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Exchange Of Prisoners

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IIOOD TO SIIISRMAN. HfíADQUAUTEKS, AlUIY OF THE TuN-' 1 NESSEK, JN T1IB FiECJi, Sopt. Il, '64. ) Major-Goneral W. ï. Shenuiui, commaodiug Uuiled States forces : Sir- I had Iha honor, on the $th ïn - stant, to proposo to you an exchange of prisoners - officers aud mon captured by both aniñes since the .ecuaanieneement of the pr,?seut.cauipagn. Ou the same day you answerod my öOiiMiiuiiioatlon, stating that you accepted ruy offer 'ito exchange prisoners of war on hand at this moment.' Thero being no condition attached to tho acceptanoe on your part of my offer to schange p.riscners, I regarded it as obligatory to ihe extent of prisoners represented by you to be within yourjurisdiction. At the meeting on (the lltli instant between our respective jet afF otfieers, Major J. B. Eustis and Xjietenant-Oolonel Warnor, I. G-, ïnte.pded to .arrange preliminaries as the timo aud place of delivery, ,&c, a communieation wasroceived from you, renáering, I regret to inform you, an exchange of prisouers im possibie. Your rofusal to receive in exchange your Loldiers beknging to reginveuts whese time are out, and who have been konorably discharged, disclosed a fixed purpose oq tue part of your goverument to doom to hopeless oaptivity thofe prisoners wbose term of service has expired, or wll soou expire. The new principie wUich you'seek to interpólate on the cartel oí our respective governments, as well as upon the laws and customs of war, ,vlio owe no obligations to the eaptors, must stand upon the same equal footing. The duratkn of theso terras of service ,can certainly iuipose do duties .or oblijjation upon .the eaptors. The voluuteer of a day, and the conscript for the war, who may be captured in war, are egually subject to all tho bm-thens, and equally eutitlud to all tho rights secured by the law of nations. This principio is distinctly conceded in the cartel entered iuto by our. respective governmeuts, and is sanctioned by honor, justiee, and tho public lar of all civilized nalions. My .pffer to exchsnge the prisoners eqptured during the campaig i, precludes an intoutiQp. qn uiy pi-t in tho .dpUvery to discriuiinato between your prTsouers, as all would have been delivored ; and even had it been intended, this discrimination ,betvveea your men, whoso term of service had and had not expired, would have been impossible, and could not iiave beeu efiected, as I had no reliable means of ascertaining what proportion of your men were eutitled to their discharge. Your avowal this aliss of yppr soldiers will notbe exchanged, bjit vfIII be rewarded by the sufferings and privationa incident to military imprisonment, because their boldness and courage subjected them to capture, alchougii their. terms of service had nearly expirod, is deeply regretted by me, as I have the earnost dosire of my government to release from pr,elonj;ed corifinemoiit the large number of prisoners held by botb parties. Permit me to hope that this declared ppje jjf your governmeni KJU bo reconsidered, as it is unjustly opprc.ive,to those whom the hazard of military service havo r.on.dered prisoners, and is violative of the well-understood obligatious af a government towards those yho are eulisted in its ser,v;.ce. ,s ,w,aL proper, I notified my governijient pf.jpy offer to you to effect an exchange of prisouers captured during this campaigu ; and not only was my action apprijved, but my goverument placed at ïuv entire dispusal for irnmedJate e-xchango, aian for man. all the pris uers at Andersonville. [ have tjie honor to roncw my offer to exehange pnsoner3, as proposed in my tirst communioation, ftd ..remain your sbedient servant, J. B. HOOP, General.


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