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Another Brave Man Fallen

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11 is our painful duf y to record the death of our fellow c;t:zen, Col. Nokvel E. Welch, of the ] 6th Michigan Infantry. Col. Wrloh feil leading bis men in the magnifieent charge made y the División of Gen. Grifji'itii upon the rebel works near People's Farm, southwest of Petersburg, on Friday last. The N. Y. Herald thus spcaks of the charge and o( Col. Wki.cii : "A commission to him who first mounts the parapet of thut rcdoubt," shouted Col. Welch of the 16th Michigan, to his men. "Eollow me." Ho lüd his regiment. He was the iirst to mouqt tlio parapet, when ho waved, his eword. In an instant a rebel ballet penetrated his brain, and he lay dend The men followed simultaneously, and mounted the works at different points, the col ors of some half dozen rogiments flonting triumphantij where a fe monjents before rebol colora had flaunted their traitorous folds to the breezu. Thero is deep and universal regret at the loss of (Jol. Welch. A more popular, able and vigihint offiecr theie was uot in the división. Not twenty seven "years of age, a most promiaing career in" the futuro seedied opening before him. He came out as Major of the regiment. Impülsive, patriutic and fearless, he was brave to railmess, and t his was his gre.'it aud only fault. He graduated at Aun Arbóf Univtrsity, and bocame a student at laT, wbieh profession he had just entered upoa witn the most briiliant pros pects of Buccess hefore him, when, like thousands of the brilliant youug men of our country, ho entered the'army to fight in defence of his country. At ono time ho was private secretary to Lewis Cass, and for a short period Acting Governor of Nebriüka. His body will be embalraed and sent home. Captain Pinley, commissary, his college classraate and fellow townsman, will convev his remains to bis friends in Michigan. Col. Welcii has lived íq tilia county from Lis earliest boyhood, in fact it is otir imprcssion that he was boni hero. He has grown up aniong us, was kcown and loved by tho mass of our citizens, and the sympathies of our cutiré comuiunity go out to Lus bereayod uiother and sisters. At D meeting of the Coiumon Council held on Mouday OToninglast, the following preambleand resolutions wereoffered by Aldcrman Hundekson and unaniinously adopted: WnïREA,?, Information has been recffired by thia Council of tho death of Colonel iorvel E. Welch, of the löth Michigan Infantry, late Eecordor cf this city, while galh-.otly loading hls men in defense of hia country against tho coinm on enetny, therofore, lïesolved, That we deeply srmpnthize with the family of tho dcceased in their bereavemont aud as a testimonv of our respect for the deceasod we wül attead hia funeral obsequies in a bodv. Resolved, That tiw llecorder transmit a copy of this resolution to the family of the deceased. E. WELLS, Mayor. JAMES B. Gott, Recorder, l'ro tem. Col. Welcii's romains arrived home yesterday, and his funeral will take place on Sunday next, at 1 o'clock, P. M. It will bo both a Masonie and Jliüiary funeral.