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A Word To Young Men

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llie patnotic young men of the country cannot be too strongly impressed with the truth that upon their action, during the presideutial campaign, depend?, in great mensure, tlio suocess of tho caudidates of the Union Democratie party. Old men for counsel, young men for action , i a saying of as much verity as antiquity. Much, very much is expected of you, young men of the nation ; acd if you would not disappoint the hopes of the mil liona who look to you to aidin securi-ng the oleetion of McClellan and Pendleton, you must begin to work at once. Not a moment can be lost, for our opponents have been in the field for three mor.ths, and have at command all the fnfiuence which comes frora the dishonest use of official power. We say, theD, to eaoli and all of you who loveyour country above everything else : I. Organize, organhe, orqanjze. If there be a BIcCIellan club in tho ward, town, or couuty in ivhich yon live, join it iinmediately, and induce others to do th o same. If thcre be not such a ch'b, got up one youvself. Don't be afraid of failure, there is no sueh word in the Democratie dictionary. Only use (he same energy in this matter that you do in your business, and you need havo no fear for the result. II. Having orgnnized a club, keep the rooms open day aud night until election dayr and supply them with eíFeetive campaign doeuments. With the Campaign World, and such pumphlets aa you can obtain from your lemooratie State Coramittee and the Society for the DiflFusion of Political Knowledge, in this city, you ifill bo tiioroughly armed and equipped ?or the contest. III. Hold public ratification meetings as often as m..y be practicablo. Secure speakers of extended 'reputation when rou can ; but don'fc ghe up the meetings for the lack of obtaining them. Bvins out tho speakers in your own neighborhood, for they will exert more influenco in the oud than a score of strangers, be they never so eloquent. More than all this, spoak y.. urselves. You oan eer-tainly give a reason for tho faith that is Ín you, and tjiat is just what is wanted1. Ping to the winds all diffidence and natural appreheosion lest you fail. You H'ou't fail if you speak out the honest sentimei;i.s of your heait. IV. ïilaka it your business to see every ron who you can in your vicinity be twen now and plefition day. ïbose whom you gad ii favor of Democratie principies and ihe Democratie candidates, tring into ihc club ; and spare no bonest means to convert to the true faith all who are now gi'oping smid the darkness of Black ïepublicauism, V. Finally, remoiuber that thia is to be emphiitically a young nian's campaign. Our candidatos are bolh young n yeans tüGugíi o!d in wisdoni and experience. As sucb, they have a poouliap olaiia upon the support of every bonest young wan in tho land. The nation looks to you for just suct; aid as, you can give it in tbis its liour of trial. Will you, can you withhold it ? Then go to work this very day. The prospect of sijoeoss i cheerjng, bu Iwarm mini thafc our opponeuts are unscrupulous as well as wary, aiid will not shrink from using foul means as well as fair lo secure tho eleetion of ther candidato. The Democratie party is the only one whieh tbe fiag and teops stop to the musio of the Union,' anJ it espeotg every nian tod his duty. Young men to the front ! Let this be the order which shall ring along the ISnes as we form for the v-iatary ia November.


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