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J. C. WATTS & ÜRO. DfAlKl! In Clocks, Watches, Jswolry and Silver Ware Ho. 24, New lilocli, Aun Albor. 0. BLISS7 VNVUfi; r. f-i"Ks' Wtefci, etfetry rrid Silver ]) WareNo.2-2, New Block, Ami ivi'jur. C. H. MILLEN. rvIALER in Dry Goods, ;roceiies, Crockery, ko. &c. 1tnfii Street, Ann Albor. _ "PHIMP BAQH. UIERS in DryGoodi.Oroceriei, Boots & Shoi-s. j) ie, Mam st., Ann Afi.c.r. _ , GEÖÏÏGE W. 8Ñ 0 VER, nFUERin Jtiseelïaneoo and SMroolBoOka.etation ])yM Pare, fcc. Jurón Street, Ana rbo "lUSBC)Ñ& IIENDERriON. D Vójs, TinWar,-, kc , &C.,-(!W Blek, Muid i _ "!" GEO" PRAT, M. D. rryStCIVifaw' ftirgcon. Besidenoe ard ffi-oe ol f Detroit .-tivet, ber ihe l epc i .. G-j TAYLOR, ffiT.lI.ER in Hts, Caps, Fors, Botwa, Gents' Furni-liJ) inS(;uods,etc. Eajlt slde Main Street, Arui Arbor, Sfichiuan. A. ï. .8 U T U E I! LAND, il 4KT for the !Tw ïork Life 4Bnarnse Ckmp&ny, l Offlce on florón stret Also has un 'baad a stock ol the must approïe 1 tering mMliirie. 885 1 f " GËOKOË FISCHEK. MET MAKKET- lluvon Street- éeñeral deaTer in. t'resh tod Salt Uwti, Boef, Muiism, 1'ofK, iiams, foiiH:j, UrJ,.Tailo , „., Jcc. "" HI1ÍAM J. BEAKES iiTtORNEY an.l C'uii.-..-llor .■' I -■ v . ,nd ..licitor iu j Ciuncery. Ollicu in CilydaU B', over Weoster's iSoofc.Uire. LÊVTTÏr& BREAKEY. KITSlCtAJfS AND 8ÜKOEONS. OBiee at theresiene of Dr. Lwitt, noitli siiie of Iluron, two doorS' rost of División street. M. GUITERMAN & 00. WITHOI.ÏSALEiilci Ro(ai] Dealera an.l ilnnnfacturcrs VV ,if )(:.!■) C!-tinn_" [mportets of Cloths,astímmí, Omkiae, te, No.. 5, l'lip-nix Block, Mai st. WSL WAwaÊR. TvE.lf.KR in Mde Clothing, Coths, Cassiniercs, ü) ml foatings, Hat, Caus,ïrunks, Carpet üags, &c.,; fhmls Block, Main street. SLAWSÖN &SON. rflBPCERSvProvision and Commission Merchants, and W ilute in Water Lime, Land. Piaster, amJ Piaster, (Ol Piris, ooe door east of Cook's Hotel. jTm. scott. IMBROTYPE and Phntog;aji!' .Artisi , in the rooms .A over Limpion"s Clotking store, l'lixcnix Block. Pertttsi satiafaction given. ü. B. PORTËR. .JUROEOM DENTISÏ. OfSce Corner of Main anti Huron jVitreets, over Bach & Pierstm's Store. All calis Tromptlyattendpd to Aprl8J9 MACK & SCIIMID. ïïAMÏi3 in Fnjslgn and Domestic Dry Oood, Orocelü rit. Jiu and Caps, Boots and Shoes, Crockery, c, Copaer.of Main & I.Lberty sts. spae:ford;& dobslby. MANUFACTÜRv,R6--f all kinds of Cooopcr Work, City Cooper Shop. Custom work done on short lOOtice. Cor. Detroit and N"rtli Stieets, and cor. Xorth iSH'V Fifth Strpets Ann Altor. ANDREW BELL. D KALER in Groceries, Provisions, Flour, Produces, Sc, 4c, cor,uí.r Main and Washington Slreets, MMrbor. 'Thehighestiuarket piicespaid lt.oüutry uice. 886 i. o. oTvT flSIITENAW Lodge.vl!o..9, of tho Independent OrÍK0f OddFellows inect at thetr'Xoige Koom. (?1'riday EveniDg,at 7 ií o'clock. 8. Siwdheim, N. 11. P. B. Rosk, Secy M. C. STANLEC, Photograplaio ja.artisit. Ö!er Main and Iljron Stroets, Ann Arbor, Mich, PHOTOGRAPHS, AMBROTYPES, &c. . &"-, ■■the latent stvles.and evory clfort moáe-tugirc satisfeon. 956tf D. J)eFOREST. WHOLESALE and retail dealer in Lumber, Ith, '' ijvin gles, Sasb , Doors, BHnds, Water Limé örand fcr Piaster, Piaster Paris, and Nails oiallsizes A ';ilndlii!rffft;.ssoit.inin1 of 1 1 nbnve , :i "d al'otlier ll.obuijdingaaterial8 ooDstantly on hand at the Jni'pOMibli) rates.o.n tetroitj ï.,; few rodüf rom the "ittoi-l Depot. Alsc operating extensively iu the ■t Cement RooBng. Dranger fiñLey, 'TO51EYS & CöCSSiUORS AT Collecting .and Land Agents. lO'nC! OVEU DONELLy's. Sl'OKB, 1TUB0N STREET, F. Giiano,i;p., ) Ann Arbor, Mich. w. H. PiNtHT, lOoi&. 28, 1864. .,941tf FOR SALE! A Kïff GROVER il BAKEB SKW1XG MACHINE, 'i lo a NEW SNOEE MACHINE, either Family or !fflWuiacturiugpattt-rn. Auply at ':THE ARGUS OFFICE. Ayer's Cherry Pectoral


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