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Political Discussion At Lima Order Relative To Soldiers' Voting

Political Discussion At Lima Order Relative To Soldiers' Voting image
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By ínvitation of Demócrata anti Ec publieans of Lima, Hou. B. F. Gkangei and D. Cramer, Esq., of this city, wii discuss the issues involved in the presen political campaign, at Lima Center, on Friday eveuing, October 14th, 1864. L3T Hon. B.' FGger and E. C Seaman, Esq., speak to the Demooracy at Manchester this afternoon and cvening They will also speak at Bridgewate Town House to-inorrow (Saturday) eve ning. AVre hope that they will have large au diences in both places. A. C. Blodget and E. F. Uhl, Esq. of Ypsilanti, will speak at Manchester, ou Friday even ing, the 14th inst., and a Bridgeívater Town House on Saturday the löth. fcSC Hon. B. P, Shakoür and E 0. Shaman, Esq., w)] ppeak at the Hammond School House, Saline Town ship, on Tuefday .evening, Oct. llth 1804. Lot the Demócrata aud llefiub licaiis turn out. Hon. H. J. Beakes and E. C. Sea man, Esq., will address the Democracy at American Hall, Saline Villnge, oi Wednesday evening, Oct. 12th, 1861 Give them a hearing. The following general order has jus beon issued fi'ern the Adjutant General 'e office: In order to secure a fair dis tnbution of tickets among soldiera in the field, who, by the laws of their respective States, are entitled to vote a the following election, tha following rules and regulations are prescribod : lst. One agent for eacli army corps may be selected by the S.ate Execu live or State Committeo of each politi cal party, who, on presenting his ere dentiala ironi State Cotnruitteo, or Chairman oí said Committee, shall receive from this officer a pass to the headquarterB of the corps to whioh he is designated, wilh. tickets, when re quired by State laws, which may be placed by hun in the hands of such person or persons au he may select, foi distribution among officers and soldier 2d. Civilian inspectora of each politica! party, not to exceed ono for each brigade, may in üke manner be desig nated, who shall neeive passes from the Adjutant General, to ba present on the day of election, to sl'o that it is fairly eonducted. 3d. No politica! speeches, lisrapgaes, or of eanvassing among the troops wili bo permitted. Commanding officera ure enjoined to take sui.ii Hcasurea as m:;y be essentia] to socuro fi'eedom and fuirness in the election, and tliat thtjy may be couducted with due regard to good ordoi' and military disciplkie, Any orfieer or private who may wantonly destroy tickets, or prevent their distributiou among the legal votéis, or interiore wiíh the fréedoin of the election, or make any tulse or ÍV:udulent returus, wili be 'deemed guüty of an ofïense against good order and discipline, and wili be puiiiBhed by suinury disinissal or court iiiaitial.


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