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pQtIsl.e'levcry Friiiay iDnrninsJn thethiril slcrf f h.brickblock, corner ot 'M.ihi and Uuren Sta., ANN HBOU Micli. Entraueeon iluion trwUoppusitethe ELIHÜ B. POND, Editor and Publisher. Tci'ins, $4.OU aYcnr I Aflvance. drcrllsiiiS- One square (12 linea or less), one ,k 75cents; triroe weeks $1.50, and 25 cents for ,,'yioaertioii tliere fter, lesa than three Snuntha. 0 0„e square 3 mos $4.00 11 ijuarter ooi. 1 year $20 Iöm snoare 6 mos 0.00 ll.ilf column 6 mos '20 line Monre 1 year 9 00 l Halfcolujnn 1 ycar S5 ïioiq'res 6 nol 8 00 ! One column 6 mus. 30 ,0 q'res 1 year 12.00 l One colunwi 1 year 60K Cmrds in Directory, not to exceed four toes Í4-OO 'idvertisers to the extent fa ïu'artwolmn',regu i i ttrough the ytur, will be entit1el to llave tluir '"j,in Directory without extra charge. ' y Vilvertisements unaccompanied by wiitten or ri'il lirections will be publiffheil uctil ordirtd out, fichargeua.6rai'-,umI idrertisemenWi tirat insertion, 50 cents per , Y:'-, cents per folio tor ench subseauent Usertion. 'f, Tpoxtncnemeal isaddea to ;,n a the fcSe'wra be charjed as for t„b PHMng-PnphteU, Hand Rills Circulrtrs Ju BallTiik",, Wbéie, Btonka, Bill Hofccl, and PlLlDldf anfl Job l'""i th prompt ue, ....I " ,0 be,t style. CarU-We have a Ruggtel Kotarf iald -Press and , .a.riety i'f lHt.-st styli-s of Catfl type whloh iíl!tvtoHideheaper lia any other housein the 5OHi r,, „Pc.v íOTwenoí i.H aTocatioosand .ro4. " " ,,.,11 Weadingaüd Vtsl-Hng Car.!-, jiriated on ; Sino'tice. Calland eejataplca. mullí B11VDISG- Cunneck'd ith the Office isa iRin.iprv in ohnria of two ojrtwnt wHnre:,:f,,orr,an;;oíth best sto,k. ran,pl,le.s„n,l T i,Vils bo umi Inaneat and durable mannt, at De Kprkè; i ÏÏtrance to üimlery tbrough-the .I ,■., Office. _____


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