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THE ROOTS AND THE LH AVES WI1.L be fur the Healilg üf the Nutionj. Uilde. 3Lx-of. DFl. O". LYOWS. TUK GBEAT AND CEI.RBRATEI) PHYSICUN of the THROAT,LUXGS, tlEAKT, I.IVHR AND TUK BLOOD, Küown all over thecountrv as thu CBI.BURATKD HERB ÜOCTOR I üf 282 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Willvislt the followmg places, yiz APFOINTMKNTS FOR 18M, ISOSand 1S6 Prof. R. J. Lyons can b! coasulted at the followiog places urery morith, viz: Detroit, Bussel House, ê-'jh ftionth, 18thand 19th. Ann Arbor, Monitor House, each uiontli, 20th. Jackson, Ilibbard House, t'ach rnonth, 21. Aullan, Brackfct House, each month 22d and 83(1. Toledo, Ouio.Collins House, each month, 2-th,Steth. and26th. Hillsdale, Mloh. , Hillsdale House, each month, '27tli. Coldwater.; Mich., Sontliern Michigan llouse, each uíoríth, Sfö1. Eï't House, each month. 29th. South Dentljlnd., St. Jn. Hotel, each montlJ, 0. Laporte, Ind., Tee (arden House, each month Jflulj Wooster , Ohio, Cran'dell Eiriraoif, each mcn'ih, "th and8th. Manslield, Ohió, Wiler Htitiifb, each month, Oth and lOth. Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, cacl rWonth, llth and 12th. Newark,' Obio, Holton House, each month, loth and Uth, ,. , PainesvilIe.Ohio, C'owlef. House, earh mónth,4th CLEVELAND, OHIO. IÍES1DENCE AND OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET. Y&$t Of the puVfVic wiarej opposite the Pontoflice. Oiïl'ce days encTi month, lat. Öd, 4tb, 5tbt Oth, lth - Oltice Uours from 9 A. M. to 12 M, sCrni from ST P. M. to 4 P. M. OnSunday from 9 to 10 A. 31., and 1 to 2 P. M. j&JT'Maximsstrictly adhered to- I give such balm as have no strífe, With nature or the las of üfé, WitbbTooUnïy hands I uevei'stiiin, Norpnison men toease their pain. He is a physician indeed, who Oui'es. The imi! Uoctor,-!?. J. LYONS, cure the fol lowingcompiafntsint&è most obstinate stafeés of thei existi'nce, viz; Piseaees of the Throat, Lungs, Heart, I.iver, Stoihach, Propsy in the Chest, Rbtiïfcatisra', Neuralgia, Fits, orFallinfrSickiie.'ííftnílaIlotheTDerfotfí"iffíañgenKf8. Also alldiseaSPS of the bloort, such os Scroftila, Krysipelasancers, Fever dores, Leprosy, and al) otber complicated chroniccomplaints. All forras of female difficuJtiea attended to iritb tbé happiest results. It ia hoped that no one will despair of a cure untíl they have given thé Indian Herb Doctor's Medicines a fair and fait hf ui trial. $O=.111 ring the Docto r't travels in Europe, Went Indies, South America, and the United States, he has been the instrument in God's hand. to reatore to health and vigor thousands who were given up anl pronounced incurable by (he most eminent old school pliysicians; nay, more, thouKands who were on the vergt of the grave, are now living nioiiumsnts to fche Indian Herb'H Poctor's skill and successfultreatmentandare daily exclaiming: "Blessed be theday when first we saw and partook of the Tndian Herb Doctor's medicine." íatisfactory references of cares will be gladly and cheerfully given n henever required. TheDoctor pledgos hls word and honor, that he wfll n no wiselirectly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to take his medicinewithout Ihc strongest probabilüy of a cure. #ïr Mode of pxamïnation, whleh is entirelydifferent from thefaculty. Dr. Lyon profesaos to discern diseases by the eye. He therofore asks noquestions, nor does bc require patientto explain .ymptomi" . Cali one and all, ind have thesymptoms and location of your diseaspoxplnined free of charge. 'PThe poor Kliall be liberally considered. SPostotTlceaddreRS, box 2663. R.J. LYONS, M. r. Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 25,1862 ly88O sasnimami!aBiiiHniran!mm!ii!mrairamanfflnflmmiimiiiraaiimii BLISS Would take this method oflnforniing hifi old friend and patrons and all otfhers who may favor him witti their patronage, tb at ke has greatly eularged hÍ3' Stock and Assortmeut ! and haviag adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTU INBUYING &SEUING is preparefl to sell Gooiïs at Roasona1 llo Jfcr"x"ioO)SI 9 His stock consista in par oi the following: L= AMERICAN ANt) OTHER Watches ! Èiii SEÏHTHOMAS CLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CIJAINS, TABÏE AND POCKET CUTLËRY ! PazorSjSliears, Pcissors a,nd Bnisliea, ROGERS PLACED WARE. the best in market. il1"!!.!!. J Í..I Jl.l' II .-ïlll., till. UCIIUU UiailVCl ■ Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPER anl KXVELOPES, ! Musical Instruments? , Strings Sf Books for Instruments, uf Gold, Sileer, Steel, and Platcd, whh PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior article. Persons having difficult watches to fit with glasses can be accomodated, as my stock is large'and comP. S. Particular attention to the HEPAIRINO of all kind.s of fino Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewels, Phifaiis, SiaJF, and Cy lindera. Also repaired aod "wr"anted, at bis oíd standeast sideof Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann trbor.Xov. 25,1863 826tl GREAÏ.GREATER GREATEST BAKGA.INS EVER OFFERED 1859. )1859In tlih City, are uow beingofferedat the CHEAP.CLOCK.WATCH, & jew elry StoreTHKSi'bBcriber wouldsay tothe citizensof Ann Arbor Ín particular, and the reat-of Wathtenaw Countv in general, thnt hchaajuat 1MP0RTED PIRECTLY from EUROPE.a Tremendous Stock of Watches! Altaf wbWb Uii Unde hunself to sell CHEAPEKthan cgo bebought w&st of New York City. I have alao the CELEBRATËD AMER'CAN WATCHES, whichlwlll seli ttr 35. Every Vv atch warranted to uerform well.ortbe iaonoy retuadcd. Clock, Jewelry, flated Ware, Fancy Goods, Gold Pen, Muslcallnstruments and Strlng, Outlery, &c, and Infactnvariety of everything Iwt hy Jew olorscan beboughtforthenextninety days ut your OWN I' RICES! Persons buying anything nt this wel! known eatabliíi,ra.e nt can rely upon getting goodl exaet'y as reprecü4í, osibliie monf y refunded. Oallearly and secure tlie best bargaina ever oflV'red in thii City. One word in regard to Itepairing : We are propared to make any repairs onfine or cora" mnn Wutck-ííatOven to makiigo j;er tb-e entire wntchh If necessarj-. eíepairlng of Cíoxílts and Jewelr a.8 nual. Alan the mnnufacturinR ot IÍING.S, RRQÜCHS, í)í aiiything desired, from California Cèold onshortnotice. Hneravipc ii Plütabranchoeexeented withneatnt'3s and dispatch , J „WATTS. JJissolntlon Wotice. m-HE KHiurtaFrmi'ijj, wuon & co., wa MsolTe4 -IJanuarv Tfi. !Sri3, by mntunl consent. ('. A. ChapÑ añil A. lí. Woud will settle tbt' accounts of the firn. C. A. Ohawin, A. Ií. M'ooii, V Ciu;i., E. Wklls. Att Arbur, Jiioe &t, 186S, Coiartiiershi. TTE UXDERSIGNF.n entered into pnitrierahip luí. 18,1843, by tlie firm name of Cliapin & Co., and will continue the business of njanufacturing printing ati'l vr:ipping paper. C. A. CVi iv CnAnx. T Cr T'v Aon ir'.Br. ' i 51, lSf.,1 SlOtl BANNEÍa -■ HAT STORE! GOTO Before jou buy, Spring; an SitíkHiH atflea of V-V 3V 'LyT Can STEAY GOODS! G-EÏSJ-TS' Furnishmg Goods, &c. Jittri ArSor, April 20tfi, 1S64. 3m953. ÉMPIEE BOOK STORE! Hftvmg pnrohased J. R. WEBSTER'S sintk of BookR aud Stationery, I sball eiideávor to keep a coustant supply ot SCHOOL BOOKS, TEXT BOOKS! MEDICAL k UW BOOKS STANDARD AND MISCELLANEOUS WORKS, which will be sola at the LOWEST CASH P11ICE. Also ALBUMS, GOLD PENS, SHEET MUSIC and a sunerior oualit.v of " -mjíti lui '(Ui! III UI WALL PAPER! and everj thing usualiy kept !n a well conducted Booi Store. OppositP Franklin House. G. W. SNOVER. Aun Arbor, June, 1864. 1960 Rifle F actor y! Beutier &. Traver, [Successors to A. J. SutherlandJ Manufacturera of nnd Dealers in Guns , Fistol s, Ammunition Flasks, Pouthes Game Sags, and Everjother articJe iu thatLine. All kinds of cjrineitttlieshortcst notice, and in thebèst monner ■■...■Í3 W-ÉÜW, a ful] assbrtraentalway's kept on hand and made order 1, Shop corner Main and Washington streets Ann Arbor,Oct. 8, 1S6Ü. 873tf MICHIGAN CENTRAL INSURANCE COMPANY Kalamazoo Midh. Insures against Irss 01 Damage by Fire or Iiightuing. CHARTER PERPETUAL. Guarantet Capital, by State Authority, $300,000,00. DIRECTORS : J. P. Kennedy, Marsh Giddings, A. P. Mills, Geo. W. Snydee, S. D. Allen, Geo. W. Allen, OPFICERS : J. P. Kennedy, Pret. T. P. Sheldon, Fr Geo. W. Snyder, Sec, A. P. Mills Treas., H. E. Hoyt Ass't Sec, S. D. Allen, On. Agt. 940tf 1STEW FIEMÜ o GRUNER & SEYLER, WHOLESALE & RKTAIL DEALEBS IN TOBACCO, CIGARS, Merschaum Pipes, &c. Wet'ie ut&tmjinei, b'eg leave to nform (he CTTI ZEK8 ( ANN ARBOR t?d vielpltj, 1hat wc ilay establiüheil a Tobacco and Cignv bupintss in tliis plHce.onc door Nnrtb of tjiï franklin BHock, Kain tbeet, wlirrvne shnifal'ways keep nfull assoilment 01 the best quahties of SMOKIIVG & CHEWIJVG TOBACCO! as alsn a large aad ckoice seftctfoa !■ thï bost braDds of CIGAKS! PIPES, (MerscWm, Brier and Eosewood.) CïGAR HOLDERS, INDIA RUBBER POUCHES, SNUFF & CÏGAR BOXES. Wlll be foiind w!th us of all kim] and of Prjcps to Soit F.vKRv Om.' We liall ell all of lh aWe numüunMl articles aai3 many othern wlllch bclonn to our line of trad a.trlle lowest pognible rate for cnsh, l'leaae calland examiup. N.B. - Sign - faitaw witb cig:u-bo one door nortb of the Kr.inklin Block. t.v :■ l i V.. :,. (,. i. ,,.


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