular services in St. And ew's church uext Sabbath morning, at lOj o'clock. ______ jLSL" We are desired to say that S. M. Hkwlkït, who bas won sume notoriety as a temperance lecturer, will lecture at the M. E. Church, on Friday evening next, the 23d inst., for the benefit of the Soldier's Aid Society. - i- - - i mm i i ■ JG2L The State Fair opens at Kalamazoo on Tueaday next, the 20th inst , and will continue during Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. The Central Railroad will cany passengers on all regular trains, from statiims east of Marshall, and also on special trains west of Marshall, at halffart, tickets good to return on or before the 2öth inst. Stock and other articles for exhibition will be taken to Kalamazoo and back fret of charge.


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