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Mound Ciar, Sept. U, 18G4 Ma. Editor: - Imagine an individual whose cognomen is "Short1 seated in rathor an awkward position by tho side of a twenty four-pounder howitzer, pencil tightly grasped between dirty fingcrs, and the wiud gen'ly lifting the leaves of, ommcrcial note, trying to write a squib, and you have a correct photograph of the writer. 1 am quite tired this aftcrnoon- was; on shore a majority of the foi-noon ! iiiir, and not being use to that exereise, b.ecame very tired, and could easily fall asleep were I permitted to do so ; but I am on board a tnan-of-war., wliere things are supposed to be condueted "up to the i lianJle." The oiEcers are very strict, and unless very i'hing is doue accordiog to "Iloyle," you are severely reprimand,ed. I expected this wiien I enteredi the service; I expected to get "Ilail Columbia," oceasionally, (t#(l I get lier. Could I get tuy discharge to-day I would; uot accept it - am in for a ye&r, and atu bound to stick it out ; but I am gi'tting somowhat of stopping' oS' this place, wish the boat would move down tho ■ river wittiiu-smelüttg diítanee of Dixie. We see a few guerrillas across the river, oceasionally. ïhey como to the bauks and watef itheií' iiouses .quite often, with several gunboais on this side pointing upou tb e ui with howitzers and Parrota. Mouud fíity is a y.ery small place ; it has however pn extensive hospital, and Navy Yard, and will .uiidoubteüy be a' place of some considerable iiuportaucc. It'itaf: now I should judge, about a thousand ÍQha.b;taut. Cairo is ,niuch laigerj but in time Mound City will be far nhead. It has the advautagu oo account of,',!,igli land. Aduiiral Porteh's flagship, the Bhuk Hawk, at.d several other boats belonging to the Mississippi fleet, are auchored oft' here. ïhe AduiiraJ is off ou a visit, has been gone some time, but is expected back every day, and the conjecture ia that when he arrivés wc will move down the river. T'kisboit is cousidorud by all to be the best fitted boat in tio fieet,, it act;; as tender to the flagship.; ,she oarriës six howitzers and ,tyo parrgts. i 6H0RTV" .On Boahd tuk ,U. S. Stuamek Faiky, Caih Girardeau, Mo. Sept. 25. Mit. Editou : - We are anchore 1 about .15 ra les up tUs J'iver from Cape .(Jirardeau, a place of considerable importauce, about 50 miles from Üaiiy. The generai appeai'auce of the town as seen from a gunboat is uot very attractive - mulos and an abundapce qf oontrabands line the river banks - army wagous, a frown-i ing fort, with long black "dogs of war" ,poiütiug theinhuge muzz'es to the roamiug bands of guei-i.:illas, a small regiment, of infantry, and a less number of cavalry. x.n army hospital completes tLe town ip, a military point of view. This boat received orders to rnpve apojit i, pelock Thursday, the 23d, and tho oommand, was oboyed with dispatch. ]y 9 o'clo.ok wo were nnder %ffl. We .etiped it from Mound City to Cairo, but ovving to the buukers gettiug short of ooal, tied up at tho last named place, and coinmenced that, whifch is the cream ui gu:iboating, carrying in cOal. 'Twas tho first time this individual ever exercised hits mjiscle in thut cíipacity, but knowing ful! well that the detiiands oí Abo wcru niany, had tp subiuit. It took us all uight, and a more tired .c'.v.yv uever sat Juwii to hard tack and coifoe. After breakfa t, whieh .wo huve at halt' past fivo, th.o bout gave a snort, the old engines eommeneod to move, and we were soen under way for this place. J[) passing up the Mississippi no particular point of interest presenta itself, either to a private in ihe uuboat ser.viee, or t the s' ,; l.ür fivjlian. Ou either side tho banks are uothiög but sand, while about forty rods from tLe watyra edgo, ,tul!, stutely, sombre trees loom up in strong e"i)f,rast ,to t.l,e,dosiTt liko ,'fore-gro,uni3. ,l7ho,n but a boy I had, rond oí' . groat "fathe.r of wators," how Iudiün.s wit li fraji .caooes att;nimed ths curreut, and sported in ravage forocity !p.wgts baiiks,, yo.'.v lje wav wiioop cohoed and re-e.cU.uod lisrougii the forest, and started the wild boasts from tlieir lairs. (I e.vpeeted to.cxperioiice au "cinotion" if it was evpr my fortuno to steam it ou the Mitssissippt but n,o strange foeliogs eauae "stealiug o'ur me," as puffing wc ïode ou its turbid 'paters. ,Whi'e (iown at MounL Ciiy,.a report cxme that tho rebels wero in strong forcé near the Cape, and tbafc an attaek was anticipated at any moment. We were ordored up the river to guard the place, but after arriying thp rebels had mysteriouüly disappcared up the river, so wo ateamed it fiftceu i)41es up, wbere w.e are it tjje present time, watching, with ioaded guns, the hordas oí Plice, Whctlier we shall have a bruahj here, I am uot able to teil, but eertain it is the guesTÜias are near na, -au.d apy moment may bring on an engagemeat. The tveather is very warm here, swallows are flying overhead, the birds are singing líjeír sweetest songs, jn fa,c,t it remiuds meof Spring in the North. Should anything transpire of importance I will di'op # liae. Fightiug is not very brkk, guerrillas re pretty scarce, and transporta ply up and and down the river with very littlo danger, itespectfully, W. F. B.


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