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The Philosophy Of Health

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lread and butter is the only article Of (aod, of which wo never tire, froin csjrly chüdhood to extreme o]dge. A pound, QÍ n"ne ftour of Indian (corn,meal) coqtains three times as much meat aa one pound of butcher's roast beef ; and f the whole product af tbo grain, bran and all, vvepe made into bread, fifteen per cent. more of nutriment would be dded. Unforluor4ey the broad, the poarest part, is throwxi jwfiy ■ the very part which givcs soundness to the tecth, and strength to the bones, and vigor to tho brain. Five hundred pountfs of iino @bur give to the body thirty pounds of tho b,Qtie elernent ; wbiJo tlie saine quantity of bran gives one hundred and iwenty-five pounds ! This bone is "limo," the phosphute of ]me, tjie iudispensable clement of hoalth to thp WÍJoJb human l)ooy, trom tn) want oí the natural svipply of which multitudes of petaoas go into a general "decline." Butswallou-}ng "phosphatos" in tho shape of puw(Jers, or n sjrup, to cure these "de clines," has, little or no virtue. The articies oCjütained in these "phosphates" must pa'3 thnugh nature's laborntory ; piust be subject to her manipulations, n aldmbics épeqiall prepared by AlUHfehly power, and fliiU, ip arder to itnpart their peculiar virtues to the human frame ; n plainer phrase, the shortest, S9'i!ts 'ait.('.( tnost uf;i!Hb),3. naettiod of ,'iviug strensth to tho body, bu'.;o,, and bniin, theruby arresting diseasq, ;-.nil building up, the eonstitution, is to eat and 4igest ujorp lyead nide uut of the. vvholi-'grain, whetúer o wb;?atv c.orn, rye, o.r oats. Put we must got an appetito for eating more, and a power of digesting inoa Not by the artificial and fezy nioth ■& ui drinkiu bitters and takiug toni:'.-:, au't by.inoiicrate, cnntinued and emun.0 m.ucular exeroise in tbu open air evory d:iy, rain or hine. Aud l -at ffc (i.ay e:it tl)e rnorp of t. the bread must be ffood and cheap and bealthful; and :li;it which combines Ibese three qualitius to a greater extent (han any other known on the face of the globe, as fur ua we knovv, is made thua : To two quarts of coró (Indian) mcal add one pint of broad pponge ; water suffieiently to wet the whole; add one half pint of tiour and a teaspoonful of salt. Let it rise, then knead weJI, unsparingly. for the second time. Place the dough in the oven, mnd let it bake an hoor and a half. Keep on tiying until you succeed in making a lighT, welt baked loaf. Our cook stitceded admirably by our directions at the very first trial. It costs just ha!( as mucb a's bread from the finest farnily öour, is ljghter on thö sfoinaclï, and imparta inore bealth, vigctt and strength to the body, brmii and bone. Three pounds of such. bread (at five ctnts a pound for the mea!) uffordtj as much nutriment as nine pounds of good roast beef (costing, at twenty tive ccüts, $2.27) according ío standard physiological taWes.-S Halls Journal (if Healtk


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