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Tho terms of lim Law and Medical Departneuts of the Univcrsily ncuninally opeued on Siturday, Oct. lst, but rcally on ilomlay, the Sd, and lectures are now rgularly in progress ín l)oüi deriartnieuts. Tlio uw Medical College building was openwi on Satnrdny forenootí with an address ly Dr. Havek, President of the Universily. We were unable to be present, but bear it potan of as an able and eloquent eiï'ort, fully 'iistaining Dr. U's reputatlon as a writer and 'pcaker. The miniber of studnts in attendance in U seteral departent8 is miusually large íor so early a day in the tefnj. On Weducsil'T ovening, as we WT6 iui'urmed by the Stijrwd, Mr. J. I!. Bpblesos, tlie foilowinï immbers liad paid theïr matriculalioii fee and nnual dues : Old. New. Total. Literary 110 97 207 kw 53 94 '19 Mcdicah 7J 213 292 648 Judglng by foriner yeara these figurea ould iudicate an attóndaflée, when all are in, "f ovr 1 (üü0. lyST The Oclobcr uuinber of the Seltetic Magazirt has a table of content toering a wido range. The selections are fro'm twelve of the leading Ensüsh periodi1 and journals, and aniong theni are articlps of more than ordinary interest. Tbc dePa-tmotit of iliscellany is well filled, and will oth interest and instruct. The engraving is 1 vry fine portrait of Gf.okge Baxcboft, frni tho burin of Periné. ?5 ayear; with '"■ beautifirt parlor prints a premium. - MA-rcff W. II. Bidwei.i., 'J Beekman Street, New York. iTSS Tho Oc'ober nnniber nf the y'i Rrpitilory is an excellent one. It bas & beautiful landscape, "View on ihe Lickinj," a portrait of Rev. Wm. Nast, and a large list breada] papers. $2 &0 a : year.. AddreSB j&ST The July nunibor cf Üie Fdinburg Rcchw has Uie following papers: Mr. Foster's Life of Sir Jolm Eliot, fhe Queen's EngHsh, Results of Post-Oflice Reform, ïlie History of Our Lord in Art, English Horses, Public Scliools, Life of Edward Livingston, Dellossi's Chiïstian and Jewisli Insi-riptions, Eugenie de Guerin, The Threo Pastorals. $3 a year ; with the three other Reviews and Blackwood, f 10. Addres.s L. SooTI & Co., 38 Walker Street. New York. - From the same firra vvo havo Blackwood for September, with a readable list of papers. Terms as above. EZ3T The October number of The American Monlhly lias a very readablo list of articles, and of a tone refreshing to Uemocrats in these days when the leading magazines are running after the ods of abolitionism. $3 a year. Address J. Holmes Acixew, 37 Park Row, New York. 3 On TuusJay, a laborer nainod Pateick Quijn feil through the upper lloor of the building being erected on lluron Street by Mesará; Haven, and Winks, Douglass & Malloky, striking aeross the joist sonie 22 feet below, injuring his head and bruising his ühoulders. We aru glad lo hear, however, that the injuries aio not likoly to prove fatal. i ■ ■ - -t --- L?fL The Board of Supervisors of this County wiïl convene in annual sessiou, at the Court House in this city, on Monday next. Our friends who have claims against the couuty for services of any kind renilered, supplies furnished, fec, &c, should present them at au'early day of the session.


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