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Another Letter From Reverdy Johnson

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Tho folio ing able, patriotiu and iutelligent tettcr, was adiiressed to the coiniritteo of iiiTiiiigementa fur the meotiü the I81I1 inst : "AUAÏOdA tíl'ÜINQS, Sl'pt. 10, 18G-I. "Gentlmkn - Your invituttyo to th meeting ui !he democratie and coiuei Votivo organizaüon of your city, jus received in Una placo, to ratify the re oent Chicago nominations, I wouh cheerfully accept if it was in in y po wei "In the early days of' Mr. Lincoln' administra' ion, I lust almost all hope o asucceesiul ttnninátion of thé re.bellian whilst he was at the hcad óf the gov ernment, and this, the mcrost hope, i rrow wLbily eXtinguished. of purpose; his unstcadine8 ia an P'tlioy his once uxpressud digüke t radieaüsm ; his subatquent adoptioD o ita worst features ; hia ignoraut anc mischievous inlerference wit h our mil laiy oampaigiia, hia appointment, ofte agiiinet ativice of high military officer ol notoriou.s ineompeienoy; liis irequen and nearly fatal changa of commaoc ere; his abandonmeot of the befót uniform paotice of his predeiessurs o onbinct consultations ; liia permissiun o diehonoring dissensions among its mem bcrs, dlsplaying iteetf constantly to hi knowledge, beforo otbers, and uñen, a it is knovvD, in, in persona abuse of' eaoh othCT ; hi? obstinate anc reokless diaregard of the wishes of hi poüticnl fritnds, coinmuuicated to him on one occasion in the solemn form of comruittee, representing, as he wa avvare, nine-tenths, if nöt cvery f'rienc he had in Congrcss, and agaio, and re oently expressed, in terina uot to b mistakoa, in ono of the ïesolutions which nciininated him for re-election his peimitting military interference wit elections, virtually tsubjecting the bal lot to the control of the bayonet; hi justifying arresta without speciüeation of charges, though over ur.d over agai demanded, and lung-oontiuued impris onaient, and after release without tria or explanatioD, his tolerating trial b military commission, of offencea raad cognizable exclusively, by aots of Con gress passed since the refceilion, by th civil courts ; and the virtual confisca tion of' private property, without even . resort to any mode óf tria!, and othü matters of like illegality and ouirage too many to detail in a letter, whils they demónstrate hia utter unfitness fo the Presidency, give no promise of succt'Esful result of the contest whils he is Comtnander-in Chief of' the arm and navy, and intrustud by the powe he wields, with the shapingof our peac and war policy. Tnis must be arrestec it, in my opiuioc, the country will b ruined. "This fatal career can be and wouk be steppod by the election of aknost an' loyal man in his stead, and the result i certain if' Gen. Mcülellan becomes hi suceessor. His perfect devotion to th Union, and his expressed determination to raake its restoration the 'one condi tioo of poace' - the purity of his charac ter, his demonstrated ability, and hi military attainmenta - furuish guaran tees that in his hands the esecutiv power will BOt bo nbussd, but be di rected in strict subordinatiou to the Constitution, to the solo end of restoring the Union, which ia our iaheritance, and causing it agaiu to übed its blessings over a now sorely troubled and bleediug nation. Wild, insane. and reckles partisans may assail hitn with very opprobious epithet - ir.en who JiaTO tasted of t'aat insane root, tho obtaining of high otiice at home or abroad, may teU us, to the disgust of all patriotio ciun, that 'it is nat too much to ay that it would be lar belter that ïïobert E. Lee should enter WashiugtOQ ai the head of liis army as its conqueror, than that George B. Moöellan ahould enter it as Freeidcnt ;' a ludícroufly inconsistunt and even illogical premier, the half of whose ofiicial pa pers and speeches answer the other ualf, may threaten treachery on' the part of tho administraron, on the happening of' Mr. Lincoln's deieat in November, by declaring himself uuable, in that contingency to 'vouch ior the safety of the country against the rebels during the interval which mus-t siapsa before the oow admiuistralion can constitutionally ííome into power;' and the eanvass may be continued -as, wiih sorna honorable exceptions, it has bogun, by billingsgate abusa, and caluminous charges against our eandidates and their iriends ; yet from all these causes we have nothing to lear. Succesa is in our hands, f we are trno to duty. Undor the protection of Divine I'royidence we can achieve for our country a victorv greater in jts resulta thau any preaent military succees. We can elect McCleilan nd Pendleton in spite of ofiice-holders, contractors, and adiainiëtrativo inilu ence and power; and that done, in a 'short time thereafter, State after State will be found retuiuing to ailugiance, until, at a dato not roniote, t'.io Union wijl bj resiored, fraternal afïcctioris revived, and peaGe and plenty, and happine8s, and palióos! oharaetur and power, be eubstitutod for división and hatrod, destituüon and wickedness, nalional dishouor and, comparativo ïreakness. fiilli reg.crd, your obetlieiit soivant RBVERDi' JOHNSON. JtfeSsrs. Mattliewson, ElchofF, MoAJoar, Qommittce, &c, iN'ew York, t Forney'a Washington Chroniclc ■which is now devoted ahnost exclusively to slandering. McCIclIau, contained UmJer date of July 4, 1862, from Furney's ovvn pen, the follovving: "ïhere eau r,o longer bo any qtiestion that he is a military chief oí great qd coiamanding abiüly, and that in a maae of unparalleled eutnpliyations, and against a tanatto Litid lierce antagonism, he has exhibited pali-ence, pereverance, genius, and courage, I say ihis inuch, not by way of praise, but as an act of simple justice to a iuíui in whom so mariiy great trusts have been lepóle.!, and who has not disappciiuted public confidcDco. !'Jt may be sgid that in at least two pf my foriücr lettel s I espressed a diffprent opjnion. And it givqs ine as ffiuch píe asura to retract that judgpiont as it gave me pain to record it." - - 6O A íiisl class locoiTiottvo now tost 825,000, Tho pricu m inncrly 8S.000. Ironhcrseijüsh, likt oiher uieat, ! on the rise. . H-jS" We siirmiee tbat thera is trouble in the Rcpublican camp hare abouts, or as "Oíd Abe" would ay in more foroible language, " niggor in lbo feuco," and that tbero is to boa gen eral deaertion of Abraham Lincoln ïho giound of our surmise is tho folloiv ing soletnn dcclaration of principie copied from a bilí postod all over our city, and the región round about, an nouncing Lieut. Gov. May fora speech on Wednesday evening laat: "Suèmiszon to the Contlitution and the laws - our terms of Feace - we ask no more, we will take uotbing loss." Now, nosdto: ■ men wbo declare tbo above senteoce to be "our motto," can consistently supporl Abkaüam Lincoln wko ha announcec widely different terms, and so wo fea jnstifiod in anticipating a larga accession to the Democratie ranks. Lincoln's terms aro not the above. He ignores the Constitution, and all its requirements, ig. ñores the lnws and tlieir cornmands, anc proclaims bis ultimatum to be "the ahandonment of slarery?' and that without that being first guaianteed ho -nili receive no proposilions lookiug to peace. Under the "Ootistiüition and the laws" 10 has no right to make sucb conditions, aud therefore, our Kepublican frionds wLo declare in favor of "subrnütion to the Cunstitution and the Lavs:' can not vote ioj Abraham Lincoln. That we nre right iu our iuterpretation of the ilTo whom it may concern" cpistlo, we will quote a singlo sentence í'rorn a recent speech oí Seuator Sü.m;kr, competent Iiepublican nuthority very reader will admit, He saya: "The President was clearly right vlien, in a recent letter be deuhired that .e should accept no terina af peace muci did not begin with the abandonment of la very,'1 Mr. Gukuley, also competent authorly, ontl liiu hcad of tbc Lincoln olecnral ticket in New York, alao savs We have resolved to put down slavery. and restore tho Union). On that platorm we slarul." The Iti'publican Oommüteo of thÍ3 ity ühould beware what "mottos" it,: nunciates, for if abided by, 1 1 1 e v mustj vo'.e against Lixcols. I '


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