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Wisconsin For Mcclellan

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-It give us pleasuro to pub'ish the foliowlng oheering extract of á letter receieed ia tliis city from the Hon. C. A. iildridge, who so ably represented the iiourishing State of Wisoonsin upon the floor of . Congress : " Our peoplo are wild with onthusiaam for the nomiiioC of the Chicago Convention. Wo fciul! carry Wisconsin. - Wathinglon Comtitationai Union. jL3T" One unniistakablo voice comes from the urrny. Tliu soldièrs aro unaqíiijous for JVIoClellfin. They cheer his iiiiiuc everywhero. Lis cola's name never ruines a shoat ainong thetu. 'S'' The Army and Navy Journal has a good motto - "The ünion first; Penco nyxt; V:ir last; SeparatioD Dever.' A lady kissed ea. 'Qraat at Havre de (jrace. Il e blushed, but stoöd ifc pretty well - pcrhaps botter than Mr8a Gi'ant ml!. " Turn out, Lincoln meu ! " is th,e Fran tic appc'al of the abulitiou mauagers to their followers. " Turn out Lincoln men,:' is Ihu way the pcople are readiug tthe appeal. General Slocnm, comniauder ofthe gd ,Cari k uíipturoJ Atlanta, .is a New Yorkcr aud a Syraouiau. He was a elass-mate at West Point with McjCloJlai:. ,The bufore the rebelliou ttn...e oit, he repreáéotod' Onöbjdaa couaty ia 'tlie AseÁbly of the State. ' Tiie ebel General ü-onlo i, who was killed in 'tbo battle iu , ihö Sh.d;inioah Valley, v,ms a gradúate f Yalu CMlogö ,in the elass of Ï&4&. He wa a lawyer ia Savannah when the war bioke out. We arp told thai thore ought at this .time tobe but ouu party ia the North. We agroe to that. But that party should be the one. that desires te have a chanco in the adimuistratioB. If tho government officiü-.s honratjy discharge their óuties, tho administration honestly discharges tlietu


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