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A SPLENDID PIANO FORTE ! For a Moderate Price ! ! V 08 E'S mi and di(j.oïi1 PIANO surpamej unything G REAT DU R ABIL.1TY ! Surpriaing ricbin? and brilliancy of tone. ELEGANCE OF FINISH'. And MODERATE PH1CE. Tbe ttention of tba )O.ltt ot Ann Arbur [m respectfull; invtd tu áü oxuniinatiun of thia !í-uiitifu] iintrinntnl. J. FIKNRV WHIÏTKMORF, Uounral Aent f"t ilioStata, 17 Jfforon Iveuuu Detroit, Miau K. C. FoAtor is mj authoriiüd agwnt fur Ann Hor. Tbo VOMK PIANO m; b un at ber ronmí u tbu ! i :hiniMi [14ock. OrtHAT Excitement in Piano Fortes ! VM. 15. URADBURY'S New Sí-ale Planos TVi ihc Asccndnnt II! Suvuti Urst {jremiumt awarded iu fuur weeks orer v) vury couipetitur. GOTTSCHALK, the Renowned Pianist, saya: Thcy aro the 6í au mobt perfect piano now made, for tborough workniansbip, puwer, puriTj, richüjesB, and uuality, of tono tlit-y txcel. J.IIKNRY WHITTEMOKE, (ion. Ageut for the Stato, 179 JvlTernou Arunuo, Detroit. Mi E. C. F"t#r ;a m' uuthurized Agent fur Ann Arbor. Hoins ni Kïchanf Bluck. bad a now and complot STOCK OF SPRING (!OÜDS bought before the recent GREAT RÏSE IN GüLü ? Which will be Sold FOR CASH ONLY, -ÍT THE LOWEST MARKET PRICES ! Cali and See ! Ann Albor, April, 1864. A large lot of L I N E ]ST COAT8 AND SÜMMER GOODS, alivays on hand at M. Guiterman & Co's, CLOTHING STORE. GWe U9 calí an.i we eau and will nell you chïupe and lettor rood than nv othor hounpin thitt city. r 9bVtt Mr. Mathei firat prepared the VEN'ETIAN HAIK DYE ; inee that timeit ïias beun uaed by thousands, and tu uo in -t:unu ha it failoü ta give entire satisfacUop. The VEXEflAN DYE I the cheapest n tbe world.- It piice is onty Fifu Oentg, an'ï each boitle contains doublé the quantity' oí dye in thums udually sold. fur n. Tho VEN'KTIAX PYK is w-firranted not to injure the huir (ir the RC&lp in Die rilihtest dvree. The VEN:riAS ÜYS1 wurks with ravidity and eer-, tainty, the Imir ruirinff no preparatioTi whatover, The VEN'KTUN DYK produces any nhado that may bv diïsirüd - onethat wil Dot fade, crock nr wash out - nn that ia as pt'rmanont as the hair itwelf. Forsale by all druggïwte. - PHe í0 nerita. A.t.MATimWS,Goneral Agent, 12 G-.ld Street, New York. Atnot Mfttiufaciurer of Mathkwm' Ahnka Haib Glows, ilic itent hair ('retning in use. In lartre bottles, price 60 c.cnta. " Iy966 CLOÏHES WRINGER! The OXLY rt-liftl!e self Adjufittng Wrloger. XO WOon -ORK T0 ?WSIX OR SP1.IT, ïioThrMB-SCRKWSTO ÖÜT OüT OF ORDER. WARRAXTK1) WIÏH OR WIÏHütT COG-WHEEUS. U tonk thellR-T rRÜMlUW ht Fifty Seven State nmi i.''ii!i)t v Ka ira tu 1&6Ö, uut is, nttbuul tvn esceptum.the bö't wriagMT ve miuto. WÏÏAT EVÉRt HOIV KN'OWS.vïr: Tljiii i rii we 11 LatYAHÍa&B W(tl Hol ru-j; Tiiut a himplo m-tehme i lettcr thau u comlÍCKte4Í ne; Thut ■ H'i iiu'i slumlil be #tt ujuxtirifrurable and Tliil l Imnih r'cri-w-i :uv tVsïenHigfa cauoe delay anti tiouble to ifMlU aiil lifji in ta-it-r; Thai weüij -ake. ui Ut water UI swvïl, cluiuk and jilt; 'i'hat ".111(1 bi-.'iïinvc.i forihw nhalt U) run in will wear out; That tfac riituaui Wrinyur, with er witlmut cogwbeoU, viH ii"L li rlie cltk-8; Tt:i ' rr.i; ijt-t-1 fi-L'uliitiiis n re not eHtteKthvl. l'iiitl tlie l'ulitt'ii WiiiígtT lias au t mUantages, an'l nol ime f th i1Utv4lvntHgAfttoft imflirrt; Thai aII wjm iinvc n-.-tfd ii yroiii)int it tiio best wringer ever niáctr ; 'Dm' il ill ring i tlirc.u! cr n bd ijuilt without ttltornt f W inihi ::i thd pa por ritli te-tlmnniaju. lut insert oniv tVv to i-mmiii'.i Hm' !.f't'K-l, il sucli Oierc be; aivl wc My fu '11. t-.t ['ii inmm' Wnnp-r. TíhI ü THnitlGilLV ANV an.l ALL olheri. :uil if t!"t cMl-in'l.v ñkUlaotoiy rrturn it. Ï'ITXA.W MMA-THM, (O, 1 knoa f rum p netiral i-xifiioru-f Hwit [r-m wel! íiivr#iÍ UÏi ïint will imt o n,o w met i:n-t L'-:i Ttí ! 'urn., in Wringer is s ii",ir pÓtftfC) , s po -ih'i'. n mi 1 r;i ii ch t'r'.:! rir tnri'ii'i il to v the boKi iu n.-o. Rffij'tWtftilIj ours". W. ÍIEKI.EK. Msny v-i-,ivs -Spi'i if nee In Ihe i'.t Í vaimim; bUftlfioM Tn ■ ml"! .-e nbi' ■ sliifi inpnl in m 11 yartirularn .[.Vil. ( .VYVVM'Vy So.l 0 ;tcLkhiji'n New VKT.ïïTHK.rv, lStil Wc .iv )-t l'utu;u!j's rfniTjn Wmgi by prtcttc) wi'rtrtftr, mul Kimjw t)i;it it wil] [(. It íh rli'-t}-; t ' -imiJi', il r '.ins im Ktinfi ftétiléf t worK (ir ;il i'-.-r ; a cliil'l BtkH 'prraie it; it hMlfl itfl duly llinruiijililv ; il s:i ÖBtfl Bfitl if iiL-s tnmt nnd t ■ar, Ví' oRrpcstiv iifivisf whit liave Mit'J wiiKliiü; to tlo, Hi ;.ll intPi:krTii j.prson-i lio hitva ast, tq boy thi WMfM It will pay íírtMlf in s fWMT ui iuohI. HmN. nOlÍACK GRKELF.Y. P;itc)i:vl iïitlu Liiilf-tï tate, Ful lamí, CtolUlrta nnd A n.stínli.i, Jjifíiífl r nirn ntp mKf trom S t 10 rtniai- prr t}ay kfrvnt ..utini n ovtrj luw n, and in uil l'.-irts mf ib woiW). SMApie WrinM eñí, 3fcxpTa tfd "O rfeeijít f pric' . N... 2, tftCjM; N'ft. 1, $7,:0; lío. F. SB0, No. A. $0 50. Manufru-i iM(rl oiiflsuM, a-i.l rriilii hv TUK UTNAM MANL'FAClTKINt; l'O.' Xo. 1-i Piüítiri'f t N"-w Yortí. ;n'l ( l.' l.i ivV ' Ohio. OrtTrf (' S. .VnHrHrO!', A'-cni.. Ayer's Sarsaprilla. Glad News tbr the ünfortnnate ! THS LOSO HÖTGBT SOR Discovxreb at Last. f FR0M fiSlsivI"1"8868) CHEROKEE REMEDY CBEROEEE INJECTION, Cmpuoudl ironi Boots, Bark aad taa. (JHKKOKKK REMKUT.tue reat Indln Dlnretic cnrei all dliea&ci of the urlnaij oruani, ancn a In. conttneoce oí the Urine, Inflanmmtlon of the Bladder, lnaaai rnulüii of the Kldneys, Btoue In the Bladder, Btricture. Gravel, Gonorrhea, Gleet, and ïa espe clally recoir meniled In those CBBe of Flnor Albui, for Wnlte In femalcs,) wliore atl Ulo old naoieou medlcincH hnve iatled. It 1 preuare) In a hlitbly coocentrated form, Uie dwe oaly beiu( froin one to Uaspoonltil Uiioe Umei per 4a. Xir It Is dtumtla and ittorttln In lts actlon i iylug and cleansinK tte blooil, canBlng H to flow Ir . all of lts orlelnal pnrlty ond Tleor; tlioa rumovlng J (torn the syntem all pernlcloiw cuuscb wbIcb 1it lU' 4nced dlsease. CUEltOKEË INJEOTION Is Intended as au ur aeslstant to tl. e Cherokeo Henied), nd ahouldbeuned In onjanctlon wlth tlmt medicine In alt cases ol Gleet, Goaorrhea, Fluor Albaa or Wnlte ItB etTeelH are bfallag, soothiDg aud demulf ent ; removluu all scald-ing, heat ana jaUL, lnaMad of the burnlug and ulinotit unenclurable puin tlMrt Ie experlenced wlth nearly all the chLap nuouk Injrctujhs. CT By Ihe se of tbe CBEROKBK BKMEDY and CHEKOKEB INJEUTION- Ihe two medicine at the same time- all lmproper dUiclmrgea are reuioved, and tlie weatened organs are hpeedlly restored to full vigor and ptrength. Pilce. Cherokee tteiueüy, 12 per bottle, or three boules for $5. W Prlce, (Jberokcc liijection, $2 per bottle, or tliree boules for 5. tW Beut by ExprtiBS to RUy addDGBB od rcctlpt oí pnce. fy For fall partlcuUrs get our painphlet ttoxa atiy drug store !a tlie country, or write us and we wlll mail free to aoy address, a full treatlse. All such orders muet be lent to C. A. COOK, CMcago, our General Agent for tbe Went. Sold li y Wholeíile Pnigglsts, and by all Drnirsists everyw here. C. A. COOK, Chioaso. General Agent for the Btates of IUiDois lows, Wluconsln, Mtcaiüa-n and In dlaDa Dr W. E. MEEWm & CO., SOLÉ PBC0PBIKTOR9, Xo. 59 Liberty strect, ew ïork. THE GRKAT INDIAN MEDICINE, COaiPOUNDED VBOM CliLorolLE5e) Cure ! An unfíiítlng cure for Seminal Weakneea, Nocturnal ïimlasions, and all dlgensefl caused hj fieif-Polntion, suchas Lose of Memory, Universal L;ts:ltucle, I'kins in the Back, Dlmnees of Vision, Prematura Oíd Age, Weak Kerves, Dlfflcnlty of Brenthlng, Trembllog, Wftkefulness, Eruptions oa the Face, Pale Counteuanco, Iiiriaolty, Consoniptlon, and all the dlrefnl coinpl-alnts ciusoi bv (IepariiDg from tlic path of nature. tW ThiH medicine Is a simple vegetable extract a ml one od wliloh all can rely. as lt has beeo nscd Lu our practiue for niaay reara, and witb tbousand treated, lt bas not iaíled la a single inatauce. lts curatlve powers have been suñicíent to g&n victory over tiie raust stubbom case. tár" lo those wlio have trlflèd wlth tneir conatitutlOD.uut„l tbey tliink tüemselvee beyond the reach of medical aid, we would say, Dkspaib kot! the CHEROKE& CURE will refctore you to health and vigor, and after all quack do'.'torBhave filled ! tW Prtce, $2 per pottle,or three bottleafor 96, and forwarded by Express to all parts of the world. jy For fall partlculars, get a Circalar from any Drug Store In the country, or write to the Agent, who wHI mali free to aiiy onedeslring Ww same, faU trefttlse, in pamphlet form. All hU'ili orderB must be eent to C, A.. COOK, Chi cago, onr General Agent for tbe nebt. Sold In ClitcRO. by Wholesale Dramrtats, and by all OroRglats everywtcre, C'. A. COOK, Chioaoo, Generl Agnnt for the gtatts ol Illluoln, lowa, Wlsoonslo, Mlchinan urt lo' Dr. W. K HERWIN & CO ., "" SOLT! PbOPBIBTOBB. No. 59 Lini rty streer, sw York, Sold bv Wholesnlo Drvtgjpstfi in Detroit, also bv STÉÜBlNS & WJLStiN, Aun Arbor. 95Lyl WA&L PAPER ! 50,000 rolls of Walll'itpor can fnuuí at the atore of John F. MiLler & Co., corner of Main and Washington Stteets, oppotlte langfiterlVM-"fi Hali. Abo a largeassortmeut of Miscellaneous Bonks Ht oíd prloea. Clothand Paper ShaJea, Tassula, Carda undKiaumaf alldescriptioiis. Kramen made tn orilep. Pleasecalt and examine befure purchaKintrelsewhere. JOHN F. MILLEB & no. June lst, 1S64. Sm959 DR. SMITH'S PRBSC11PT1ÖN & DRLG STORE ! Is the place to fcuy your MEDICINES, PERFUMERY, "Writillg Paper, by tho lUain orles, 3E3 TST VE3JOPS , jind all other artiolrs in our liue. &&■ Especial atteution to Compoundingaud puttiug up Presen ptioun, at the sign nt " OUl.U MORTAR, Kchnnge Block , Anu Arbor, MicliÍKHn.ff -ft l'rofessonal calis promptly attfntieil to. 1Y1Í60 100 City Lots for Sale. WIZARD OIL! THIS "SPLEKDII ) REMEDY CURES O TOOTHACTPE Ö NEURALGIA S In Three Minutes. In Ten Minutes. HOTCTVCHE . KA HACHE Ib Fít.o Minutes. In Ton Minutes. C'ItA-Mf COLIO DIPTHKUIA . Ln Ten Minutes. In a Few Hours. ■SOKB THROAT ' RUEUMATI8M. t a Few Houth a a pew Dayg, UAME BACK. SPRAINS. CUT8 AND HKU1SES. BURNS akd 3CALDS. OORNS. ., CHÍLHI.AINS. Thtt invnlu.ihle prepnration only necds a tiial to reflommeurt itstlf to every household in the land. Une one bottle and yon wUl alfaya keep K on haud gatnift the timo of nced. Price Sfcceniá and 7S cents per bottle. The larg bottles contain neiuly three times as ra-uch a the mail onen. Manufacture by J. A. HAMLTN át BRO., 102 Washington street, Cnloago, and for míe by drugglöta gen e rally. Wee Ag'ts: ] gj gL '" OUoa nfATÍBN UP! Ciimp 11(0 pnrinrr lif ful. rr r ■ t# 16tb duy ul Aii;al, a KK nnrl Wllll K t 1 W. -malí HÍxeO , 4 úr 5 jrv rrt oni, (jire.s ii smill m".s ii' m - The owner reifnVStÁrf to jviove ndii r! v , ay cli.ivges, ni. í take Cow wny. W11. HCSJi'HBKV. I.oUi,aei.7ti,, KS,:i. . . y. ■ DYSPEPSIA, ASll DI4RA8KB KËSULT1NG PION DISOEDEBS OF THE I.IVEE AND DIGESTIVB_ORGAKB, AKE CURKD BY HOOrLAND'S GERMÁN BITTERS, THE GREAT STRENG THENIMG fuese Bitters have performed mort Curt HAVE AND DOG1VEBETTER8ATI8FACTION Ilnve more Testlmony I HAVE MORE RESPECTABLE FEOriE TO VCUCÜ FOR 'JHEMI Tlian Hny otht-r ti rticle Ín the murkt-t. We (iefy any one to contradiot this Assertion, AND W1L.L. PAY $1OOO Toftuy oae wLo wii! produce a Certiíicat publinhd by Li.-i, that Is Hut tiKM-'lMt. UOÖFLAP'S GERMÁN BITTERS i WILL CL'RE IN' EVERY CASE OF Chronic or Nervous Debiiity, Dlaeaeea of the Kidueys, and Dlseaaes arising fiom disoidexed Stomach. Obierve tht folloicïng aympioma rtsiihing f rom Viuordtrê of tht Digeêtive Orgam : CoQBtipatíun, Inwaid Piles, Fullnesa of Blood to the head, Acidity, of the Stomaph, Nausea, HeHrtburn, Disgust for f oud, Fullness or weight in the Htomach Söur Eructatioua, Sinking or fluttermg at tho pil uf the Stomach, Swimming of the Head, Hurried and (litïicult breathing. FlutterinK t tbo Heart, (.'hoking ur Huffocating bcnatioDN when in a Lying Posture, Dimtiess of Vi.siou, Dots or Webs before lhi ÉBffht, Fever and Dull l'ain in tho Hea 1, Defidiejicy of l'ru. piration, Yellowness ofthe Skia and E ƒ et, pftin ia tlie side, bnek, chest,Iiinb9, &c, Hudden flushfia of Heat, Burnini; in the Flesh, Conataat Imagiuings of Evil and Orcat Depressiun of Spritx, XTL3íí3Vi:3D2WC333DIl THAT THIS BITTERSIS NOT ALOHOLIC, CONTAINS NO RUM OR WHISKEY, AND CAN'T MAKB DRUNKARDÖ, BUT In the World. SPREAD WHO 8AYS SO : Fronithe Rev. Le vi O. Beck, Pastor of the Baptint Church, I'eroberton.N. J. , íonnerly of the North tíaptiat&iurch, PtilUilolphla. I have known Hoofland' tierman BiUers favorablr foranumberot jmn. I Imve usyd ihein iu mj on fcimily, snd have beeu so pleased with Ihi-ir efTuct that 1 wa nducedto recommend theio to many otberu, and theyhavcoperated n a trikingly benehcial rnanner. I take great pleasura in thus publxly proclaimiutr this fact, and calüng the attention ul tbos aítlicted with the díseasos for which they are recomciended, to these bitters, knowing from expericnce tbat mr recommenilation II beaustaiuo.i. Ido thin moro cheerfully as ilootland' Bitters x intendeü to btsent the ttlüicted, and is "not a rum drink." Yours trul , LEV1 G. BECK. From Rev. J. Newton Brown, tí. D. Editor of thcEBcyolopeiJia of Religious Kuowleilge and t'hristian Chrunif:li-, PhlladélpWa. A ItKougfa not disponed tofavor or recernmend Patent Medicine nepsral, tbrough 4rtrut oí then ingrodieut and etteotn, 1 vet kuow of no sufficieut rcauns uhj a man míy not tentiry to the binofits lie belisrea himsolf to have ri'CL-ived l'roin uay iinule preparatinu ín th' hope that he muy UmwcouUibute to tbe bent-tit of othera. Ido thia more readily ia record to Hoottand'a Germán limera, pvepared by Br. C. M. Jaekson, of thia city, l.ecaust! 1 was prejudiced ugainst tlit-m for inany year, unAertbe niprSMu tha tlioy w-re cliitHv n alchohohc mixture. 1 am indebtud to my friend Rub trt Shoemaki-r, Er.q , roiuoml of 'thi prej'utlica br proper tests, uud íor oncouiageuit-;it to try them wheti suflermg lromgiTiit hoi] long oontitiued débiHty The use .if tureu bottlrs u! bitters at the beginuing of the present y-.-m, was fill(wed by evident relief and restoration ti i .leijre of bodily ami mental viiior which I had not for six nionths befoie. ud hail Iino.t (lespuirod of regaiuing. I thi-refore tliauk (iod ai) m triecd for directing t:.e tf) fté une of th-m J XKWTON BROWX, Phila Frum thu Rtív. Jo.. H Keunard, Pastor of the 10 th Ban Chuich. Dr. Jackson : - Dear iir :- I ha?e leen frequent Ir reaueated to eonaect my with oonmendatioiia f different kind of mi"llcneíi, hut rtnling tbe pi actie au out of Èayappropriate Kphere, 1 har in all cuses $atixted; but with a clenrpiuofiu variou nstanco aud pttrticulaily i" iu fumily ,of the uspfullneMt of lr Huoflaad'ü.Gtíiinan HiiU-rs, I de part tor iuee from m usual eourse. to expres m.v í uil ci.nviction that. or genera Mübilily üftu sywU-iii and epu-cialljr for Lirtr Comptaim, it is a saíV aad valuablf preparation. Iu souie citses it may !ai) ; but tisually, I don t Bot Jt will bo vcry benttficiul io Pbne hu suffer frum the aburo caune. Yiuia,vry refn-'ctf.iUy, ,1 . H KENXARD, Ki.;hth bolo Coates Street , Phila. Froi:; Rov. Warren iïnMph , I'iiátur of tlu lïvptit-t Okurch, tiormrtatowii l'enn. Dr. C M. Jacks. n r-Deur sir -] exterieure enubltiw nto tu say thut I rcgurd the Jiraan Hitivrg prepared by vou as a mosteeel ent uifdicine. In cas of 8"vere r.ld ftnd Rneraïrlebfntj I hnvé íioen jfreatlj bfnviltPd b tU usy uf Ihe itttfr, and doubt not tlu-)' will produc? öinaiuir efifocts on othcr Yuuin, truiy, WARHKN' IiAXIXH.rij. UhihjuiUoh, la Ft om Rt. .T. Il TuiMor, l'ivstor uf Heddinx H. K Church.l'luln. Dr. Jack soa : - Hir .- U i u sed your (íermnn Biltors ín iny fninilj ticquonll , ) -m picpured tortny that t bafl bei'n f trfjii ni wee, I b4iv that ui nu'st citües tftMKTítí deUiliiy o!' tlio systi'm it in the telen and most vulunble rt-medy ai w liic:ïi I have any knowiOdg. Yours.röspectfuHy, .ƒ. H. TURNER, No. 726 N. Nliietet-nth Strwet. From the Rev. J, I.yond, tHrmoilv ï'iistcr of the Cnlumbm;, (N. J.) rtud MiIUtowu, (Pa j ll.ptist (hurrhen New RochplJe. X. Y. Dr.C. il. Jackon :- Pot r ?ir: - ] (Vit il a plemire thas,. fray owaccord to hwr tcítiin-'iiy t thtí excvU lenco I' the 'ïprnmn Rfttem. .w(nno reara sinpo, being loueh iíflieted wtb lvpt'psia, 1 used tlipm wifli T?rj benÖeial reflults. 1 !me ufU'ü itiuoinEUcinltM thoni to I persons fDreeblfd by Itrat formen tihg d!Mase. an-1 havo i lieard from tbem th m-ist it-atterin tt-stim miaN n Ur theír fíreat vthu lncieHjíl Kneral dchility, 1 bifeTO it to be a tonic thrtt can not bo surpáfled J I l.YONS. From the ThoH. Winttr, Fautor oí Ro-xborotijfh. üapfist Chun-li. Pr. Jawksnp ;- lear Pir : -I (c.-l itduc to mri exeeïlent prep;iratinn, H. .Jl,.ii(K'ierinan Bit tero, to add m$ tpstimony to tho le.frvt d rf'i.níalir.n it has obtairn V I hi í'tiryenfs, fi t íimies, been troublfit uitii grfat (íitordf r in ín y hefi'l nml ihtvo'ís v -f.-in. ï was ndvised ty i rrirrui tf 1 1 a botl !► ff' Oï (.t-ninin lïilturn. 1 ■lid so and bv oxperiiio(l ifi-.-u :tn:1 ur-x u-cted ro Ksaf iny h;itb br&n crv ranforiritly b.-ii-'ti'.tt-d. t conlidn(lv r.cninrm-n'l lc articir w ere I n-t wfti tu iny mvn. and have bèfB así-urKd ly maoj of th -:r giod i-'k-.-i -] youi, T. WJN'trií.Kuxhfiouph I'n. From Rev. J. tí. Ucrxnv. f íícrman Rtrfarniefí Clmrcb,K .t"wu. i;-iU.- f-V i a. !r. 0 W. i:.oks..n ; -VVo.-U Sír.-l 1U ( r. uhicil n O, I Jfd)fiüa inly teirfjf ycars. aiui have usftl :tnv iicttvi[ir tiiMt ■!,. mf miirh irnnd av ïlonfliind's iiirtn-, I ivtii ,-n v rauch imuroyed in hcalth aftír bai ni ' .'irti in .- :--.hIi-h YoHiUi f.pvot„ j ö. ul;tïman% PRICES. Lai-gc PUe, fhvVUufl ■ - 1 v i%mUl 'juHiiitty . SI urt fívr liotth- lin.ll U.. $5!M, Snull Wiz.í- TTt cciK.s ptr Üftttïe- htí dezen $4 DO BEWAKH Of COLTTEKFEïTS. S,... th:it Hiirnatiin f ■' O M.-íACKOX" is nn ti.c WR.W'I'K1: nfencMi '-t!lr ViOnt'.l J"er i;i"t h(Aptfifí( i'it híiv1 tlicfirtiftto, V nt be put nfï h irvxc ttiiii: imvpsríH itiw that niíy ho nltprcd in its piare, but -en I lo u,;ittd we WÏU ff ward,, seearly pki-ü, hy itpre. PiiiicijKii Offic1 ftntl AriiMufaetoiy, NO 631 ARCH STREET, lMII..í)KMIt A, Jones & K va ris. Smectatws tn V. M .Tuckon S üo. PúOl'UIETOUS.


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